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Chapter 2 : Continuing

Before I went to Wyatt’s house, I stop at Kevin’s house. Kevin and I are nowhere near friends. He’s just my drug dealer, and even though he always flirts with me. I would never go further than that. I’ll admit he was very attractive, but he was... a man whore.

Knocking on his door, I wait for him to answer.

A half-naked sun-kissed, Italian male stands before me once the door opens.

I swear everyone in this town is Italian

My eyes travel down his body, looking at his toned abs. A smirk plays on his lips. “You like what you see Kelly?” He asks. I blush when I realize what he was talking about. He only smirks more when he sees me blushing. I stop staring at his abs and look him in the eyes. “Can I get the usual?” I ask. He nods his head, about to say something.

My head goes down, already knowing what he was going to say. “I don’t understand how a beautiful girl like you can smoke.” He says, walking away. “Smoking away your problems does nothing for you.”

“Well, smoking eases the pain,” I whisper.

“What was that?” Kevin shouts.

How the hell did he hear me?

“Nothing!” I shout back. A few minutes later Kevin comes back outside with my lovely ‘MaryJane’ in his hands. He passes it to me and I place it in my bag. “Thank you,” I say, passing him a twenty dollar bill. He gladly accepts it.

“Don’t mention it.”

I walk away from his house and continue the path to Wyatt’s house. I made a mental note to buy a car and get my license, whenever I have saved enough money for it. It was so hot in this god-forsaken town that I was sweating bullets. And the fact that I had on long black demi jeans and a black jacket on was really killing me. I stop walking when I was in front of a huge house. The place still looks like a mansion after all these years.

A lot of childhood memories started to come back just by seeing the house. Taking a deep breath, I push those memories back in my head and press the gate buzzer.

“Who is it?” The voice asks from the gate’s voice machine. I’m guessing it was the butler.

“Um, I’m Wyatt’s partner. We have a project to work on today.”

“Very well.” The gates open and I walk down to the house. I knock on the door and some old white guy in a uniform opens it up. “Please come in.” He says. “Wyatt will be with you in a minute.” I only nod my head. The butler walks away and I wait for Wyatt to come down. I stare at the diamond chandelier and the memories of how as I kid, I would stand at the top of the stairs just to count all the diamonds came back to mind. I could never count all of them because Wyatt would come down and distract me.

Wyatt came down the stairs dressed in a blue top and black gym shorts. “Hey,” He says. I didn’t say anything but wave my hand. “Um, we can get started in what my mom likes to call the ‘learning room.’

“Okay,” I say, not really caring about what he was saying.

“Is it okay if I get some snacks from the kitchen before we start?” He questions.

“It’s your house,” I state. He nods his head and motions for me to follow. We walk to the kitchen only to see a middle age woman cooking.

Wyatt took some snacks from the fridge then turns to his mother who hadn’t noticed us yet. “Mom, Kelly and I are going to start on our project. We’ll be in the study.”

His mother looks back at him shock “Did you just say, Kelly?” She asks. Wyatt nods. “As in little Kelly?” she asks again. Wyatt sighs and just points at me. His mom turns around and looks at me in shock.

I plaster on a fake smile and wave. “Hi, Mrs. Russo,” I say. She walks towards me with a smile on her face and hugs me. I felt uncomfortable. The last time I had someone hug me, I was about ten and if I remember correctly... it was my mother. I pat her back awkwardly and look at Wyatt.

“Mom we have to get started.” He says.

His mother pulls away and looks up at me. “You’re all grown up. You look just like your mother. Molto Bello.” She says, in her Italian accent.

I stiffen.

That’s the first time I ever heard someone say I look like my mother. “Thank you, Mrs. Russo,” I say, with a fake smile.

“Nonsense! I’ve known you since you were in diapers. Call me Lena.”

“Okay... Lena.”

“Okay mom, we’re leaving,” Wyatt says, grabbing my hand and leading me out of the kitchen. Once we got into the learning room or study, whatever you call it, I pull my hands out of Wyatt’s grasp.

“Don’t touch me,” I say harshly, glaring at him.

“Sorry,” He says, looking hurt.

“Whatever, let’s get started.”

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