The Taylor Brothers

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Chapter 6

"Your going out with both of them?" Rosey asked.

"Well, yes and no. I mean, It's not like its dates. They both just asked to hang out, like friends." I said.

"Who are you trying to convince? Me or you?" She said. I just eyed her for a moment.

"I'm not trying to convince anyone Rosey. They both asked to hang out and I said yes. I'm a horrible person." I said.

"Your not a horrible person. I would have done the same thing. They're hot, okay." She said.

"It's funny because. Yes, I think they're good looking and all, but I didn't say yes because I want them. I said yes because they are both pretty cool people." I said.

"Well be glad Cannon isn't after you as well," Rosey said. I laughed at that one. "Oh, shit bitch alert," Rosey said and I turned to see Layla and her little click coming our way. Layla came close to where Rosey and I were having lunch, but before she could say a word. Cody and Connor came running over and sat with Rosey and me. Layla rolled her eyes and looked as though she wanted to scream. I just smiled at her.

"Connor, can I talk to you?" Layla asked in her sweetest voice.

"Not now Layla." He snapped. That's when she let out a loud scream and everyone turned and looked at us. "This is why we're not together. Go away, Layla." Connor snapped again at her. Layla stomped her feet and took off. I just shook my head.

"So it has been brought to our attention that your seeing both of us this weekend?" Cody said. Great, here is where they both start to hate me. I said to myself. I just nodded my head at him.

"So who gets what day?" Connor asked.

"What? I mean your both okay with that?" I asked.

"It is what it is, I mean we're both pretty hot. I get why trying us both on is a thing." Connor said. I just rolled my eyes and so did Cody.

"Anyways, what Connor is trying to say is what day do we get?" Cody said.

"I don't care. Why don't you decide?" I said. They both just looked at each other.

"I get Saturday," Connor said and then Cody looked at him funny.

"I want Saturday," Cody said. I could tell this wasn't going to end well.

"Guys," I said and they both turned and looked at me. "Connor gets Saturday and Cody you can have Sunday. My god, you act like its some contest. I'm not a prize and these are not dates." I said. They both looked at me funny.

"She is right, we're just hanging out," Cody said. Connor smiled and nodded at his brother. I just shook my head. After school let out I needed to do some work in the library. My mother was going to pick me up so Rosey could go home. I was having some trouble in my biology class and needed to get some studying in. Once I walked into the library. I noticed there wasn't to many kids here. That's good at least it will be quiet. I walked over and found two of the books I needed and then took a seat and got to work.

After about an hour. I looked around and I was the only one there. I needed to stretch my legs out and go in search of bottled water. I told the librarian I'd be right back and noticed I only had about an hour before the school library would close. I still had so much work to do. I walked out into the dead school and found a vending machine. I put my money in but the damn thing wouldn't take my dollar. "Need some help?" I heard a voice say. I turned and Cannon was standing there.

"Yeah, this thing doesn't like my money," I said. He walked over, took my dollar and ran it across his jeans and then stuck it in the machine. It took it and I smiled. "Thanks," I said to him.

"Just so you know, there's free water in the library." He said and started to walk off.

"How did you know I was in the library?" I said to him.

"I see everything, April." He said and kept walking. Yep, he just went from jerk to weirdo. I said to myself and headed back to the library.

"What's the deal with your brother Cannon?" I asked Connor on our way to breakfast.

"What do you mean?' He asked me.

"Well, he is nothing like you and Cody. He is quiet and sometimes he can be a real ass." I said. Connor just laughs.

"Cannon is cool. He is just not very social. He thinks everyone is full of shit. Not that I don't agree with him, but he shows it more. Cannon is one of the best people to have in your corner. If he likes you. Then you have a friend for life. He is very loyal." Connor said.

"I guess I can understand that," I said.

"Why do you ask?" Connor asked me.

"I don't know. When I first met him he was a real jerk and the last couple of times I talked with him. He was well I'm not sure nice is the right word, but he was okay." I said.

"Wait, he talked to you?' He asked me.

