The Taylor Brothers

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Chapter 37

Seventeen Years later...

"Come on Elena, its not that bad," I said to my daughter who was having a mental break down over her boyfriend.

"I told you, you should have listened. No dating until they are eighteen." Cody said as he walked passed us sitting in the living room. I just gave him a look and looked back at my daughter. I heard the bedroom door slam upstairs as Joel came running down. He dropped his football gear on the ground and went into the kitchen. I rolled my eyes. I watched as my son made himself a mixing bowl full of cereal. Damn that kid can eat. I said to myself. Connor came walking into the kitchen.

"You're going to need to get a second job to feed that son of yours," I said to him and he just winked at me.

"Mom!" Elena yelled right next to me.

"What?" I said as tears poured down Elena's face. I took a deep breath. Elena has always been the drama queen of the household.

"If Joy was here she would know what to say." Elena hollered out. Joy had stayed out in Chicago after she finished college. We all ended up moving back to Maine. I wanted to be closer to my parents and my husbands and I decided to raise our children in a small and safer community. I turned when Cannon, Ellie, and Noah came walking into the living room.

"God, is she crying over him again?" Ellie said while rolling her eyes. Noah laughed, Cannon came and sat down next to Elena. I looked around the room. All three of my husbands were there. With five of my children. Joy was the only one who was not home. My twin girls, Ellie and Elena were starting their senior year. Mine and Connor's son Joel was starting his junior year as head captain of his football team. That kid was a monster. He was my biggest baby weighing almost ten pounds at birth and he just continued to bulk up ever since then.

Then there was mine and Cannon's son Noah. He was just starting his freshman year. He was secretly my favorite child. He had the kindest heart and was just full of love. He was quiet and mostly kept to himself, but if you needed someone. He was the first to be there for you. He was also the smartest child. Then there was mine and Cannon's youngest daughter Mackenzie, but we all call her Mac for short. She would be starting her seventh year of school. We had a full house and I loved it. I wanted more children but while I was pregnant with Mac, I became very ill and had to have a hysterectomy and couldn't have any more babies.

Elena got up off the couch and ran upstairs. I took a deep breath and went to follow her, but Ellie stopped me. "I got this mom, she needs to just dump his retarded ass."

"Ellie, don't talk like that," I said.

"Well, it's true."

"Agreed!" I heard Cody from the kitchen. I rolled my eyes again. I swear if I had a dollar for every time there's an eye roll in this house. We would all be stay at home, parents. Finally, all the kids were gone off to school and it was just me and my husbands. I sat on the couch and tried to fold laundry but our maid came in and took it from me. Something I had to get used to when we first all moved in together. I didn't want a maid and I had never grown up that way, but of course, the guys said we would need the help so I just went with the flow, but sometimes I would just like to do a little cleaning myself. I didn't allow the maids in mine or my children's bedrooms. I didn't want my kids to grow up thinking they would always be taken care of. I wanted them to learn to be independent and know how to survive on their own.

They had to take care of their own bedrooms and I even taught them all how to cook. They also have chores that my husbands tried to argue with me about, but I wanted my children to learn how to be good humans. I just didn't want my kids spoiled and selfish. I'm grateful to say they have grown up well, well all except Elena. She is very much a princess and if you tell her otherwise, be prepared for a meltdown. It's our fault she turned out that way.

Back when the twin girls were only five. We almost lost Elena. We had gone on a summer vacation at the lake and rented a cabin for a month. There was an old tree swing the girls just loved to play on. Elena got on the tree swing like she had been doing for days and she got the swing going really good and high. In the air, the rope broke and Elena fell headfirst into the water. Crashing her head on a rock. If we wouldn't have been right there. She would have drowned that day, but Cody got to her in time. She had a gash on the side of her head and she was in a coma for almost three months. We all thought for sure that once she woke up. She was never going to be the same.

By a miracle, she woke up and was doing just fine. The only thing we noticed that had happened was she became very emotional, very easily. The littlest things always set her off. Plus we all babied her like crazy because we almost lost her. She never grew out of her emotional behaver, but we all love her just the same.

"Happy Baby?" Cannon asked as he took a seat next to me. I smiled up at him as I laid my head on his chest.

"Always," I said. Cody and Connor both came and took a seat and we all just sighed.

"We need a vacation," Connor said.

"Nope, no way," I said. "Every time this family goes on vacation something goes wrong."

"I meant just the four of us," Connor said and my eyes lit up. Not that I don't love my family, but it has been a very long time since the four of us did anything alone. All three of them smiled at me.

"Where would you like to go beautiful?" Cody asked me.

"Paris," I said and winked at him. Connor just rolled his eyes.

"Did I miss something?" Cannon asked.

"Don't ask," Connor said.

"Can we go?" I said and they all looked at me.

"Of course we can go," Cannon said. "I'll make all the arrangements. The girls can watch the kids." Cannon said as he got up and went into his office. I clapped my hands like a three-year-old. Both Cody and Connor walked over and kissed me.

Two weeks later I sat on our privet jet. Looking at the Eiffel tower as we started to land. I was so excited to be here and with no kids. It felt great. I was going to drink wine all day and night. Goals you know. We had a beautiful hotel room with a huge balcony that faced the city. I was ready to go out and run the place, but my husbands had other things on their minds. When I had come walking in from the balcony. The room was dark. I called out their names, but I got nothing. I saw a faint light on coming from the master bedroom. I went to it and opened the door. The room was lit by a ton of candles and there was soft music playing in the background. The balcony door was open and a cool breeze blew the curtains.

I walked in further and still, I didn't see them, but I felt them come up behind me. I closed my eyes as I felt three sets of hands and lips touch all over my body.

The end...

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