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We are who we are

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I remember when I was a kid my mother used to say 'God has good plans for you'. Now that I think about it, it's total bullshit. "I am the girl who lived in a house with an abusive fuck. The person who people never cared to listen too. The girl that guys never looked at and girls laughed at. I've come a long way from struggle and hardship. I am who I am, because of the shit I've been through. We are who we are."

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1


I remember when I was a kid my mother used to say ‘God has good plans for you’. Now that I think about it, it’s total bullshit. If ‘God’ had good plans for me, then why have I been going through the worst things in my life?

“Beep, Beep, Beep.”

The alarm that I scheduled for five thirty rings, and I slap my hands down on my clock. Slowly and reluctantly, I uncover my face. I blink, close my eyes, and blink again.

I look to my right and sigh when I realize that the alarm didn’t wake up my uncle. I sit up, drag my feet off the bed, and rub my knuckles into my eyes. I stretch my arms above my head, yawn, and watch my legs dangle above the off-white polyester carpet.

My mother died when I was only ten years old; a hit and run is what took her life away.

Dealing with her death was one of the hardest things I ever had to go through, but having my uncle adopt me a few months after she died, was way worse. My father left my mother before I was even born, so I couldn’t go live with him. Ever since I was eleven my uncle has been coming in and out of my room, making me help “relieve his stress.”

I know what you’re thinking: Why won’t I tell anyone?

Well, I did.

When I was fourteen, I told my mother’s friend Stacy. My uncle was really good friends with the head cop in our town, so they found a way to drop it. Everyone thought highly of my uncle in this stupid town. After they finally dropped the case, my uncle beat the shit out of me. After that beating, I knew that there was no way out.

As I grew older, I got use to my uncle raping me and now I can sense when he wants the sex. It’s like a routine; I go to school, I go to work, I come home, and then I stay in my room bedroom with my uncle in it for two or more hours.

After those gruesome few hours, I move as quietly as I can and step into the bathroom. I then do my morning ablutions and get dressed for my first day of school.

When I am done, I look in the mirror at my brown straight hair that stopped just below my shoulders. I’m dress in a grey T-shirt and black sweatpants, which is a pretty usual outfit. At this point, I walk to the kitchen and make myself some cereal. Sitting at the dining room table, I watch the colorful wheels of cereal float around in my bowl full of milk.

When I see on my phone that it’s six oh five, I quickly finish my cereal and walk out of the house to see the bus was already coming towards me. The bus stopped and I got on, sitting all the way at the back.

I’m not really a social butterfly so I sit in the back during my time riding to school. Soon the bus was full of kids, talking about what they did for the summer or how they weren’t ready for school to start.

Soon the bus takes its final stop at the school, dropping everyone off. I walk into the school, with my schedule in my hands. I sigh, looking down at my schedule. It seems I have all AP classes. I wasn’t mad that I had the classes, I was mad because of all the work that came with the classes.

I most definitely have to keep my grades up. I am now a senior so having bad grades is not an option, especially considering the fact that college is the only way out of this town and away from my uncle.

I walk around the building looking for my first-period class, which was AP History. I stopped in Room 602 and check my phone. It was only seven ten and school didn’t start till seven forty, so I sit down and take out a book from my backpack.

To kill a mockingbird

I’ve read the book more than four times now so reading it again really didn’t bother me. My uncle barely gave me any money to buy anything, so I can’t buy another book anytime soon. I sat on the school floor reading until I heard the school bell. I take a seat in the back of the class while putting the book back in my bag.

Kids start to fill the classroom and soon it became noisy. I wasn’t surprised when anyone didn’t sit by me; I mean who would?

After my accusations towards my uncle, parents told their kids to stay away from me. The teacher finally instructed everyone to introduce themselves. Everyone did, but when it was my turn I said nothing, causing everyone to look at me.

I guess the teacher got the hint that I wasn’t going to say anything so she moved on, giving us worksheets. While doing my worksheet, I could hear all the whispers from my fellow peers and what they were saying about me.

“Wasn’t she the girl that claimed that her uncle was raping her?”

“She never speaks.”

“She must be poor if she’s coming to school dressed like that.”

I bite my tongue, so I wouldn’t curse them out.

