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Chapter Eleven.

Clarice Mont

The van moved steadily.

The men inside remained deadly quiet as all three glared intently at the road in front of them.

The sun had just begun rising, and they had finally made it out of the dark woods - now their road was clearer and open; a lot more easier to navigate.

“I believe this idea was not the smartest.” One of the men said gruffly while rubbing his stubbly chin - his dark eyes narrowed as he pondered over something.

One of the other men chuckled darkly while shrugging, “it was not ours, that is why.”

Rettacus can be rather persuasive when he wants to.” The male driving stated while taking a turn, his eyes not once averting from the road.

The guy that started this conversation scoffed while shaking his head, “does he even know about this?”

“We were initially having a meeting in the woods while inspecting the previous packs border, then he stumbled upon her and Rettacus decided what he did, so I am sure he knows... I hope.”

The driver cleared his throat nervously, “I do not wish to lose my head if what we are doing is uncalled for.”

“Well, if all goes wrong, we can always throw her back into the woods.”

The driver growled lowly before looking into the little mirror - his dark eyes analyzing the petite body of the girl laying unconscious on the backseat.

“Nobody shall be throwing anybody anywhere. Especially not her. You know who she is. What she is Aurelio.”

Aurelio scoffed while shaking his head, “you idiotic men believe anything that comes out of Rettacus’s mouth. He hardly ever knows what comes out of it.”

“So, does the pack know of her whereabouts?”

The two men - the driver and Aurelio looked at each other quietly before Aurelio turned to look at the other man and Clarice who was laid on her back on the backseat by herself.

“I will take that as a no.”

“Well, if we do not lose our heads for obeying Rettacus’s order, then we will definitely get hanged for kidnapping a minor.”

“I hope I do not Martello, seeing as you two idiotic men helplessly dragged me into this.”

Martello scratched the back of his neck while shaking his head before they all fell into a tension-filled silence.

Martello turned his head and twisted his body slightly to better analyze the girl they basically kidnapped.

She was small and her auburn hair managed to cover most of her body due to its length.

Her button nose looked slightly crooked and Martello inspected it with sudden concern - he could not stop himself from feeling concerned about this stranger.

He analyzed her pale face before raking his eyes down the rest of her small body - she looked so child-like, it was almost comical, he even began to wonder her age.

“What the Hell is Rettacus seeing in this child? What is so special about her?” He mainly asked himself but the two men in the front heard and Aurelio found himself turning his head to also take a look at the girl.

Martello noticed some dried redness on her right forearm and his brows creased - he moved closer through the opening between the two seats where he was seated before trying to twist her arm to better see what that was.

She had a long gash that trailed down the length of her arm and it had specks of dirt and tiny leaves that dried on her skin with the blood.

“Why the hell does her wound look so fresh yet the blood is dry? Does this girl even have a wolf?”

Aurelio chuckled, “oh she does.”

Martello’s brows furrowed in confusion before he placed Clarice’s arm back to her side.

With one last look he began to turn back around, but instantly stopped when he felt her eyes boring into his his as wide as saucers.

“Men... We have a problem.”

Clarice sat up quickly before cowering away from the broad man before her - he looked like no regular man she had seen before, he was nearly twice as big.

She sobbed when she realized she was in a huge van with two more unfamiliar giants.

Her eyes began to water, “where... where am I?” She croaked out shakily while hugging her upper body.

“Do not ask too many questions child, you will find out upon our arrival.” Clarice’s face turned an even lighter shade when she managed to make out the voice of the man that just spoke.

Even though she can not see his face, she knew he was one of his men and she felt her heart begin to pound in her chest.

She cried into the palm of her hand before shrinking back into the seat and closing her eyes.

She only wondered about what her parents were currently doing and where they thought she was, and that thought only made her cry harder.

They probably thought she was still in the woods, maybe even lost, or worse, maybe they thought she was dead.

“Please, you have to bring me back home.” She cried out fearfully, her throat clogging as she struggled to compose herself.

The man in the front - Aurelio - growled loudly, the growl shaking her to her utter core and instantly shutting her up.

And she knew to hold her tongue for the rest of the drive if she wanted to leave the van and make it back home alive.
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