I Am Queen

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Song is Bulletproof by Diamente. This is a teaser of what's to come.

The woman looked around, her interest in the castle's hall's decor and vast amount of riches that dominated the walls and every piece of furniture within the grand entrance, the throne overlooking the bottom floor's layout of the front entrance, the second floors that once stared down upon the throne in awe and with a feverish pride now was dormant, the tears that filled the bottom floors were blood from the fallen breathern or enemies that still loved the king.

But this was Mine.

A male that was over 6 ft. 6 in height, over six feet wide, and had chocolate skin with a left bright blue eye and a right forest green eye sauntered over to me, his stone cold expression holding some pride in his features and eyes.

His eyes had power and the fires of revenge swirling in them like a tornado, ready to suck up and throw away the lives of those that ruined his. That ruined ours.

I gritted my teeth but smiled a bloody smile, glancing around this place in awe, the gold and white with grey splashes of leaf and rose designs breathtaking for a small and poor country.

The Tyrant King was removed.

Time for a New Queen.

He bowed to me. I smiled coldly as I stood before the throne, my swords gleamed with the blood and gore of my victims.

I held out my right pale hand and swords with black nails, a sign of evil from everyone but me.

It was a gift. No one can take it from me. Not even death.

Rise up Maleony (Male-eon-ee). I spoke softly, my southern England's accent soothing like water over stones as he looked up at me, his smile at my softness like a feather to your skin.

Makes you want to laugh with joy. With pride at what he's accomplished. With what he's become.

Is it secure? I asked him, the soldiers that are mine or left that king now stood at every position needed in the castle halls, the old King's men smiling with joy while mine smiled with victory.

Smiled with happiness now that evil was relinquished from Ashua. That no one else could get hurt.

I watched his reaction. He looked strong. He grinned. Everything is secure mam. He stated. I sighed in relief.

That is good. I told him and stared at the soldiers. I sheathed my weapons and my outfit gleamed against the lights like liquid midnight, the clash of beauty, protection, and strength rejuvenating to me.

This is just the start men and women! I shouted, the chance to give all women that wish to fight like me open to them. Were all equal. No matter the accent, skin, gender, or intelligence. This day and era will be different.

We will rise. We will not fall. We will succeed. Time to to show everyone else what were capable of. I thought darkly.

Loud shouts and swords raised to me from inside and as the message passed out, to the outside soldiers.

The doors open to show the city filled with smoke and fire from the fight.

Roars ripped out outside as the soldiers looked warily at me and at the door, afraid of the noise. Everyone but the strongest has a right to be.

But I'm not afraid. I will never be again nor should I have a right.

I looked down to my multi-colored star design on my right hand, the colors blending in perfectly with what made the noise.

But not just one.

I turned and smiled at the throne, sitting on it, the softness yet firmness showing me that he may have been strong with having everyone fearing with his soldiers that doted him, but he was soft. Weak. That he wasn't strong at all.

Like He shall fall. I grinned coldly at that glorious thought.

Maleony stood on my left and smiled coldly as I crossed my right leg over my left, my left hand raised slightly with a smile.

I dropped my hand as Maleony leaned down and growled, I can't wait for revenge. I smiled.

Me neither. I answered back. He smiled. Then why not take them now My Lady? he asked. I sighed.

Because were not financially ready, nor do we have all the supplies and soldiers ready to face them. We must prepare.

Not all my children are ready. This dear Maleony was a test.

To show everyone that you don't have to be all powerful and mighty to rule.

That the best always starts small and works their way up to the top. To Him.

I turned to my second in command. He watched me in pride and awe. I smirked.

I don't want to just watch Him fall from His throne. No, I want Him to suffer. for me, for what I lost, for you, for all the people underneath Him.

I want to take everything away from Him little by little, as he had done to us.

I want to watch Him suffer. He will pay for everything.

But taking the throne away now is too easy. I want the bastard to feel my pain.

A massive and long golden scaly tail curled around my throne and over my feet suddenly, a massive head rising above me, the childness of its face with glowing sapphire eyes showing yet the child's strength and love over me so comforting.

I smiled and looked into the fires that burned outside and grinned, my heart and eyes reflecting the orange and red monsters that showed no mercy to anyone or anything.

And I will never show mercy to Him and His followers.

I want to take away his oxygen and put him in fire. I whispered.

I want to watch him burn! I looked at Maleony and growled softly, And this is just the beginning.

Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you want more!!!

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