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Chapter 4 🔵Continuing

My uncle sits down on his bed, right beside me. He places his hands on my thighs and moves them up and down. I cringe at his touch.

I just want all of this to be over with.

He stops touching me and goes inside his closet. He comes back with a bottle of water, and something behind his back.

I knew whatever he was hiding couldn’t be good.

He walks over to me. “First Kelly, I just wanted to say, happy birthday. You won’t ever forget this day. Trust me, I’m going to make it very memorable for you.” He says, with a smirk. Taking handcuffs out of his pocket, he bounds my risk.

The metal around my wrist feels, really cold. My uncle opens the bottle and throws the water on me. He removes his other hand from his back, revealing a black taser. I start to panic. Water and taser don’t mix well. I try getting up, but he throws a punch to my jaw, making me fall right back on the bed. “I’ll do whatever you want just please don’t do this!” I plead.

My uncle only shakes his head and chuckles. “Kelly, I’m doing this for you. So you can be like your mother.

‘My mother--’. I stop listening to him and continue to try and get out. I could tell from the look on his face that he was mad. He gets on top of me and punches my face repeatedly.

I felt weak.

My face hurt like hell, and I can feel blood dripping from my face. My uncle jumps off me and pours water on me. He takes the taser and presses the on button. I feel a surge of electricity goes through my body. I was glad when my uncle put the taser away. But my happiness was short lived because once again he pours more water on me and flicks the taser. He pulls away again and I felt a burning sting on my, abdomen.

That’s going to leave a mark

“Don’t you love the pain I’m giving you, Kelly? Doesn’t it turn you on?” My uncle asks. I didn’t answer him I was too busy trying to deal with the pain. “Answer me when I’m talking to you, Kelly!”

“No.” I whisper, “I don’t like the pain, and it does not turn me on,” If looks could kill, I would be six feet under, because my uncle was furious.

“Oh really, bitch. Well, you’re going to enjoy this then,” He says, walking back to me. He pulls down his pants and roughly opens my legs. I try closing them but he slaps my thigh. He flips me around so that I’m now on my stomach. My face was submerged in the sheets, and it was getting harder for me to breathe. Entering me from behind, he starts to thrust furiously. My backside begins to hurt. Pain spreads everywhere in my body.

Suddenly, I hear a bang, and someone enters the room. “Get off of her, you sick fuck!” A familiar voice yells. I couldn’t see my uncle’s face, but I could tell he was shocked. He jumps off me and panics.

“It’s not what it looks like, just go back home and fo----.” my uncle didn’t get to finish that sentence because the sound of gunshots stop him. When he lands on the floor there are two bullets inside his head. Blood drips from his face onto the ground. I lay there on the bed, shocked and... happy. Happy that he was finally dead, and that he couldn’t hurt me anymore. I was so stunned after seeing my uncle’s lifeless body that I didn’t even hear the voice calling my name.

I feel someone turn my body so that I was on my back. I was in shock. The only thing I could say was, ‘Thank you’. I kept on saying it, and I couldn’t stop. Tears stream down my face as I see the person who was holding me. My eyes began to feel heavy, and I want so bad to close them. “No Kelly, don’t close your eyes. Stay with me,” Was the last thing I heard Marc say before everything went black.


It’s been almost two weeks since I found Kelly being raped by her uncle. She was now in my parent’s house, sleeping in one of the guest rooms. I called the family doctor to come and treat her. He says that she went into shock from what happened, and would be out for a few days. I can’t get the way she kept on thanking me out of my head. I’m so glad I killed that son of a bitch.

Why didn’t she tell me?

I was sitting on a chair next to her bed, handling some business. As much as I hate to, I have to travel to Mexico in a couple of months, to sort out this drug problem. My mom walks into the guest room with food in her hands. I roll my eyes; I don’t feel like eating right now.

“Devi mangiare, Mio Figlio.” She says.

I let out a breath. “Mamma, non ho fame,”

My mother slaps the back of my head. “You’ve been here for the last two days, you haven’t eaten anything. Now eat.” She says firmly. I sigh but did as she asked. “How’s she been?”

“From what the doctor said, she’s okay. She has a few cuts and bruises, but they’ll heal,”

“You care about her,” My mom states.

“Yes Ma, I do,”

“Good, maybe if you two work it out I can finally have some nipoti.”

“What’s with you and nipoti, Ma?”

