The Taylor Brothers

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Chapter 8

At lunch the next day. I was sitting under a tree with Rosey. Telling her all about the time I spent with Cody and Connor. I didn't tell her everything like I left out the things I was told about their family and my kiss with Cody. I didn't want to start that conversation yet. Besides somethings are private.

"Your so lucky." She said looking at me with a smile.

"I guess so, but I hope I don't cause any problems with them," I said taking a deep breath.

"Do you have feelings for one of them? Or both of them?" She asked me with that look of curiosity in her eyes.

"If you mean as more then a friend. I don't have an answer for that yet." I said and she scrunched her eyes at me. "What? I'm still trying to get to know them." I said smiling.

"Whatever I think it would be great just to be friends with them," Rosey said and as she spoke Cody and Connor came walking over to us and took a seat.

"What's up angel face?" Cody said to my left.

"Hello, beautiful?" Connor said to my right. I just laugh.

"Hello, you two," I said. I looked over at Rosey who was just quietly sitting there. "You guys know my friend Rosey right?" I said. Both guys looked at her.

"Yeah, I know Rosey posy," Cody said.

"I hate it when you call me that," Rosey said rolling her eyes.

"Rosey is it? Nice to met you." Connor said.

"Connor we have only gone to school together since kindergarten," Rosey said.

"I know I was trying to be nice," Connor said. We all just laugh.

"What are you doing after school today?" Connor asked me.

"I actually have a date with your brother," I said. Connor looked over at Cody and tossed a rock at him.

"I told you I wanted to hang out with her," Connor said to Cody.

"Ouch fucker, she doesn't have plans with me," Cody said. I just smiled at them.

"Sorry boys my time is with Cannon after school today," I said. They both looked at each other and then at me for answers. "Relax he is my tutor for science," I said.

"Tutor? Cannon doesn't tutor anyone." Cody said.

"Well, he is tutoring for me," I said.

"That little shit," Connor said. I shot him a look.

"What's wrong?' I asked. Cody just shrugged his shoulders at me and Connor just rolled his eyes. I knew they were doing some sort of twin power move. That no one else could understand.

When school was over I grabbed my things and took off to the library. I didn't want to be late and I didn't know what late meant to Cannon. I walked in and he was sitting at a table with his glasses on. He was very handsome and I stood there for a second and just smiled at him. He looked up and noticed me. I thought I saw a slight smile on his face but I wasn't sure. I walked over to him and took a seat. "So your brothers thought I was lying to them about you helping me out," I said. He looked up at me for a second.

"Who gives a shit about what they think." He said and looked back down. I just nodded at him.

"Do you just don't find science interesting or are you really just dumb?" He asked me. I looked up at him.

"Cannon, don't be a jerk," I said.

"I'm serious, April. I've been going over your work and I know your a smart girl. So what gives?" He asked.

"I don't know I guess it's just boring to me," I said.

"Well, let's change that because you have to know it to graduate." He said. We studied for about two hours and Cannon was actually being a decent guy. He was actually making science fun.

"You should be a teacher Cannon, or should I say Mr. Taylor," I said and smiled at him. Cannon just shot me a look.

"A teacher sounds nice." He said as he closed his books. "I think that's enough for today." He said.

"Are we working together again?" I asked him. He looked at me.

"Yeah, every day after school. I hope you don't have plans." He said.

"I do, with you," I said with a smile. He just looked at me for a moment and left the library. I will get a smile out of you soon Cannon Taylor. I said to myself. I pulled my phone out and had two missed text messages from Cody and Connor. I just smiled and grabbed my things and started to walk home. I opened the one for Cody.

"How's the studying going?" He asked me. I then opened the one from Connor.

"Hey beautiful, do you have a ride home?" He asked me.

"The studying went just fine." I sent it to Cody.

"I'm walking home now." I sent it to Connor. Connor text me back right away.

"That asshole, he just let you walk home. It's late something could happen to you. I'm on my way." I tried to text him back and let him know I was fine, but he didn't respond to me. I just kept walking and it was actually a very nice day out. I was enjoying my walk. It was quiet and not a lot of people around or cars. The high school was on top of a hill and you had to walk down the side of it before you got into town. I had to admit it was a little bit of a walk, but I didn't mind.

I heard a car approach me from behind. That can't be him that was too fast. I said to myself. Besides, it's coming from the wrong direction. I went to take a step back and that's when I felt the bumper of the car hit me and everything went black.

Connors POV,

It was starting to get dark and I promised myself I was going to punch Cannon for letting April walk home. I jumped on my bike and headed her way. I had no idea where Cody was at the moment. Cannon wasn't home yet. I made my way almost back to the school and I didn't see her anywhere. I pulled over to the side of the road and sent her a message asking her where she was. That's when I heard the sound of her phone go off. I turned to look across the street from where I was. I saw a phone laying on the ground. I turned my phon off and walked over to the phone. I picked it up and sure enough, it was April's phone. I felt the panic start to rise inside of me. I looked around the area I was standing in and I didn't see anything. I pulled my phone out and called Cody.

"Hey brother what's up?" He said.

"Have you heard or seen April?" I asked him.

"She texted me back about twenty minutes ago, but I have responded yet," Cody said.

"She told me she was walking home and I decided to come to get her. I'm on the hill at the school and I just found her phone on the ground and she is nowhere to be seen." I said in a panic.

"Okay, calm down. I'm on my way." He said. I hung up the phone and started to walk a little to see if I could see anything. That's when I saw her and my heart stopped. Her body was laying over by a tree that you would miss if you had just driven by. I ran over to her side and she was covered in blood. She was unconscious, but she was still breathing. I called nine one one right away. I pulled her into my arms.

"Hold on beautiful, help is coming." I said in her ear.

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