The Taylor Brothers

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Chapter 36

My hand reached my gun and I held on while I kept my eyes on Torrie. "You dont get to talk to her like that Cannon!" Torrie yelled out.

"Come on Torrie, stop all of this," Cody yelled out." The child is innocent."

"No one is innocent." She said and then she started to point the gun at the guys. I knew this was my only chance. I shot the gun at Torrie as I heard her gun off. It all happened so fast. I watched Torrie fall to the ground. I turned and Connor fell to the ground as well. My heart stopped. The two cowards that were behind us disappeared. Cannon took off towards Joy and Cody went to Connor's side. I pulled my phone out and called nine one one. Everything was happening so fast all around me. I ran over to Connor's side. I saw the blood coming from his leg and he was moaning out in pain. I looked back at Torrie and she wasnt moving. I placed my hand on Connor's leg to try and stop the bleeding. Cody wrapped his arms around me.

Torrie was killed instantly. Connor's hit in the leg wasnt bad, but he had to be taken into surgery. Joy was in Cannon's arms and had her arms wrapped around his neck and I was by their side. Joy wouldn't let Cannon go. Cody and I rode with Connor in the ambulance. Cannon followed us. There was a lot of police there when we arrived. Cody left me and Cannon in the waiting room while he talked to the police.

"You did good, baby," Cannon whispered into my ear as we sat in Connor's room waiting for his surgery to be over.

"I just did what I needed to do to protect the ones I love." I couldn't help but wonder what was to come next. I mean could we really all be together now that there was a child in the picture? Where would we all live? These were the things going through my head. I sat in the middle of two men I was in love with. One had his child in his lap and the other had his arm around me. while the other hand his hand on my leg. I tried not to worry so much about these things and just be happy that all of this was finally over. I felt so tired and wore out. I knew my men felt the same way.

Two years later,

"Joy, do you have your backpack?" I hollered out as Joy was getting ready to run out the door with her father.

"Yes, mama." She yelled back at me. I wobbled myself over to the front door. Cannon was opening the limo door for Joy as she was on her way to her first day of fifth grade. She turned to see me and ran over to my arms and kissed my cheek. I felt someone come up behind me. I turned to see Cody. He kissed me on my neck. Connor had already left for work. Cody, like always was running a little late. Cannon did most of his work from home, so we got a lot of time together, Ever since I found out I was pregnant with twins. He moved his work home. I was almost ready to pop. My due date was only three weeks away. Joy and Cannon waved at me as they left.

"How are you feeling beautiful?" Cody asked me as I took my fat butt to the couch.

"Tired," I said to him. He sat next to me.

"How are my daughter?" He asked me.

"Awake," I said to him. My two little girls were in the middle of an argument, at least that's what I think when they start jumping around in there. When we all found out I was pregnant. I wanted to know who's baby I was carrying. Not that the brothers cared, but I did. We found out I was carrying twin girls and they belonged to Cody.

After everything got settled and we were all free. We decided to all move into Connors home in Chicago. Cannon's company was free to run anywhere Cannon chose. It was very successful and so was Taylor Enterprizes. I chose to give up my career and stay at home to raise the village that my husband's wanted. I had always wanted children and I didn't mind giving them what they wanted, but I secretly hoped I wouldn't carry twins all the time.

In the first six months, we had some hard times with Joy. She was very timid with all of us, except for Cannon. She clung to him for dear life all the time. We had decided she needed some help and we sent her to counseling. She doesn't really remember Melinda and we just decided to keep it that way. At least until she was much older. Once she started to come around. She was just a bundle of Joy. She is a very good and smart little girl. She is also so much like her father and I fell in love with her. She and I bonded and she was nothing more than my daughter.

After that first year, all three of them proposed to me at the same time. It was so romantic and all I could do was cry. They took me to a rooftop dinner in the city. It was just us out there and they gave me one ring that had all their birthstones placed with a huge diamond in the middle. We had a small and very private wedding in our back yard and I became Mrs. Taylor that day.

My family had a hard time excepting my chosen lifestyle at first but started to come around when they realized just how real it was. The one person who was on my side no matter what was my grams. She was always my rock. We lost her a little over eight months ago. I was broken and spent some time with my mother and father. She meant so much to me and I had hoped I did what I could to let her know that. The only thing that made me feel better was the fact that she was now with papa in heaven. I also had three men who now became my rock. They stayed by my side and did whatever they could to make me feel better. I fell in love with all three of them again.

"Come on beautiful, you can do this just one more push and Ellie will be here," Cody said holding onto my leg. I could hear Elena crying. I sat up and looked at the guys. They all looked nervous and I just gave them the death glare.

"You're never touching me again." I spit out as I let out a scream and Ellie came into the world. My parents were in the waiting room with Joy and Connor ran out to tell them everything was good. I laid back and closed my eyes. Both my girls Elena, and Ellie Taylor were born six pounds and were healthy. Ellie was just a tad smaller than her sister. They both looked so much like their father. I was in love with them intently.

I opened my eyes sometime later. I looked around the room. I had to smile at the sight. Cody and Connor both had one of the girls in their arms and they were both sleeping. Cannon was watching tv with Joy sleeping in his lap. I couldn't believe this was my life. I wouldn't change anything and I was one of the happiest women alive. I couldn't wait to do this over and over again. I looked back at Cannon who was now looking at me. He smiled at me. He moved Joy off of him who stayed asleep. He came over to my side and crawled into bed with me. He wrapped his arms around me. " How are you feeling baby?" He asked me as he kissed the top of my head.

"Good," I said as I laid my head on his shoulder.

"Did you think this is where we were going to be, back when we used to talk about our future?" He asked me.

"Not at all, but as much as I love you. and I will always. I'm happy with how things turn out." I said and I looked up at him. "Are you happy?" I asked him.

"I'm happy baby, I dont think I could be happier. I'm with all the people I love most and I want to keep making more people to love." He said as he kissed my lips. Then I heard my daughters start to cry at the same time and I sat up. I knew they were hungry. Both Connor and Cody walked over to me and handed me, my girls.

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