"Well let's just say, he said something to me. I really wouldn't call it a talk." I said making them dumb quotations in the air with my fingers.

"That's not a good sign," Connor said.

"What? Why not?" I asked. He just started to smile.

"He probably likes you." He said.

"Shut up," I said. We both started to laugh.

"He doesn't talk to anyone, for any reason. Trust me he likes you." Connor said. I just shook my head. "April, there is something special about you. I don't know what it is, but its there. You have me and my brother at your feet and you don't even know it and now you have Cannon on your side. I feel sorry for you." He said.

"Why do you feel sorry for me?" I asked.

"Becuase we always get what we want. It's in our blood." He said.

"What does that even mean?" I asked him.

"You'll see." He said. Connor and I spent the morning at breakfast and then hanging out with my family. Connor seemed to really enjoy just hanging out at my house. It was like he hated his family and mine was an excuse to just be around family. I didn't mind it, but every time I tried to ask questions about his home life. He would ever only talk about his brothers or he would change the subject. My father and Connor got along wonderfully. I would sit there and just watch them talk forever about guy crap. At one point I even fell asleep on the couch for over an hour. When I woke up Connor was still out in the garage with my dad.

"Hey, I think your only around me to hang with my dad. You have a dadmance." I said and smiled.

"What the hell is a dadmance?" Connor asked me.

"You know like a romance, but a dadmance," I said and laughed. He just smiled and shook his head.

"Your dad is cool. I just like talking to him." He said.

"I know," I said.

"Oh, does someone feel left out?" He said as he made his way closer to me. I just stood there.

"Maybe," I said.

"Well let me change that." He said and in one smooth motion. I was in his arms and he pulled my face close to his. "Do you like this attention, April?" He asked me in a whisper. I bit my lip. His lips were only mear inches from mine and I wanted to feel them so bad. "I asked you a question." He said. I nodded at him. Then his lips went to mine. His kiss was deep and passionate. His lips were warm and inviting. I don't think I have even been kissed like this. I felt his arms fall and land on my butt. He pulled me even closer to him.

"Dinner!" I heard my mother yell out. Both Connor and I pulled away and smiled at each other. I just shook my head and started to head inside the house. Connor just followed me.

"Your slick Connor. I'll give you that much." I said as I opened the door for him and he walked in past me and winked at me. My grams made a huge pot of her famous clam chowder soup. My mother made homemade bread and we all set outside and had dinner together.

"This soup is amazing," Connor said. "I have had plenty of clam chowder in my life and this is by far the best." He said. I smiled and knew he just made my grams whole day.

"Why thank you, son." She said to him. She got up and dished him more soup. I smiled at him and he had a bit of a twinkle in his eye. I could tell that Connor really enjoyed my family and just being here lightened up his day. It made me feel like his home life wasn't a very good one. It also made me wonder why? Maybe his parents just didn't give the boys much attention. Rich people are like that. They are so busy they neglect their children sometimes. I have seen it before with friends back home. That was probably what it was.

After dinner, Connor wanted to take a walk by the water. He took my hand and we walked off. "Connor, can I ask you something?' I asked him.

"You just did." He said trying to be funny.

"Stop it, Connor, I'm serious," I said. He took a deep breath.

"Go ahead." He said.

"What are your parents like?" I asked him. He didn't answer at first. I stayed quiet because I didn't want to push him.

"They are like normal parents, I guess." He said. Okay, I know he is lying, but I won't push it. I said to myself.

"Are you happy here?" He asked me. I turned and looked at him.

"It's okay. I mean I'm still adjusting, but it's been good so far."

"I hate it here." He said.

"Why?" I asked him.

"I've been here my whole life and this place and the people in it are jokes." He said. His tone was a little off.

"That's pretty harsh Connor," I said.

"Well, it's true." He said. "You'll learn soon enough. Watch who you trust, because everyone in this town is crooked." He said and he squeezed my hand.

"Are you including yourself in that statement?" I asked him. He stoped and looked at me.

"I guess you'll have to wait and see." He said.

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