If I let their dumbass comments get to me, then I’m letting them win. I ignore them and continue to work on my worksheet. After however many more dreadful minutes of this class passed, the school bell rang and I pack my stuff and head to second-period.

I keep on walking down the halls until I make it to the east side of the school library. The school has been renovating for as long as I can remember, so they shut down this part of our local high school. I’ve been eating here since I was in the tenth grade. It was quiet and peaceful and no one came down here.

Taking a seat at an old desk, I pull out my lunch. As soon as I go to put the food in my mouth, I hear a bang. It sounds like two pieces of wood hitting each other. Upon hearing this, I get up to go check out what’s going on. As I keep walking towards the direction it came from, the noise starts to get louder.

When I make it to the library storage room, I open the door only to gasp at the scene before me. There was a girl with blonde hair laying on the table naked, while a guy was on top of her, thrusting in and out of her. The girl heard my gasp and turns to look at me.

She looks completely embarrassed, and mad. She pushes the guy off of her and quickly put on her clothes. The guy looks confused by her actions and was about to say something until his eyes met mines.

Once I saw his face, I already knew who he was.

I didn’t wait for him to say anything before I ran to my table and grab my things, leaving behind my lunch. I run for a while and stop to catch my breath. The guy that I saw in the room was the one and only Wyatt Russo.

I instantly cringe at the memories that were flooding back into my mind. Wyatt and I used to be the best of friends growing up. But when we got to middle school, Wyatt started to hang out with his other friends more than me. When the whole rape incident got out, he stopped talking to me completely.

I cried for days when he told me that he couldn’t hang out with me anymore but eventually learned to live with it.

Everyone leaves, that’s what I kept telling myself.

The bell rings for sixth period and the hallways are full. Walking into my sixth-period classroom, which was AP science, I took a seat once again at the back of the class.

The room was already halfway packed.

The bell rings, and the teacher starts to teach. This time I didn’t zone out, I actually listened to what he was saying. Science was my favorite subject, it was very interesting to me. About halfway throughout the class, the door opened.

You won’t guess who walked in.

That’s right, it was Wyatt.

“And you are?” Mr. Myers asks, Wyatt.

“Wyatt Russo,” Wyatt answers.

“Well Mr. Russo, I suggest that you don’t come to this class late again.”

“Duly noted,” Wyatt says.

“Take a seat,” Myers commands. Wyatt only nods and takes a seat at the desk in front of me. Myers went on with the lesson while Wyatt turns back in his seat, staring at me. I raise my eyebrows at him, looking back at him confused.

“Problem?” I question.

Wyatt only smiles.

“No problem... old friend.”

I didn’t say anything, I just stared at him like he was crazy. “Why are you talking to me?”


“Mr. Russo and Ms. Moore is there something you want to share with the class?” Mr. Myers asks looking back and forth at Wyatt and I. My face turns into a glare as I stare at both him and Wyatt, but eventually shook my head no.

“I’m sorry sir, I just needed to ask Kelly something,” Wyatt says, with a smirk.

“Next time don’t interrupt my class,” Mr.Myers says, before walking away. Wyatt continues to stare at me, but I only ignore him and kept working till the bell rings.

I was now on the school bus, waiting to be dropped off at home. My earphones plugged into my phone while I listen to music, blocking out the annoying sounds of the kids riding the bus.

Today I don’t have to work till four thirty and since it was only two, I thought I might as well get ready and eat something. I work at the town’s diner, it was an okay job, but it had bad pay. The only reason I decided to work there was to have some time away from my uncle. Also, the diner was the only place willing to hire me, since I didn’t have any experience.

The bus stops by my house and I get off. I didn’t see my uncle’s car and I mentally thank the heavens. I walk into the house and go straight into the kitchen, stuffing my face with food. When I hear the front door open, I prepared myself for my uncle. He walks into the kitchen and looked angry. My mouth stays shut because that was a rule he established.

Never speak unless spoken to.

“Why aren’t you in your room!” He yells. My heart started to beat faster, and my body starts to shake. “Answer me!” He yells again. Right after he says that I feel a hard pressure on my face. I instantly taste blood in my mouth. I put my hand on my face, touching where he punches me. He raises his fist to hit me again, but I quickly answer him.

“I had to work,” I say, in a shaky voice.

“Get to your room!”

I ran into my room in a hurry and took off my clothes leaving myself completely naked, and lay on the bed.

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