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Chapter 3 🔵 Sunday lights⚫

Wyatt and I were inside the study, working on our project. We had been working for about two hours. I was trying to finish as much as I could, so I wouldn’t have to step foot in this house ever again.

Working on this project was awkward as hell. The only time I would talk is when he asked a question or was confused. I hate how Wyatt would sometimes bring up a childhood memory. It was annoying. We aren’t friends anymore, so I don’t understand why he kept bringing up the past. Our project was quite simple. We had to build the solar system and map out what the planet does every thirty-two days. To me, it seems like something a 5th grader could do.

I took my phone out of my pocket and saw that it was already nine. I start to pack my things up, wanting to leave now before it got dark. Since the walk from here to my house was far. “I’m gonna go,” I say, to Wyatt.

“Oh, um okay. Do you need a ride?” He asks.

“No, I’ll walk.”

“Okay, I’ll walk you out.”

“Okay,” I say, leaving out the room. I didn’t need him to walk me out of the house. I knew where every room was. We were walking but stopped when we heard someone call Wyatt’s name. We turn around to see that it was only Lena.

“Where are you guys headed?” She asks.

“I’m just walking Kelly to the door,” Wyatt says.

Lena looked back at me with a frown on her face. “You’re leaving?”


“Stay for dinner.”

I didn’t know if that was a command or a question. So I only nod my head. “Um okay, sure,” I say.

Lena’s frown turns into a smile. “Good. You both go have a seat at the dinner table.” Lena says.

“What time is dad coming home?” Wyatt asks his mother.

“In a few minutes.”

“Okay,” he responds. I walked inside of the dining room and sit down on a chair. The table was huge and could fit about 50 people. They always did have a big family Wyatt came in and sat right by me. “You didn’t have to stay.” He says, leaning back in the chair.

“I know,” I state.

Wyatt takes a deep breath. “Look, I wanted to apologize for wh--.” He starts to say, but I cut him off, by raising my hands.

“I don’t want your apology. It means nothing to me. After the project, we will go back to not knowing, each other’s existence.” I say. Anger was rising in me because of him. He looks like he was going to say something but then a voice interrupts him.

“Gioia, I’m home.” I recognized the voice and stiffen. Tears threaten to fall from my eyes but I wouldn’t dare let that happen. The man that I recognize as Wyatt’s father walks into the dining room and looks at me. “Oh, we have a guest.” Wyatt’s father stated. I shift in my seat.

How could I be so stupid!

A lot of horrible memories came rushing to my head. This was wrong, me coming here was wrong. I feel my hands trembling under the table. Lena walks back into the dining room with the food in her hands. “Leo, you remember Kelly, don’t you?” She sets the food down on the table. “Mya’s daughter.”

Leo’s face turns into a smile, but if you look closely you could tell it was a fake one. “Of course. After all, she was over here all the time as a kid.” He says. His Italian accent plays in my head. I was remembering everything from that night, which was causing me to sweat uncontrollably.

“You okay Kelly?” Lena asks sitting down. “You’re looking flushed.”

“Ahh... Yes, it’s just that I remembered my uncle is coming home from work early and would freak out if he knew I wasn’t home yet.” I say, standing up.

“We could always call him,” Leo offers. I could hear the hatred in his voice.

“I’m sorry, I have to go,” I say, getting up and walking away.

Wyatt grabs my arm and stops me. I glare down at him. He sees my face and quickly lets go of my arm. “I’ll walk you out.”

I quickly shake my head no. “No. You stay, enjoy your food.” I say to him. I turn and look back at Lena. “Thank you for your hospitality.” I walk out of the dining room and gather my stuff. I walk out of their house and shut the door silently.

I walk down the steps and stop. Tears fell from my eyes and I gladly accept them. I kept on facepalming, and whispering ‘stupid’, each time my hand touches my face. I felt strong arms wrap around my body, causing me to stop hitting myself. I didn’t care to look at who it was, that wrapped their arms around me. I just continue to cry on that person’s shoulders.

The person who was holding kept on whispering “it’s okay” to me. After a few more minutes of crying, I stop and pull away from the stranger. “I’m sorry, I just lost my sanity for a minute,” I say, looking down at my feet.

Embarrassed was an understatement

“It’s okay angioletto. I didn’t mind.” A husky voice says. His accent causes shivers to go down my back. I feel warm fingers lift up my chin. I look up at the most attractive man I’ve had ever seen.

Kevin has nothing on him

I gasp.

He was Wyatt’s older brother... Marc. He looks different now. Older to be exact.

“Where do I know you from?” He asks, himself. He kept on snapping his fingers then stop. “You’re Wyatt’s friend! The one who would always come over as a kid, and annoy the living hell out of me. Kelly, right?”

“Yeah,” I said before walking off. He grabs my hand and pulls me back towards him. I feel a glare forming on my face.

What’s with the Russo men grabbing people arms

“Don’t touch me,” I whisper.

He hears and takes his hands off of mine. “I’m sorry.” He says. “Where are you going?”

“Home,” I say, in a small voice.

“I’ll give you a ride,” He offers.

I roll my eyes. “No thank you. I got here on my own and I can surely get out of here on my own.” I say, walking away again. He grabs onto my hand, causing me to look at him like he lost his mind.

“No, I’ll take you.”

“Look, I already told your brother I was walking home; he was cool with it and as you can see that’s what I’m trying to do. So could you let me?” I ask, getting mad.

“As you can see, I’m not my brother. It’s already dark outside and the streets are dangerous at this time. So you can either get in the car by yourself or I’ll carry you. Choose wisely.” He says.

