The Arghenns: Natural Reason

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A mission for a spirit is intertwined with the supernatural. No warning when everything they know is false and war starts in the spirit world. As I lay in between sleep and consciousness I wake up to Ezra talking in his sleep. “ I can’t do it. I can’t blow the bomb. I love her too much to destroy the demensions. She loves them. The take over is well the Argehnns are in hiding weak with the destruction of the realm of void.” He pauses to an unheard speaker “ Yes I will keep her disabled and weak while I turn her spirit dark. Emanuel is hidden and well. My experiments are coming to a close. We will be able to kill the Argehnns once and for all.” I fall into darkness and i scream.

Drama / Fantasy
Mariana Cottongin
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Chapter 1

Floating. Blackness. Peace. Contentness. This is all I feel as I drift in the abyss not caring or wanting to leave. I was free. No worries or struggle or pain. It wasn’t until I was pulled into the light that I realized that there was more than the peaceful blackness I have experienced. Not sure if I even wanted to face it and pretend that I was still wrapped around the floating peace that is now long gone. The type of gone that you is forever. I also know that if I was pulled out of the blackness, there was real trouble ahead something terrible that could ruin everything. The dimensions, the millennia, the multiverse.

My sole purpose for living was to protect the multiverse because if one dimension fails they all fail. But why is this my sole purpose for living? Well, it’s because I’m an Argehnn. I’m one of many who protect these worlds. But I’m only called from the perpetual peace when a real danger happens because I am the strongest of my people and one of the oldest of my people being over a billion years old, although I look like, and I’m no older than twenty.

As I awake into the realm between the void. I open my eyes and I look around Argehnns are running around everywhere. Some are on our technology systems monitoring the dimensions looking at screens after screens. Watching the wars and struggles. They let us know if and when we need to intervene. While some teach our newer companions about our jobs, they teach us to fight and teach us about the worlds we defend how to harness our power and abilities. They toughen us physically and emotionally for the job ahead. I see people Preparing and going to go to dimensions and coming back from dimensions. I see people moving here and there responding to calls. But that is how things are in the realm of the void. It is always very busy everyone is in a hustle. I head to the control room where I’m needed so I can have my mission debriefing. As I rush I bump into someone.

He grabs me by my elbows so I don’t fall. It’s Amallo he has been an Argehnn for as long as I have. The difference between me and him I was born he was chosen. He looks at me intensely, his green eyes piercing into my soul. He looks at me with sadness. I realized he had snuck and eavesdropped into the mission debriefing. He grabs me and holds me into his chest his eyes holding back tears. Then he shows me what has happened. My mind is filled with all of the details of the threat. Ezra has planted several bombs inside the industry. The industry is the central hub for supernatural and cross -multiversal interaction. The bomb will block all contact with the other biverses and everything else within it. Allowing him pure control of the multiverse.

The issue though may not seem intense but the bomb is placed in the middle of the industry not the physical middle but the spiritual middle. Which is next to impossible to access. You only enter if it deems you worthy. As the bomb has been lost for billions of years. The bomb also has been there since the beginning we know that, but he had somehow hacked into it which that fact in itself is odd. His intentions aren’t pure so how did he hack it. Is he really worthy when he plans mass genocide and a dictatorship supreme? Slaves. Women and men and children being raped. Adults and Children being tortured. Suicides and war. If we can’t stop this, the dimensions as we know it will be decimated. But these things happen a lot but never to this scale. But the only thing that truly aggravated me was the fact that Ezra has reincarnated again after I threw him into outcast his body needing to become one piece. Until this happens his soul will be lost until it finds his body. Until then his soul will be forever wandering. But knowing that soul being truly evil and thirsty for others pain destruction and death he has to be stopped.

The images stop as Amallo looks at me.“ I don’t want you to go.” He whispers sadly. He gently glows gold just like all Argehnns but as he kisses me we both glow brighter. Amallo and I have been together a long time and our relationship isn’t like most because we are mates─ bonded mates. But as much as I love him I also know my place. I don’t want to leave him but my duty calls.

“ I don’t have a choice. Amallo.” “ fine.” He replied snapping at me. That’s interesting.

“ Fine? What’s the catch?” my voice filled with suspicion when he doesn’t put up a fight and smirks in satisfaction.

