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Chapter 7 🔵Cold Water⚫


Kelly lays on my chest, her quiet snores can be heard. I look down at her face, remembering every single moment of what just took place. How she fitted perfectly under me, and how the look on her face changed every time she released. She was the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. I pull her closer to me. I couldn’t let anything happen to her.

She was my addiction

Maybe something more someday. My father must be one crazy son of a bitch if he thinks I’d let him hurt Kelly. I had my best men keeping tabs on him, back home. He was meeting with the old mafia members.

Definitely planning something

Whatever it was that he was planning, I had to make sure that it didn’t go through. I was stuck, on how I was going to tell my mom about what my father did. Knowing her she would probably dismiss it. I love my mother, but when it came down to my father she was in denial. A knock came at the door, causing Kelly to stir in her dream. I forgot everyone was still here. Lifting Kelly’s head off my chest, and placing on the pillow. I got off the bed and put my clothes back on.

“What is it?” I ask, opening the door revealing Kevin.

“There’s movement with your father,” Kevin says, trying to take a peek at Kelly. “That poor girl, you fucked her to sleep.”

I smack the back of his head “Watch it,” I say, in a warning tone. “Now, what’s up with my father?”

“He met with Jared Malone.”

“Why?” I ask. Jared Malone was a well-known hitman.

“We don’t know, but if I had to guess I think he’s paying him to kill Kelly,” Kevin says. “Maybe even you.”

I sigh. “We can’t take any chances. I have to end this.”

“What do you want to do?”

“We all go back home tomorrow, we bring Kelly to the safe house. Then I’ll handle it from there.”

“Marc your my boy, therefore we’ll handle it together.”


“No don’t Kev me. Deal?”


“Good, I’ll go get the guys ready. You should get back to Kelly.”

“Okay.” I walk back into the room and settle back in the bed with Kelly. Wrapping my arms around her, I fall asleep.



I was awakened from my sleep, hearing things shuffled in the background. Opening my eyes I see Marc dressed in his usual ware. His suit. “What’s going on?” I ask.

Marc’s eyes snap towards me, and he stops what he was doing. “About time you wake up,” Marc said, sitting on the bed.

“What time is it?”


“Woah,” I say. “Why are you dressed up?”

Marc looks at me scratching the back of his. As if contemplating if he should tell me or not. “We’re going back home.”

“Why?” I didn’t want to go back that town.

“My father met with a well-known hitman, back in America, and-”

“And that hitman could be coming after me,” I finish.

“Yes, which means we have to leave. After I know that your truly safe, then I’ll take care of my father.”

I frown. “You’re still thinking about killing him?” I ask. “Do you not know how many things that can go wrong?” I say raising my voice.

Marc sighs, rubbing his temple. “My father made his bed, now he has to lay in it.”

“No Marc!” I protest.

“And why the hell not?” Marc questions. Anger visible on his face.

‘It’s like he gets sexier when he’s mad,’ I thought to myself. I didn’t fear him when he was angry. I knew he wouldn’t hurt me.

“Because he’s your blood. I know that deep down if you do kill him you’ll regret it at the end,” I say. “I don’t want your mom living for the rest of her life, knowing that her older son killed the love of her life. I don’t want Wyatt to have to feel that you chose a girl, over family.” Marc was quiet. “I just don’t want your life to be complicated because of me.”

“My life has been complicated for as long as I can remember. Just pack the things that you need so we can go.”

“No, I’m not going.”

Marc groans. “Why?”

“Because if I stay, you won’t have a reason to go back,”

Marc nears towards me, lifting up my chin. His lips hover above mine, causing me to moan against his mouth. “I’m sorry about this angioletto.”

“Wh-” I start to say, but then a cloth was placed onto my nose. I instantly smell a sweet chemically smell, causing my body to weaken.

“It’s for your own good.” Was the last thing I heard before falling asleep.



That was the first thing I hear. Opening my eyes, I realized that I’m sitting on a chair. Not just any chair, but a plane chair. I grew angry when the memory of what happened back in Mexico came back. I jump from my seat, causing everyone’s eyes to land on me. Some of the men looked familiar, while others I already knew as guards.

“Where is he?” I question. Everyone looks at me like I was crazy, and said nothing.

“I said where the fuck is he?” I shout. Everyone quickly points there fingers at the door to the left. “Thank you,” I say in a more relaxed tone, stomping my way to the door. Opening the door, my eyes fall on a certain somebody.

“You inconsiderate asshole!” I shout walking up to Marc.

“Kelly ju--”

“No, don’t you dare say calm down to me.”

“Kelly gi-” Before I knew I lift my hand up to slap him. Just inches away from touching his face, he caught it. “Everyone leave us!” Marc’s voice booms. It was then that I realized that there were people in the room. It looks like they were in a meeting. Everyone scattered out the door. Marc’s hand tightens around my wrist.

‘Yup, he’s mad,’ I thought.

“Kelly, you’re driving me crazy,” Marc says, lifting me up on the desk. “I want to protect you, and keep you out of harm’s way, but you refuse.” He states, running his hands down my body. My inside shiver. “I’m gonna fix that.” He says. Bringing his hand to my jeans he unbuttons them, pulling them down.

