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Chapter Fourteen.

Clarice Mont

The days went by painfully slow.

The inside of the cabin smelled like rotting food and body odor.

The smells that once sickened Clarice have become tolerable - she no longer had a grasp of what was disgusting and what was clean.

The wound on her forearm had semi healed, yet the skin around it was still a bright red, some parts even yellow with white liquid seeping out.

Her crooked nose had healed back to its original shape, and the force that her wolf had to use to help speed it up was achingly painful.

Clarices neck still had red fingerprints from the day the King aggressively choked her yet the prints were now a slight pink color.

The food that was given to her remained on the table - untouched.

It was not like she did not want to eat, she longed to, but the food she was given was something she was allergic to.

Peas and mashed potatoes - she would have eaten the mashed potatoes had they not been coated in the peas.

The water bottle she was given was situated beside her, a small drop of the water was left.

She was sitting in the same position as last time. It was the way she slept as well.

This way, if the door opened, which she knew it would, she could feel the cool air again.

Her hands were hugging her knees but with a lot less strength than last time because she had not eaten in two weeks.

She was entirely malnourished.

She had long stopped crying.

Sniffling here and there, but no tears escaped her painfully dry bloodshot eyes.

Even the skin around her eyes was bright red and dark purple from all the crying and the lack of sleep.

Her cheeks were tearstained and paler than ever - the slightest hint of flush and olive tone that she once had was completely gone.

Outside rain heavily poured, but thankfully there was no thunder - at least, none that could be heard.

Clarices legs were slightly trembling - she needed to relieve herself badly but the bathroom had an odor that even she could not bear.

Past all the redness around her pupils, Clarices orbs struggled to maintain one color - they changed from dark to light almost every second for the past week.

Her wolf was struggling to stay at bay, and Clarice had no strength left to control it.

She was mumbling to herself incoherently.

At first the conversation started when she began to hallucinate while she was half asleep - she had hopes her hallucination would answer, but she was met with silence every time.

She had grown accustomed to the silence, even now, as she mumbled some incoherent words to herself.

She began mumbling soft apologies while shaking her head which was tucked in the middle of her knees.

The apologies then changed to her repeating, “you were right, so right. I was wrong.”

She repeated all of that over and over until the door behind her opened abruptly making her head suddenly snap upwards.

She turned around and dragged her body away from the door with wide open eyes.

The darkness from outside made her frown slightly but the breeze made her greedily inhale the fresh air - she always loved the smell rain left in the air, especially in the woods.

She was cut short when a large familiar man blocked her view with the same metal plate in one hand and a water bottle in the other.

Her stomach growled loudly and he smirked darkly - analyzing the length of Clarices worn out and malnourished body which has definitely lost an unhealthy amount of weight from last time.

When he stalked closer to her, she dragged her body back with a groan - tears that she forgot she could muster filled up in her bloodshot eyes; they burned, and her pain was evident when she grimaced.

The man looked from her to the table, he growled lowly when he noticed the food she was given last time was still there.

Clarice gulped nervously, licking her dry lips in fear.

“Picky are you? I heard most pups are.” He drawled out, his tone made Clarices back shiver - she knew she was going to get punished, she just knew it.

It did not surprise her when he tossed the plate in his hand outside along with the water bottle, but what did was the way he reached her in a second and angrily grabbed a fistful of her hair making her yelp in pain.

Her scalp burned as he dragged her towards the table and she cried helplessly.

“Let me go!” She shrieked out in pain, trying to pull his hand out of her knotted hair, but he just pulled tighter making her scream - her throat ached.

“You will eat this whole thing you ungrateful pup! We were kind enough to allow you food, now, eat!”

She cried helplessly, she would have eaten it long ago, but she was allergic. She could not.

He growled angrily and she sobbed out in pain.

He angled her head upright before taking the plastic spoon from the table and beginning to force feed her what was on the plate.

She gagged and cried, all at the same time as he aggressively stuffed her mouth.

Her vision was blurry but she was thankful not to be able to see his monstrous face as he force fed her something that could potentially suffocate her.

The food dribbled down her chin with the saliva that was dripping out of her mouth - he forcefully made her swallow everything with a harsh tug of her hair.

When the plate was finished he smirked at her proudly before throwing the spoon back on the table.

Clarices sobs had morphed into small hiccups as her body shook. She was no longer fighting against his tugging.

Her glared at her in disgust before gripping her hair tighter - she screamed but it was silent, the pain was unbearable.

He made her look at his narrowed and void eyes.

“Next time eat what was so gracefully given to you.” He stated before aggressively pulling his hand out of her hair and stomping away from her.

She gasped before cowering into the bottom of the plush couch behind her and massaging her scalp with her shaky hands.

Her heart was hammering in her chest and she flinched when the door to the cabin slammed shut.

She did not run to bang on the door. She stayed put.

Her stomach churned when the aftertaste of what she was forced to eat came back up - the bile making her gag.

She cried in fear when she started to shake uncontrollably, her face forming a grimace.

In an unexpected instant everything she was forced to eat came back up a second time and this time she had no choice but to throw it all up.

Her vomit erupted all over the ground, covering the floor below her and her knees.

The smell made her recoil in disgust.

Her throat felt tight.

She gasped before standing up.

She needed to go to the bathroom. She had to try to get the shower to work so she could clean herself up.

She used the couch to push herself up with a cry.

Everything was aching in her body.

Her chest felt tight and her mouth felt like it was slowly beginning to swell.

She stumbled towards the bathroom door.

She inhaled shakily when she tried twisting the knob.

She gasped. Her hand quickly pulling away from the knob and pressing onto the skin of her chest.

Her brows furrowed.

Her breath kept getting caught in her throat.

She was scared. Undeniably scared.

Her heartbeat echoed in her ears.

Her chest began heaving up and down.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her body began to sway.

All that could be heard in the cabin was a loud thud when her frail body connected with the wooden floor headfirst.

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