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Chapter Thirteen.

Clarice Mont

In the middle of the thick and secluded woods was a small cabin.

The entire length of it was covered in long green vines, and made out of dark cedar wood. It looked as if it was run down and old.

Inside the cabin the walls were dusty and slightly darker than usual.

The furniture was old - everything was.

There were no rooms, just a small plush red couch pushed up against a wall, a coffee table, a fridge and a sink.

It was like a house for a prisoner. Or better yet, a box.

However on the couch laid Clarice. Her body was curled up in a small ball as she slept.

Seeing as she had not woken up from her unconscious state during the span of her being carried here, she had yet to realize of her whereabouts.

Her wound was as fresh as ever, and oddly enough, new blood slowly trailed out of it. The skin around it looking infectiously red - it was seeking proper care.

As was her small crooked nose. She was supposed to be on bedrest, not running around and crying as much as she had. So that made the healing process last a lot longer than usual.

Clarice stirred slightly, but woke up with a start.

Her body snapped upwards and she groaned groggily while stretching out her limbs.

Her innocent doe-like eyes took in the cabin she was in - they swirled with despair and fear.

She licked her dry lips before throwing her feet over and properly sitting up straight.

She whimpered when she realized she was all alone in the small cabin. Her eyes going from the fridge in the corner to the sink, to the door in the back, to the small table and then the couch she was currently sitting on.

Her heart plummeted down to her stomach.

She stood up before warily walking towards the back door, with a shaky hand she twisted the rusty knob and pushed the door open with a creak.

She exhaled when she realized the door opened to a bathroom - but quickly grimaced when an odor hit her nostrils making her recoil before slamming the door shut.

She shivered before turning around and facing the other door. She did not expect this to be easy.

She gulped before slowly making way towards it, her lips in a deep frown and her brows furrowed.

She shakily reached for the knob before twisting it, her heartbeat echoing in her ears, but oddly enough, when she tugged, the door did not respond, it stayed closed.

She pulled once more but to no avail, and then another time with a loud grunt but the door remained shut.

She slammed her hands onto the rusty wooden door before crying out loud - there were no windows so she could not see anything outside.

She repeatedly began to slam her hands onto the door, hoping somebody would hear her.

“Help me!” She cried out helplessly, ignoring the stinging pain of her forearm as she smacked the door continuously.

“Please! Open the door!”

She cried when she realized nobody was hearing her and leaned into the door - she stammered, struggling to contain her heart wracking sobs.

Her shoulders began to shake and she gave the door one last hit before allowing her body to fall downwards.

Once she collapsed on the ground she hugged her knees to her chest and cried.

She cried as much as she could.

Cried until her eyes could no longer create anymore tears.

She was undeniably scared. Scared and alone. In an unknown area in the woods.

Her head snapped up when she heard growls outside of the cabin, her eyes as wide as saucers and her hands quickly going to wipe her cheeks.

She pressed herself deeper into the door, hoping to better hear what was going on outside.

Another growl echoed throughout the small cabin making her slap her palm over her lips with a flinch in order to hold back a loud cry.

The entire length of her body was trembling and she was struggling to understand what was going on.

But when she quieted herself down and listened in to the outside - she had realized that she was alone once again.

And that thought scared her even more...

A torturous week had passed with Clarice helplessly locked in the rundown cabin.

After three days of banging on the door and screaming for help, she had soon realized that she was not going to receive what she was begging for and accepted her faith.

She had not eaten in a week and her hunger was worse than ever, even her wolf had become restless.

However, the fridge in the cabin was empty, and the sinks produced no water.

She was curled up in a ball by the door. She did not move from that place since the first day.

Her body was trembling and more malnourished than ever. Her clothes were sticking to her sweaty body and her long auburn hair was entirely knotted.

The wound on her forearm was infected yet the pain was long forgotten after days of enduring it - there was nothing she could have done to treat it anyway.

Her eyes were as red as blood due to all the crying she had done, and her face was as pale as a sheet, making her dark bags stand out.

She was whimpering. Being closed off in this small cabin was doing her no good. She was beginning to feel suffocated and there was nothing she could do about it.

Her stomach growled every second but it did not faze her. If it was not for the twitching of her shoulders, she would have been as still as a statue.

She had barely slept this week. Every little thing had managed to startle her.

She was used to being with her parents in her safe home. She had never spent one night alone, and if she was ever scared, her parents would come and comfort her all night - if need be.

But now she had no one, except the wolf in her mind that she could not control or talk to.

Every little rustle or twig snap made her flinch.

The howling of the wind and sometimes even the flickering of the little table lamp made her shake in fear.

Last night there was a heavy rainstorm.

