Dad took my life

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To take is to become taken and that means the person who is being done in as taken fails in life. Because she has become gullible in society to be We are a couple of swells who steals the world and the worst thing is we find this amusing the joker said the day of the decent and the foolish are over when we steal we steal millions and end up not in jail but at a party. Look this is the whole truth your honour what else can I say when I had a family to feed and the children to see from various woman who did not like to cook. Myself I did not enjoy cooking neither. Likely story well the beginning of my troubles began when my first daughter had this illness she liked her food wanted food constantly would not stop her crying over food. I sent her to the grandparents to stop her crying and she killed the granddad. That is a bad child that is a horrid daughter and she is going to hell for it.

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Chapter 1

This is in the year of the year of want and plenty we have the ashes from the fires that has burnt out. The wiles of the doomed have calmed down. We are all going to the courts to seek justice and self- interest because we have discovered we have been done in. We are in the 21st century and we love being us. I am going to leave this work place and claim my rights as an individual because it is the right thing to do with myself. The thing is nobody wants to work it is not worth not going to parties for. We as the superior people of now want to know where is our day and there seems to be more people in lower paid jobs than ever before in fact we have become a sort of grub street which was when writers wrote and now, we all do the same. If we buy a house, we work night and day to refurbish it if we go out to party, we must have four a week so we know we are popular. Extremities of behaviour has made us the pigs we are today.

“Blabber mouth we have the perfect world in this perfection of society with perfect people so why tell on us?” said my rich rival thin and beautiful with the perfect complexion and eyes to die for. But the thing was she did not know how perfect she was. She just had to be more perfect.

“I can sue you if you name names.”

“Well in this world that is the only thing we can do about things. The law and the MPs have too much on their Brexit to sit down and think about anything else.”

“We loved politics before now whole families are not speaking because we have come to disagree about the whole Brexit.”

“We did not agree before but we thought nothing about such matters.”

“We are the most loved nation in the world.”

“My worst nightmare is we are going Chinese.”

“You don’t see them going to courts.”

“No, they are too busy jumping off the buildings.”

“Authority seen not good then they jump off the buildings?”

“Their own or their bosses?”

“We do not speak ill of the dead.”

“We had too much rights before now we have the justice system.”

“Our employer touched us.” Many people including them who should never do that go and take a fat home check and more justice in their pockets.

“Well it is no use if one is dead?”

“Well that does speak about how selfish you are,” said my sisters.

We have most definitely cured ourselves from the under privilege we had before we go to university to take the system by storm.

“Doctrines of doctors is to serve.”

“Doctrine is to make work place a happier place so productivity can increase and multiple.”

“More patients to kill.”

“Look it is not most definitely not that we do not kill our patients.!”

“We as hospitals who made mistakes.”

“That does happen we do make mistakes it is nothing to do with being not qualified.”

“Did they misread the labels on the bloody bottles then?”

“We were busy and then that happened.”

“More people at the justice system going to their rights and takings have increased if one has the time and the money and the desire to live one can take anything. More fat checks good lawyers can do anything.”

“God to forsake us the rich.”

“That the poor have been forsaken far longer than the rich and the rich have only their lack of plates to complain about.”

“If they have plastic cups, they go mad.”

“Why is this being written?”

“Someone had to do it.”

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