“I like them, plus with you guys growing up I need little people to spoil,” she says, causing me to chuckle.

“Okay Ma, if things go right, I’ll try to give you nipoti,” I say. My mother laughs, before walking away.

I place a kiss on Kelly’s forehead before getting up. Wyatt hasn’t been out of his room since I brought Kelly home. I think he feels like it’s his fault this happened to her. When I get to his room, I didn’t even bother knocking. He was on his bed looking... miserable. “Wyatt it wasn’t your fault,” I say, sitting on his bed.

“Yes, it is. If I had trusted her when she first told me, I could have changed so much.”

“You’re right, if you had stuck with her instead of befriending others, then yes we probably could have done something. But now we’ll never know. What’s in the past is in the past, focus on the future and be there for her,”

“You’re right.”

“I know, so take a shower and go out. You stink,” I joke. We both laughed and he playfully nudges my shoulder.

“Get out my room,” He says. I was going to say something but was cut off when I heard something break. I quickly ran out of Wyatt’s room. I could hear voices in the kitchen, so I decided to go there but stop, at the scene before me.

“You’re awake!”


I open my eyes and immediately that I didn’t. The light is way too bright for my liking. I take a deep breath and open my eyes again, this time succeeding in keeping my eyes open. I get up and look around. From the way the room was painted with the color blue and white, I could tell that I was at Wyatt’s house.

Memories of what previously happened to me start to come back and I start to panic. Not because my uncle was dead, but because someone way worse than him lived here. I quickly get up and look for clothes. I only found a grey shirt, which was way too short for my liking. I slip it on open the door, walking out of the room. Soon, I start to feel light headed and decide to stop at the kitchen. Opening the fridge and grabbing an apple and a bottle of water. I take a bite of the apple and close the fridge. As I turn around, my body stiffen. It was the person that I was trying my best to avoid.

I couldn’t say anything.

“You have been troublesome, my little Kelly,” Leo says, he walks closer to me. “Your uncle was killed because of you. Although he was an idiot, he did come in handy at times. Now you have not one, but two of my sons distracted. Not to mention my wife.” He takes one last step and is now in my face. I can smell the liquor coming from him. I want to throw up from thinking about what had happened in the past. “My sons have taken a liking to you. But I don’t care, you still need to stay away from him. Go back to your home and live your quiet little life.” Leo grabs onto my wrist and keeps tightening his grip. I wince. “You will not tell anyone what happened in the past. Because if you do, I will make that past become your future. And we both know you don’t want that. Right, Kelly?” He asks, putting pressure on my wrist. Tears fell from my eyes as I nod my head yes. “Good, now be the good girl you are and leave,” Leo says.

Nodding my head, I start to walk out of the kitchen. A hand comes across my face, causing my body to fall to the ground. Knocking over a glass cup, in the process. “Did you really think you could leave with-out-me, hitting you first?” Leo asks. I didn’t answer him. I just wanted to leave. I was going to get up but stop when a figure walks into the kitchen.

Marc’s eyes met mine. “You’re awake?” He asks. He looks at his father then back at me, on the ground. “Why are you on the floor?”

“She tripped,” Leo says.

Marc looks back at him and glares. “Is that true?”

“Yes,” I respond, quickly. Marc turns back around and stares at me. He bends down and picks me up bridal style. Walking out of the kitchen and up the stairs, to the room, I woke up in. He places me on the bed. I finally look up at him. He was still glaring at me.

“I hate liars, Kelly. I don’t deal well with them,” Marc says. “I know you didn’t trip; I heard half of the conversation you had with my father. I’m not going to force you to tell me what happened in the past. But don’t lie to me. Never lie to me,” He says.

“I won’t,” I whisper.

“Good, we are going back to your house to get your clothes,” Marc says.

I feel chills go down my spine. “Why?”

“Because you’re coming with me to Mexico,” He says.

I look at him like he was crazy. “What? No,”

Marc frowns. “Why not?”

“Because I have school, I have a life, and... and I don’t want to be near you,”

Marc glares at me. “Why don’t you want to be near me?”

“Because you’re bad news. I know what you do.”

“And what exactly do you think I do?”

“You’re apart of the Mafia.”

“Glad you know, saved me a lot of explaining. It’s not up for discussion your coming with me. You can do your classes online, and you can start a new life in Mexico,” He says, leaving me in the room, not giving me anytime to refuse.

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