She had heard the rain padding onto the wood of the cabin and the loud thunder that was booming all night long, not only shaking the walls of the unstable cabin, but her body as well.

She had been thankful that there were no windows, she could not have bared seeing the lightening - she was horrified of it.

But thankfully it stopped the next day. Today.

The sound of keys jingling did nothing to shake Clarice out of her trance.

She did not hear anything. After this weeks trauma she was practically numb.

The door knob shook and creaked as somebody tried twisting it open, and yet, Clarice remained put; her body still twitching as silent tears trailed out of her hooded eyes.

In her head she replayed memories with her parents - whom she missed, the people she wanted to badly apologize to.

She had realized that her father was right to keep her at home at all times - it was not safe to leave them, ever.

The world was something that she was not prepared for, and she now knew it. She learned that the hard way.

Suddenly, the door behind her creaked and a cool breeze slowly entered the cabin as it opened.

The breeze began to nip at her back but even that did not faze her. She was too far gone to realize that the one thing she wanted to happen had happened.

The door was open.

“Rise pup.”

It was an order. An order that fell dead to her ears.



She did not move.

The man growled angrily, he knew she was awake, he could see her shoulders twitching.

“Rise right this instant!” He stated again, this time allowing all of his authority and strength to seep into his deep voice, Clarice slightly flinched, but she did not move, she could not.

The man towering above her from behind chuckled darkly before his departing footsteps echoed on the pavement.

She was left alone for minute before new footsteps approached behind her.

This time, it took only the aura around the person that neared her to slightly bring her out of her trance.

This person did not bother to give an order for her to rise, he just walked to the front of her with narrowed eyes before reaching his large hand downwards and finding her neck which was hidden between her forearms.

With one tug he managed to raise her body until they were face to face, and this was enough for Clarice to abruptly be brought back to reality.

Her bloodshot eyes were wide and her gasp was caught in her throat.

She struggled to comprehend how she did not realize what had been going on but the squeeze of his hand around her throat made her hands fly over it.

Soft sparks danced on her palms but neither of them paid mind to that as they glared intensely into each others eyes.

She cried breathlessly while clawing at his hand which only got tighter - her heartbeat, which she was sure he could hear echoed in her ears.

She tried to plead with her eyes for him to let go, but his cold orbs showed not one ounce of remorse.

He pulled her closer to him with his hand still around her neck and angled her head so she could well see his stoic face.

She was still clawing at his calloused hand which had not loosened its grip.

She was gasping for air, but he seemed not to care.

“When you are given an order...” he growled out angrily, his husky voice making her eyes squeeze shut, the moisture from her unshed tears felt cold on her closed lids.

“Look at me!” He ordered while slightly shaking her head, making her gasp loudly when he next tightened the hand around her throat - her lungs burned.

Her eyes snapped open. Her legs were shaking - she was struggling to hold herself up.

“When you are given an order, you listen.” He finished with a snarl before giving her neck one last squeeze.

She nearly screamed when he used his wolf speed to turn them around, and she was shocked when he pushed her back and onto the plush red couch with all the strength he could muster.

The couch slammed onto the wall due to all the strength he had used but she paid it no mind as her small hands reached for her neck which was stinging, yet tingling at the same time.

Her chest was heaving up and down as she panted.

He glared at her. He was like a tower, with a golden crown perfectly situated over his head.

His body broad enough to cover the door behind him which was producing sunlight that Clarice had not felt in days.

And the hand he had used to practically choke Clarice was clenching and unclenching into a tight fist.

Clarice was too scared to hold his gaze so she looked at the coffee table that was oddly placed to the side, and not in front of the couch - which should have been it’s rightful place.

His departing footsteps made her breathing slow, and she felt relieved that he would no longer hurt her.

Cool tears were trailing down her cheeks and she was still absentmindedly rubbing her neck which was still tingling.

She watched as another man entered but did not make eye contact with him - she just watched his legs through blurry vision as he stalked closer towards her.

She shrunk back into the couch while whimpering, scared that he too would inflict some kind of pain upon her.

She heard him chuckle darkly before she heard metal clang making her flinch. Her eyes snapped to the table where she saw a metal plate that had some kind of food on it.

Her stomach growled and she squeezed her eyes shut.

She heard him place something else down before his departing footsteps echoed in her ears.

Her eyes opened slowly.

“This is your weeks meal. I shall be back next week.” He stated before turning around and slamming the door shut behind him - giving her no time to answer.

She jumped off of the couch, ignoring every ache in her body as she ran to the door and grabbed onto the knob.

It rattled as she continuously twisted it and tugged - she wanted the door to open but it was hopeless.

She cried out loud before banging on the door helplessly, trying once more to open the door but to no avail.

They had locked her in once again.

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