“ I mean fine I’m coming with you. To earth. On the same mission. Plus there’s nothing you can do to stop me. It’s already been finalized.”

Great. Great. Great. I don’t want him anywhere near Ezra. He’s too dangerous and if he is back we need to prepare for a code red. Hopefully, I could lock Amallo in a safe room while I’ll fix the situation. But the truth is this is the second fight with Ezra. That fight was catastrophic but in the end, we had won. But not without causing panic across the multiverse. In the end, he was destroyed. I had banished him a long time ago but he had reincarnated a lot quicker than I thought. He reincarnated early by several trillion years. But no matter what his plans are dangerous and could not only damage the mortal worlds but the realm of void too.

The realm of the void is where we Argehnns live. The mortal world is where humans and supernaturals live sometimes coexisting sometimes not. It could have gods or no gods, spirits whatever. The mortal world is a complex place, mortal for us means ‘not Argehnn’ The mortals have their own version of the word but that is ours. The mortal worlds consist of multiple sections. The Multiverse is one giant universe with thousands of biverses. In these biverses are millenias there are no more than five millennia’s in each biverse and each millenias contains thousands of dimensions in each of the dimensions are the mortal worlds which include all of the things that humans actually think are universes; each of the universes is a bit different. But the play of the world is almost the same. Some things are set in stone, these moments are called locks. Each dimension has the exact same locks but if something interrupts these locks the entire future of that world can be changed. The moments that can change the locks that are called keys. These keys are millions of things that can happen. Some being so minor like someone actions could be a key. Like when a girl bumped into a celebrity and ended up becoming an activist who helped end world hunger but that could never have happened if she never bumped into that celebrity. Other keys are catastrophic like when Adolf Hitler and Germany won WWⅡ. So we make sure locks go on their paths or allow new keys to open if it isn’t a threat or for experiments.

So basically Argehnn’s protect the universe inside universes over and over again. I know it could sound boring or tiresome to some but it isn’t at all. All of these worlds are so different yet collected and the same. But to do my job I would have to go into the mortal realm and give up all of my powers and abilities. Then I will be put into human life or if a need powers I’ll be inserted as a supernatural ( that’s another key that opens the lock.) But no matter the life you would never think I just came out nowhere and you would think you knew me your entire life. But I will put into a place where I have the best chance of catching whomever I need to catch. But the biggest challenge is I will have no memory of the realm of void or even my mission. My conscious will give me dreams and signs or flashbacks leading me to finish my mission and when it’s time to fight back my body will know. I will go into my shell in which my soul will stay because I’m only a spirit but the shell is also me and she will have my strengths and abilities when the time comes. But now that I know what I need to about my mission I go into prep.

The prep team begins to mortalize me and Amallo so our glow begins to disappear. Not only that the prep will bind our powers until we need them just so no accident happens. We get a quick debriefing on our human life. We will be joining the Industry. They are just a group of the world’s most popular celebrities who just happen to be living in the spiritual Industry. Amallo will be known as Emanuel he will be supernatural but nobody knows that but Naka who is the leader of the industry his personality will be a little cocky but kind, a flirt, hot-headed, and he tends to do his own thing which is exactly his personality. His goal is to live free but also to make sure I’m safe and taken care of. He doesn’t deal with people who are unjust. I’ll be known as Jahnora, Naka’s daughter. I am also supernatural but have no knowledge of it we’ve both been in the Industry for a long time. I’m kind, innocent to others when I’m not really, I break the rules a lot but I never really got caught. I care for my mother’s acceptance but she holds me to higher standards and rules which causes me to rebel more. My goals are to see and help the world along the way. I’m naturally curious and wanting to escape the public eye but not wanting to leave the industry. After the fifteen minute prep, we both are ready to start our mission. We begin to walk into the portal which will take us to the mortal world. As the countdown begins for insertion 10, 9, 8…. We look at each other unable to say anything we stare straight ahead ...5, 4, Amallo looks at me and says “ I love you” ...2, 1. As I fall into the human world my only regret was that I never said I love you back. I fall to Earth in a veil of color known as the northern lights.

I hope you like it, keep reading. Let me know what you think. Also the plot doesn’t really start until chapter 4. But the next chapters are important to understand what is happening

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