“Having sex is not gonna fix this,” I whisper.

A cocky smirk appears on his face. “Of course not angioletto but it’s a start.”

In one swift move, he removes my panties and places his tongue at my soft spot. His tongue flicks up and down my womanhood, causing me to moan in pleasure. He places both of his hands on my thighs pulling me closer to his mouth. My back arches every time, his tongue thrust into me. I could feel myself about to release and just when I was about to, Marc stops.

I whimper. He licks his lips and wipes the corner of his mouth. “Clean yourself up.” Was the only thing he said before walking away.

“Asshole!” I yell out at him. He only chuckles and shut the door.

I sigh in frustration.

‘He could at least have finished,’ I thought.

I pull myself together, walking out of the room. Once again everyone’s eyes are on me. I ignore them, taking a seat near the back of the plane. My eyes wander to the window, just as the sun was coming up. “So your the girl that has stolen Marc’s heart,” A voice says, causing me to jump. Noticing my fright, the person quickly apologizes. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

He looks familiar.

“Is okay,” I whisper.

The man chuckles. “You’re dating a mafia boss, but you’re shy that’s new.”

I scoff. “I’m not dating that butthead,” I reply.

Now the guy scoffs. “Yeah sure.”

“I’m sorry, who are you?” I ask, confused at the fact that he sat down by me.

“I’m Casie,” He says, lifting up his hand for me to shake.

“Kelly,” I reply, shaking his hand.

“So Kelly, how’s life?.”

“Complicated, you?”


I look over at him, with curious eyes. “How so?” I question. “You’re in the mafia aren’t you?”

Casie chuckles. “Being in the mafia isn’t all that fun. Sure you have the money, drugs, and women, but that doesn’t really make you happy. When you finally decide to settle down and be happy, you really aren’t. Deep down no matter how much you try, being in the mafia will always get in the way.”

“Why don’t you just get out?”

Casie sighs. “Because sometimes Kelly, you have no choice,” Casie says. I nod my head in understanding. From the corner of my eyes I could see Marc walking towards us. “I have to go, but see you around,”

“Yeah,” I say, as he walks away.

Marc walks up and takes a seat next to me. “I see you’ve met Casie,” He states.

“Yeah, he’s okay. He looks familiar though.”

“He’s Cass’s younger brother.”

That explains a lot.

“Oh,” was the only thing I could say.

“Oh,” Marc says, sitting me on his lap, pushing my head closer to his chest.

The warmth of his body, causes me to flutter. “When do we land?”

“In a couple of hours.” He was rubbing circles on my arms.

I pull him in closer. “Marc?”


“I love you... and I know that nothings going to change your mind about killing your father. But, I just want you to know that I love you, and I always will,”

“I love you too angioletto.”

“Always and forever?” I ask.

“Always and forever.”

“Where exactly is this safe house?” I ask, walking off the plane.

“It’s a surprise.” I cringe, a little. I didn’t have good memories when it came down to surprises. Marc must’ve noticed my discomfort because he quickly says, “Shit Kelly, I’m sorry.”

I placed my hand on his arms. “It’s okay,” I whisper. “It’s not your fault.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. Now take me to this surprise before I lose my mind, thinking about what it is,” I say, trying to lighten up the mood.

“Okay,” Marc replies, slipping his hands in mine. Walking me to the car.

“You’re going to have your usual guards at the house. Since Kevin is going to be with me, Cass can take his place.”

“Okay,” I turn on the radio. The song cold water starts to play, and I hum along. This wasn’t my favorite Major Lazer song, but I did love the lyrics.

“You do know that you can sing out loud Kelly right?” Marc says, with a smile.

I smirk. “My singing sucks.”

“I don’t care what your singing sounds like. It’s beautiful to me.”


“Please,” Marc begs. “I’ll sing it with you.”

I huff. “Fine.”

’Come on, come on
Save me from my rocking boat
I just wanna stay afloat
I’m all alone.′

We weren’t singing more like... yelling.

’And I hope, I hope someone’s gonna take me home
Somewhere I can rest my soul
I need to know you won’t let go’

’I won’t let go, no no, no no, no more
I’ll be your lifeline tonight
You won’t let go
I’ll be your lifeline tonight’

Marc surprisingly knew half the lyrics.

’I won’t let go, no no, no no, no more
I’ll be your lifeline tonight
You won’t let go
I’ll be your lifeline tonight’

We burst into laughter as the song comes to an end.

“That was so horrible,” I say, still laughing.

“What?” Marc says dramatically, smacking his hand on his chest. “I don’t know about you, but I sounded like an angel.”

I scoff. “Bullshit, you sounded like a dying horse,” I say, with a chuckle.

Marc only laughs. “I’m never singing with you again,” Marc says as the car stops. I look at my surrounding and gasp at the house before me.

“Surprise,” Marc says with a handsome smile.

“This is so beautiful. How much was it?” I ask.

“Not a lot. Let’s go inside.” Marc insists.


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