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Chapter Fifteen.

Cerberus Thorne

Rettacus growled angrily, his large hands gripping onto the ends of his dark hair.

“Where is the girl being kept?” He asked through harsh inhales - he was trying to keep his wolf at bay.

The King sat on the throne with a narrowed glare - his shoulders were squared and tense.

Aurelio walked into the throne room while chuckling humorlessly.

Rettacus snapped his head towards him, “what has gotten you so happy Aurelio.”

Aurelio smirked, “gave that stupid pup a little lesson.”

The King absentmindedly clenched his fist at the mention of Clarice, Aurelios words captured his interest almost instantly.

“What do you mean?” Rettacus asked with furrowed brows, taking a predatory step towards Aurelio.

“She left the food we had given her last week. She was purposely starving herself, so I taught her what happens when somebody declines something he shall be grateful for.”

Rettacus growled lowly, his lips forming a snarl.

“She is not a prisoner Aurelio. Why on earth would you treat her as such? Maybe she did not like what she was given.”

Aurelio raised a brow at Rettacus, “she was practically given baby food, peas and mashed potatoes, what is there not to like? She should have been grateful she was given anything.”

“She is not a prisoner!” Rettacus growled out loudly, shaking the walls of the throne room and catching the attention of the guards who were standing like statues outside of the room.

Aurelio shrugged, “we situated her in the cabin, what else could she be? Your stupidity is clouding your judgement, she serves our King no purpose, what else shall we do with her?”

“We have no reason to torment her just because our King is a-”

A loud growl cut Rettacus off before he could continue, the growl held so much power it even made Aurelio gulp - but Rettacus stayed put, with both of his hands clenched into tight fists.

Do continue.” The King stated hoarsely, his narrowed glare piercing through Rettacus’ back.

Rettacus slowly turned around, his gaze connected with the Kings and it did not waver, not once.

He cleared his throat, “you need to accept what she is. My regina should not be undergoing all that she is. I-”

“It was you who idiotically brought her here, who had taken a pup from its pack behind my back-”

Rettacus growled, “I will not stand here and allow you to bash me for something that was not entirely my fault, for it was you who had taken her and then instantly decided against it, then it was me who followed through with what you had originally planned to do!”

“The only thing that I will admit was my biggest fault, was believing you could have a heart for the mate you were blessed with, no matter how old she is.”

The King was fuming, he stood up from his throne and in an instant appeared before Rettacus - his power was oozing off of him in thick waves, enveloping the entire room.

The King raised his head, his perfectly structured nose pointing upwards as he snarled at his own man in disgust.

“You will watch how you speak to me. It is about time you listen to Avon and learn your place. You might be one of my men, but I will not hesitate to have your head removed.”

Aurelio watched the exchange nervously, he did not want to dismiss himself without notifying the King - but he was far too frightened of his King in this moment to interrupt.

Rettacus opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by the sound of frantic footsteps echoing throughout the room.

Marcello entered with wide eyes.

Rettacus turned around to see who had barged into the room and Marcello’s state confused all three men.

“Speak.” The King gruffly ordered, his hands clenching tightly, there was nothing he loathed more than being disrespected, especially by his own.

“I went for a run in the woods, by the cabin. When I stopped by, I noticed an odd smell, I had to break the door of the cabin, but what was inside was not too good.” Marcel ranted, he spoke very fast, making it hard for the men to understand what he was saying- but they did.

Rettacus raised a brow, he looked at Aurelio who looked confused before looking back at Marcello.

“The pup, Clarice, she was on the ground, her face was purple and.... she was not breathing...”

With that, all hell broke loose.

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