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Chapter Ten.

Clarice Mont

Auburn hair swayed uncontrollably in the wind - dark locks shining like flames under the bright moonlight as the wind swept through them.

The sound of feet padding repeatedly on twigs and fallen leaves and branches echoed in the quiet woods.

A small body fought against its pain and exhaustion and willed itself to continue running - running far enough until it was fully satisfied and content.

Two light orbs glowed in the dark, as the unstoppable body went whooshing through thick branches and vines.

So many emotions swirled in the light orbs. A challenge, and despair.

The challenge was one between wolf and human. The human tried its hardest to fight against the untamable pull, but the wolf fought harder.

And the despair was for all the sorrow she felt as she ran. Her heartbeat pounding in her ears and the throbbing pain on her face mimicking it.

She hated the caution and the babying. She hated all the bubble wrap that was slowly beginning to suffocate her but she was far too nice to confront her parents and tell them to stop.

That was why she chose to run. She could not bear lashing out on her parents. The two people she loved most in the world.

Deep inside she also hated him. She hated being rejected. She hated knowing he did not want her. She hated being weak.

Hell, she hated hating.

She came to an abrupt stop when she realized how far she had come. In the middle of thick trees and bushes. In the middle of nowhere.

She placed a hand over her heaving chest while panting. She might be half wolf but her body definitely was not used to this much running.

Her eyes were squeezed shut as she grimaced mid pants due to the unbearable burning pain on her face - her nose was throbbing.

The tears that were once being swept away by the wind and all her running started to reappear as she cried shamelessly.

Sobs threatened to escape her lips but she bit her bottom lip in hopes of staying quiet and not being heard by anyone.

But who could hear her? She was neck deep into the woods, way pass her territorial line - which she had yet to realize - with not one human being around.

She swallowed roughly before opening her eyes and using her shaky hands to wipe away the tears - she flinched due to the pain of her nose before lowering her hands and hugging her upper body.

She looked at the trees in front of her calmly, then turned around and inspected the thickly closed off area she was in before her breathing picked up once again.

She could not see anything past the thick branches and leaves that surrounded her.

She wiped her teary eyes slowly and tried to focus her vision - allowing her wolf to somehow take over on only that.

Her eyes suddenly turned lighter than ever. Which was odd, once again, they should have turned darker, not lighter.

She tried to stop her body from shaking in fear but could not help it. She had just now realized how far she really ran into the woods.

She began walking forwards slowly, but which way was forward and which way was back?

She covered her frowning lips with her palm and held back a frightened cry when she heard a twig break - she willed herself to believe it was her fault, and that she broke the twig, but when she looked down, all she saw was dirt and fallen leaves.

“I am such an idiot.” She muttered helplessly to herself as she pushed branches away from her face and swatted away vines that reached her hips.

She found her legs begin to wobble as she walked - further and further, but only finding more trees.

Hours began to pass and her vision only started to fade more and more, and all her crying was wearing her down.

The throbbing of her face managed to reach her temples and she found her head beginning to pound intensely.

Tears were still pooling in her eyes and helpless whimpers were coming from her lips as she tried her hardest to stop - she needed to stop crying.

Her body swayed as she struggled to find her balance and she quickly found herself leaning half of her weight on the side of a tree trunk in hopes of holding herself up.

Her body was worn out. All of todays events were taking tole on her and she found it harder to keep her eyelids open.

She began to blink slower and more tears trailed down her cheeks.

She shook her head, “no, no, please no. You can do this Claire. You got this. Keep pushing.” She willed herself between deep breaths.

She pushed herself off of the trunk while wiping her face - ignoring the pain that burned another fire in her nose.

She struggled to breathe as she moved forward, and the same instant she had moved her foot, she found her whole body falling forwards and she no longer had any will to try and stop it.

She did not even feel as the entire length of her forearm pressed against the thick trunk of the tree and her skin got grazed by the sharp wood.

Warm blood began to trickle down her arm and once her head hit the ground she was out cold. All alone and still deep in the woods, with no one in sight for miles and miles.

Expect for one group who was lurking.

Pass the trees and a little lower down. There were large bodies making plans and discussing things.

But one of them, the biggest one, he was finding it hard to concentrate on the conversation as a familiar scent invaded his nostrils making his broad shoulders tense.

However it was the sudden smell of metallic blood that made his eyes darken into coal.

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