I Am Queen

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Beginning For Esha

Song is Don't Take The Girl by Tim McGraw. All pics are on Wattpad.

To my daughter. Never forget that I love you. Life is filled with hard times and good times.

Learn from everything you can. Be the woman I know you can be.Mom-Unknown.

No One's POV

Smoke. Ashes. Screams.

The forest was awake, shaking with terror at the horrific gut wrenching screams from the village within.

Roots trembled, leaves shook as the animals went all silent and in their den's, eyes big and filled with fear at the thought of becoming their next victim.

A storm gathered in the sky, fire burning away at the dark massive enchanted forest where the village reached and burned, the rain pelted at the fire as the wind swept away all the evidence and people that lay within.

Nature may be a life saver, but it's also a killer.

But man is usually to blame for the cause of wars.

And man is this time.

And nobody could stop him.

Villagers ran in the tiny yet beautiful village of Atchua, their screaming and sobbing audible from miles around.

But no one could save them.

The King and Queen of the village, Rickers, sat on their thrones with a bundle in the mother's arms while shaking with anger and painful faces and waited while their soldiers all fought outside to protect everyone from the enemies that were invading their land.

The treaty meant nothing.

It was war.

Blood soaked the ground, bodies laid limp of the Atchua force as the enemy soldiers pillaged, raped, murdered, and stole what they could find.

So many lives lost.

So much blood shed.

And for one little girl.


The enemy soldiers all reared up near the decimated home of the King and Queen, and although it wasn't a castle, it's beauty and weathered yet strong look took their breath away.

The Commander of the fight, Commander Wiesel, glared from atop his black stallion, his silver armor with their insignia displayed on their chest.

It was a snarling wolf circling a screaming hawk.

In blood.

Get inside and secure it. We need her alive! snapped Wiesal loudly because of the angry screams of the storm, glaring with dark red eyes as the soldiers around him saluted and screamed eruh before heading towards the front entrance, covering their exposed skin from the rain and hail.

The wizard also followed.

They were taking over.

They lost.

The Queen stared fearfully at her husband who watched her sadly. You know what to do. He hissed at her. She shook her head in pain and anguish.

Not without you! Were in this together! She snapped, her lips quivering while her screaming child lay in her arms, wrapped in a rich purple blanket.

The King's rich blonde hair tumbled around his sad brown eyes as his beautiful Queen, who's hair was the color of fire and her eyes the color of the ocean, looked down to their baby.

Their child who was rare.

Who had black and purple colored hair and yellow eyes.

Who had ears.

Who had a tail.

Who had mystical powers.

You need to protect her! The King snapped as the bangs were now audible from outside the door, screams from his dear soldiers echoing outside and in the halls.

The soldiers that were inside stared fearfully and in agony outside the door, knowing that they will never see their friends, families, or lovers ever again.

What war didn't come without a price?

What war didn't shed blood?

What war didn't tarnish the heart of souls of the victims within?

What war didn't betray?

I know what i must do! To save her! The Queen gasped and laid her palm on her daughter's head, the eleven month old baby staring back up at her with big and petrified eyes, her mouth open as her canines showed, the screams ripping from her throat shattering the hearts of the people within.

The wizard outside though, heard her screams. His evil liquid silver eyes gazed at the door with a hunger for the power he felt.

He was out for blood.

And he gets what he wants.

No matter what.

The green power left the Queen's hand and covered the child like a security blanket, erasing the evidence of her power and appearance and leaving a tattoo on her left hand.

It was a glowing blue and magnificent tree with roots that wrapped around the child's fingers and parts of her hand before hiding as a dull and ugly black sapling.

The child now had brown hair and brown eyes.

But the magic the child held was too powerful for this world.

And this magic was world changing.

And he wanted it.

The child stared at her mother as their Captain, Captain Rhinoate, looked at the King and Queen and they to him.

The mother begin to weep.

It was time to say goodbye to Esha.

This was most likely there last time with her.

You don't have to do this! Begged their Captain, his misty eyes showing his pain of leaving.

Of leaving his men behind.

Of leaving them to die and he lives.

The King shook his head. No. You must save our baby. I beg of you brother. The King grabbed Rhinoate's hand and stared back at the blonde haired green eyed Captain.

You save my Esha! Snapped the Queen sadly, her trembling mouth showing her pain. She hid her emotions on her face behind a mask to show she was strong.

Although she was dying on the inside.

She is chosen! She must not fall into the wrong hands! Snapped the King as he Rhinoate nodded and sighed.

Alright. He whispered. I'll take her. But where? The thuds now grew louder as the soldier's screams fell silent.

They were dead. The magic on the door kept them from coming in. But with the wizard, it won't be long before they fell.

And the people within fell.

Take her to the city of Florstia and have her in the castles as a maid. Be a mentor to the guard.

They are looking for a new teacher. Guide her and protect her. The Queen added and Rhinoate nodded sadly.

She'll be safe and nobody would suspect her as one. The King whispered, the thought of her being raised as a slave making every fiber in his being scream with rage and agony.

It was all because of her power.

The Goddess gave her the gift to save the world.

But now they want it to rule it.

And he wouldn't allow it, even if he must die.

This is his daughter. His baby. And nobody will take that from him.

To save the world, he must die.

And let his baby live.

But this wasn't over. The spell will break when she is of age at 21. And then the war will surround her. I hope she's ready. The King thought.

The King touched his babies face who smiled and giggled up at him, her eyes showing the affection for her father.

His eyes welled up with tears, lips now trembling as he tried to stop the tremors that wanted to break free from his body like a prisoner.

Will miss you daughter. Will see you again. I promise. Be good baby. He whispered, that sentence most likely a lie. He kissed her head and the Queen began to cry again.

She grabbed their child back from the King and caressed her baby's face lovingly. To my daughter. Never forget that I love you. Life is filled with hard times and good times. Learn from everything you can. Be the woman I know you can be. The Queen whispered and kissed her cheek.

Esha lets out a squeal of laughter and smiled her gummy smile up at her mother.

The Queen handed her baby regretfully to Rhinoates and managed to stop herself from saying, don't take my girl.

Rhinoates bowed his head. I'll protect her with my life. You can count of that. He vowed. They nodded. I know you will. Whispered the Queen.

A crack ripped into the door now.

They were breaking in.

It was time to let go.

Take her now! The King snarled as the door begin to crack more, the loud thunder and crashes of lightning lighting up the holes to show the enemies outside with evil smiles and shiny sharp weapons. The wizard stood ahead of them with an malicious smile and glowing blue palms.

She's mine! Snarled the wizard. The Queen glared.

Over my dead body! She screamed.

Rhinoates clutched Esha closer to his chest and turned away as the Queen opened the secret door at the other end of the hall using magic and whispered go but handed him a necklace of a dragon.

For her 21st birthday. You know why. she whispered. He nodded and fled out the door and into the tunnels as the door closed behind him with a loud bang, leaving him in darkness.

The King and Queen glared as the door collapsed and the enemy piled in, the wizard glaring at them.

Where's she?! He hissed. The Queen began to glow green with magic as the King pulled out his sword and aimed at them.

You'll never find her! They hissed and screamed, now!

But the sounds Rhinoates never forget.

The screams from his soldiers.

From who he was supposed to protect.

The King and Queens shouts.

Then the silence.

They had fallen.

Esha was alone.

Helping you sound out the words

Rhinoates (Rhin-oh-oats)

Esha- (eh-shhh-ah)

Atchua- (at-chew-wah)

Rickers- (rick-ers)

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