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Chapter 8 ⚫ Fight🔵


I keep my gun pointed at Leo while looking at Cass with rage. Kelly was knocked out, but I still notice the bruise that was forming on her head. “Remove the gun from her head.” I say, sternly.

She only shook her head. “I can’t do that Marc, not until you let your father go.”

I look at her as If she was crazy. “You work for me, not the other way around. Therefore, I say it one last time. Let. Her. Go.”

Cass starts to laugh. “Marc, you don’t get it. You were always too blind to see it.”

“To blind to see what?” I ask, confused.

“That I love you. That I’ve always been there for you.”

“Cass not this... not this again.”

Her eyes form with tears. “Don’t act like you don’t feel the same.”

“I admit, I did feel the same... but in the past.”

“No, you’re lying.”

“I’m not, I’ve moved on.”

I watch as her face changes different emotions. “Let your father go before I kill her.” She threatens, referring to Kelly.

“You wouldn’t.” I challenge.

“Try me.”

“Cass, just put the gun down and let Kelly go.” My mother says, stepping closer to her.

Cass points the gun at my mother. “Stay back miss Lena, or I will shoot you.”

I quickly point my gun at Cass. “Are you crazy, that’s my mom your pointing that gun at.”

Cass rolls her eyes. “Let your father go.”

“Why are you working for him? What has he promised you?”

“Believe it or not Marc, there are people in this gang that is ranked higher than you.”

“What’s that got to do with anything?”

“Your father here went and contacted ‘El Ragazzone’.”

My head snaps to my father in shock. “Why would you do this?” I question, in anger. The ′El Ragazzone’ was the main source of the mafia. He started it all, and with a snap of a finger, he would be able to take it all away. He was to be taken seriously because he was a dangerous man.

“You should have just given me what I wanted.”

This was all too much, I need a minute to think. I need to come up with something.

Play your cards right, Marc

I aim my gun back at Leo.

“Marc don’t.” Cass warns.

“You know what Cass, I thought it through. I’m going to kill the both of you.”

Cass smirks. “How? I have your whore.”

Ignoring what she said, I continue, “You may have Kelly, but what you don’t have is your guard up.”

Confusion crosses her face. “What are you talking about?” I point to the back of Cass, making her look back. “Shit.” She says.

Kevin wastes no time shooting her. Her body falls limply to the ground. “About time you showed up.” I say to Kevin.

“I was in the middle of something.” He justifies.

“Whatever.” I mumble. “Just untie Wyatt.”

“What about him?” Kevin asks, looking at Leo.

“I don’t know yet.”

“What the hell happened?” Kelly groans, waking up.

I quickly walk towards her, pulling her into a hug. “I’m glad your okay angioletto." I say, kissing her all over her face.

“Marc stop, it’s just a bruise,” She whines.

I let out a chuckle. “I’m sorry angioletto, I’m just happy you’re okay.”

She quickly pulls away. “Marc watch out!”

I feel someone push me to the ground and land a punch on my face. It was Leo. Pushing the old bastard off me, I flip him over repeatedly punching him. I didn’t stop, I didn’t want to stop. Not after all the things he did. “Marc stop!” I hear my mom yell, but I just ignore her.

Before I could land another punch Kelly catches my fist. “Stop.” She says. I lift myself off him. “Your an old sick bastard. I don’t know what my mother ever saw in you.” I sneer.

“Marc that’s enough.” My mother yells.

“No... no, it’s not. You weren’t there mamma... you weren’t there to watch as he preyed on little girls.”

“What?” Everyone says.

“Kelly’s not Leo’s only victim.”

“I knew I should have brought some popcorn.” I hear Kevin whisper. I turn facing him, giving him a are your serious look. “Sorry.” He mumbles.

“You mean he raped other girls too?” Kelly questions.

“Yes. After you told me about what he did, I called all of the past maids and talked to them. They told me all the things he did to their daughters.”

“Is this true Leo?” My mother asks.

“Of course it is, that’s why he hates me so much. Because I found out about the others.” I answer for him.

“You’re a sick, son of a bitch and I hope you rot in hell,” Wyatt says.

“Do you think I care about rotting in hell. I did what I did because I enjoyed it. I could care less about what anyone thinks.” Leo says.

“So you enjoyed raping little girls?” Kelly questions.

“Not as much, as I enjoyed doing it to you. You see Kelly, in some way you were different. Shit, you were the one that had my baby girl after all.”

“Baby girl.” Kelly whispers.

“You didn’t think I would let you give her up, without knowing if she was mines first did you?” Kelly was now in tears, which causes my heart to ache. Leo laughs. “Wait, wait so this whole time you thought that she was adopted. I mean come on Kelly, you can’t be that stupid.” Leo admits. “I’ve been raising her since she was a baby. Let me tell you, she is one talkative 3 year old.”

“Where is she?” Wyatt asks.

“Somewhere you don’t need to know,” Leo responds.

Kelly pushes away from me, taking my gun. “Where is she?” she asks, pointing the gun at Leo.

“I called her Dani.” He says. “She looks just like you.” The sound of the gunshot echoes throughout the house. We all just stare at Kelly, shocked at what she had just done.

This wasn’t supposed to be this way

She just stands there, over his dead body starting at him. “No.” My mother sobs, going to her dead husband’s side. While everyone stands shocked, I walk over to Kelly and remove the gun from her hand.

“I got you.” I whisper, holding her as she cries in my arms.

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