A Big Mystery

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Pihu Jaykar, a girl in class 9 hates social science and loves math and physics. With many friends & enemies, join her journey to find herself. "I know mom but what should I do if this is not my cup of tea."said Pihu to her mommy. Her family has always had a historical background. They have always been really interested in knowing the history geography biography and everything about anyone. Pihu has always tried to break her familial trait of arts to pursue engineering. Although she is in class nine she's quite sure what she wants to do but then there are several issues like the trend, her friends and teenage life. She becomes a real mess and then her friends and family put their best in trying to help Pihu in finding who she really is, where does she stand in the world and that there is always someone to care.

Drama / Romance
Shravani Supekar
Age Rating:

Ch 1:The SS Test???!!!

"Hey Pihu, how are you darling ?"asked Shravani to her when she met her in the morning at school. "What in the world is the matter damn it ? You're never so sweet."" Oh god my short term memory loss darling I can see that you've forgotten-"said Shravani. Oh Shravani , Shravani is my best friend I think since class 2. We kind a used to live in the same campus until she shifted near to the school but that didn't bring an obstacle in our friendship. She's been through every thick and thin with me. Coming back to the topic,I hope it's no test." No! Not social science, please say no. Mrs. Singh does not show any pity towards students like us." " She may or she may not but I definitely pity you. Come now, lest shall there be the third WORLD WAR in the class."

After writing a two hours test ,I was quite relieved because the test was quite easy . Luckily the invigilator wasn't a strict one so we got a chance of little bit of cheating.

1. Maps

2. Important dates

3. Which ruler killed whom

I already forgot about it. No sooner did the bell ring than it all happened

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