Damn he was sexy when he was getting mad

I look at him and sigh heavily. “Fine.”

A smirk came to his lips. “Good, let’s go.” I follow him, and we stop at the blue Bentley. He unlocks the car, and we both get in. We drove out of his family home, neither of us saying a word. “Where do you live?” Marc asks. I gave him the directions, and he just gave me a simple nod. My house was coming up, so I tell him to stop.

“Why can’t I drop you off at your house?” he asks.

“Because... you just can’t,” I reply, annoyed.

Always, with the questions

“I can’t believe you wanted to walk from my family’s house to here, you are indeed crazy.”

I roll my eyes. My neighborhood wasn’t exactly, how do you put this... classy. It was damn near the ghetto. No one really likes to come to this side of town, unless you want to get robbed. I unbuckle my seat-belt and open the car door. “Thanks for the ride,”

“No problem, angioletto.” He says, with a smile. I had no idea what angioletto meant and I really want to smoke what I got from Kevin. So I just avoid making any comments and shut the door. Walking away I look back, only to see that Marc’s car wasn’t there anymore.

When did he leave?

Making it to the house, I went through my window. Making sure not to wake up my uncle. Taking off my clothes and putting on my pajamas, I relax and get comfortable on my bed. I roll my joint and lit it up. Smoking clears my mind and releases me from my problems. When I was high, I put out the lit joint and save it for tomorrow. I got into bed and fell asleep, one high bitch.


I watch as she jumps inside the window and closes it.

From where I was parked at, I can see everything she was doing. She changes out of her jacket and jeans and threw on some pajamas. I watch as she sits in front of her window and smokes what seems to be a joint.

God, she’s beautiful

She puts out the joint and shuts off her lights, so I took that as my cue to leave. I drive back to my mother and father’s house. I was only in town for a couple of weeks, because some idiot has been stealing some of my drugs. And me being the mafia boss, had to get to the bottom of it. Parking my car, I enter my parents home. Laughter was heard in the dining room, so I walk over there. My mother, father, and little brother were all sitting down eating dinner and laughing at the table. “Ciao madre,” I say, walking up to my mother. She looks surprised to see me and instantly hugs me. I kiss her forehead and pull away from the hug.

“What took you so long to get here Mio Figlio?” she asks. Sitting down across from my father, my mother starts to put food down on plate

“I dropped Wyatt’s friend off at home,” I say. Wyatt looks over at me like I was crazy.

“Kelly?” Wyatt asks. Form the side of my eyes I could see my father stiffen form the mention of her name.


“Yeah her,” Wyatt looks confused, but only nods his head and continues to eat.

“So, did you find out who’s been stealing from you?” My father asks.

“No padre. Not yet, at least.” I respond. My father shakes his head, causing me to groan mentally.

Here we go

“When I was leading the gang, no one dared to steal from me.” He informs.

“I know padre, you keep reminding me.”

“They don’t take you seriously, that’s why they’re stealing from you. You’re weak!” He sneers.

I had enough and slam my hands on the table, causing my mother and Wyatt to jump. “I am not weak. Everyone takes me seriously, padre. It’s only you who doesn’t take me seriously. You may be my father, but that means nothing to me and you know it. Keep questioning me and see if I won’t kill you!” I shout.

My mother gets up from her seat. “Stop it both of you. I’m tired of it. Every time the two of you are in a room together an argument happens.” My mother says.

I look from my father than to my mother and sigh. “I’m sorry, madre.” I apologize to my mother.

She only nods, then looks at my father. “He is in charge of the business now Leo. He’s been doing a good job since you left. Stop questioning him and embrace that he is running everything.”

My father turns to her and glares at her. “I take orders from no one. I built that damn business with my blood and sweat. And I will question whoever I fucken please.” My father says, before storming out of the dining room.

My mother goes after him, leaving only me and Wyatt in the dining room. We sat in silence, eating the rest of our food. “Well, you made him happy.” Wyatt jokes. We both laugh.

“Yeah, I guess I did.”

“How’s the business going?” He asks.

“Good, still saving a place for you next to me,” I say. I didn’t really have a second in command. I didn’t really trust anyone else but my brother.

Wyatt chuckles. “Good. I can’t wait till I graduate, I’m heading straight to you,” Wyatt was always going to be my right hand, but I want him to graduate school first. Just in case something goes wrong, he has something to fall back on.

“You still a man whore?” I jokingly ask. Knowing my brother he was just like me. Fucking anything that was a female.

He laughs.

“Yes, yes I am. I learned from the best.” He says, causing us both to laugh.

Suddenly Kelly came up in my head. “Why aren’t you and Kelly friends?” I ask. “You guys were close as kids,”

Wyatt shifts in his seat uncomfortably and clears his throat. “We drifted apart in middle school. I started to hang out with my others friends more than her. When word got out that she claimed her uncle raped her, I cut all ties with her.” Wyatt says, regret laced in his voice.

“Why would you cut her off because of that?”

“The kids that I hang around didn’t like her. Me hanging out with her only brought my status down.”

I roll my eyes.

Kids and their popularity

“You’re an idiot.”

“I know, that’s why I’m trying to be her friend again.” He says.

“Good luck,” Kelly looks like the kind of girl who doesn’t forgive easily.

“Thanks,” Wyatt says, getting up from his chair.

“You calling it a night?” I ask.

“Yeah. Since Kelly let you give her a ride, you wanna come with me to her house tomorrow?” Wyatt asks.

“Yeah sure,” I say, before walking to my room. I don’t know what it is about Kelly, but she seems interesting to me. Plus this gives me a chance to look into her uncle.

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