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Chapter 1 : Continuing

My uncle came into my room with the belt in his hands. He has no shirt or pants on, only his boxers. “Stand up, ” He commands. He forcefully turns me around so that my naked back was to him, and I was facing the walls. “Don’t move. If you move, you’ll get more.” He says. My uncle starts hitting me with the belt and I flinch, every time the belt touch me. A new sting and heat erupt in my body, while tears fall from my eyes as the pain becomes unbearable. No matter how much it hurt, I keep my stance on the wall and make sure not to move.

After a while of just hitting me, he stops. “Get on the bed.”

I walk back to my bed and lay down. My uncle takes off his boxers, taking his place on top of me. He enters me, thrusting really hard. More pain erupts in my body. When he was done, he puts on his boxers and grabs my chin making me face him. “Whenever I get home, I better see you in your room naked, waiting for me.” He says, before walking out of my room. With all the strength I could muster up, I got up and went to the bathroom. Not having time for a shower, I wet a small cloth and wipe it over my body. Putting on my clothes and fixing my hair, I walk out of the house, making my way to the diner.

My shift already started, once I reach the diner. Walking fast to the employee room, I clock in. Mara my boss was too busy smoking a cigarette and on the phone to notice me come in. Walking into the kitchen, Jeff came in sight. “Look who finally decides to show up,” Jeff says.

A smile appears on my face. “Don’t start with me old man,” I reply, putting on my apron. Jeff was the only person in this town that I actually care about. He was a forty-six-year-old Italian who loves to cook. When I was fourteen and started working at the diner, he was there to help train me. He became a mentor to me, and also a father figure. After he heard the accusations, he didn’t turn his back on me but became protective of me.

“Whatever get to work before Mara starts to bitch.” He says, flipping a burger. I chuckle at his comment. Jeff usually never curses but when he does, it’s funny.

“Okay,” I say, walking out the kitchen. My back hits the kitchen door, which causes lots of pain to surge through my body. I yelp in pain, biting my lip.

“You okay?” Jeff asks, rushing to my side. He was about to pull up my shirt to check, but I quickly stop him.

“I’m okay, it was just a small hit,” I say, with a small smile. I couldn’t let him see what my uncle has done to me.

“You sure?”

“Yes positive. I’ll just put some ice on it.”

It was now nine forty-five in the afternoon. I was completely exhausted and the fact that I’m in pain didn’t make it any better. I was now in the kitchen sitting on the counter, eating a taco that Jeff prepared for me. Mara walks into the kitchen and heads straight for me.

This can’t be good.

“You’re closing tonight.” Is the first thing she says.

Shaking my head, I jump off the counter. “I can’t, I have to be home by eleven. Plus I have school tomorrow.”

“You know damn well that I could give a rats ass about your excuses. It’s either you close up or you’re fired.” She says.

I sigh.

You need this job.

“Okay, I’m closing.”

“Good girl.” She replies, throwing me the keys to the diner. Once she left, I went back to eating my taco. By the time I’m closing it will be around eleven, which means I’m breaking curfew. My uncle was sure going to ‘punish’ me.

The time went by fast. There were only a few people left in the diner, which I was internally grateful for. If they left any faster I could be on my way home. Jeff and Mara were already gone, so it was just me serving everyone else.

The diner door chimes and I mentally curse whoever just entered the diner. From what I could see, only two teenage boys entered. I wait till they sit down to walk to their table. Plastering on a fake smile, I say, “Hi my name is Kelly and I’ll be your waiter today. What can I get you?” I didn’t make any eye contact with the guys, just waited till they told me what they want.

“I’ll get a slice of chocolate cake, and some milk,” A husky voice says.

Where have I heard that voice from?

I nod my head and turn to the other guy, still not making any eye contact. “The same as him. Also, your number.” He says.

Rolling my eyes and I look up at the guy who said it. “Sorry Sir, but that’s not going to happen,” I say as politely as I can.

“Sorry about my friend, he loves joking.” The other voice says. Looking at the other guy, I immediately regret it.

It was Wyatt.

I nod, before walking away. I prepare their food and set it on the table. A few minutes later they call me over saying that they were done. I pick up their dishes and clean up the rest of the diner. Even after I finish, Wyatt and his friend were still here. “Can I help you guys?” I ask, impatiently.

“I’ll be in the car.” Wyatt’s friend says, before walking out of the diner.

I look at Wyatt, confused.

“Do you usually walk in on people having sex?” Wyatt questions.

I curse inside my head when I remember what happened today at school. “Sir, I have no idea what you are talking about. Can you please leave the diner so I can close?” I say, trying to sound honest.

A smirk appears on Wyatt’s face.“Whatever you want,” He says, “Do you need a ride?”

I look at him like he was crazy. “No thank you, I don’t trust strangers,” Grabbing my things, I take off my apron.

He snorts. “I’m not a stranger, we’ve known each other since we were kids.”

Now it was my time to snort. “Sure we have,” I say, walking out of the diner. He follows right behind me. I lock the diner and start walking home. The streets were empty and dark. A car pulls beside me and I look up to see who it was. I sigh heavily. It was him again. “I don’t need a ride.” The car moves on and lets me walk home in peace.

Getting home, I went in through my window, instead of the front door. Slipping into my bed I fell asleep peacefully.

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