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Chapter Sixteen.

Rettacus Adamos

The royal healer stood in the room with his eyes glaring at his clipboard through round glasses, his brows thickly furrowed.

“Is there any sort of information you can give me?” Rettacus asked worriedly, his glare taking in the healers emotionless state.

“Well, this girl is malnourished, and she has a deeply infected wound. Her nose - which seems to have been broken previously, had forcefully healed, which might have given her horrible headaches. She has bruising around her neck, her scalp was red upon inspection, other than that...”

Rettacus narrowed his eyes angrily, his glare trailing from Aurelio to Marcello then falling back onto the healer.

“Understood.” Rettacus all but growled out, his glare darkening.

“Can you give me the reason for why she had stopped breathing?” He asked, trying his hardest not to snarl at the end of his sentence.

The healer pushed his glasses up before placing his clipboard onto the end of the hospital bed where a small body laid motionlessly under a white sheet.

He cleared his throat, “she had a severe allergic reaction to something she had eaten. It had caused her throat to swell up, and stopped her breathing.”

Rettacus growled, his eyes snapping to Aurelio who was scratching his neck nervously - thoughts of their previous conversation in the throne room resurfaced in Rettacus’ mind making him clench his fists tightly, his knuckles turning white.

“I thought you said she was purposely starving herself.” Rettacus stated darkly, his voice seeming a lot deeper than before - his wolf at bay.

He took a single step forward, the healer quickly placing a hand on his chest to hold him still, Rettacus glared at him warningly.

“You can not fight here men. I suggest you take your anger and problems outside. This girl needs her rest.”

Those words made Rettacus instantly take his control back from his wolf - his eyes going back to their normal color and his shoulders falling in defeat.

“You two, leave.” The healer ordered, turning to look at Aurelio and Marcello who were awkwardly standing in the corner of the small room.

They nodded before walking out of the room - they had no care to even be there in the first place.

Before Aurelio could walk out of the door, Rettacus stopped him by grabbing his wrist in a death grip - Aurelio gulped, turning his head back slightly.

“You better be waiting in the throne room when I am done here.” He ordered, all of his authority dripping through his voice and Aurelio had no other choice but to comply.

With that, Rettacus pushed Aurelio’s hand away from him and watched as he left the room - softly shutting the door behind him.

“Now, will you tell me who this girl is, and what she is to you? Because it seems to me she has gotten you all fired up.” The healer stated with a sly smirk and an undistinguishable glint in his gray eyes.

Rettacus shook his head while raking a hand through his hair, his eyes landing on the small girl laying on the bed - the girl he vowed to protect from the day he learned of her existence.

“She... well, her name is Clarice, let us address her as such. Clarice is a young woman from the Crest pack, we had...” he cleared his throat awkwardly, but the healer urged him to continue as he listened silently.

“We had taken her from there two weeks ago, and she was kept at a separate house. She is special to us Royals-”

The healer cut him off with a short chuckle, “ah, she is your mate? Is she not?”

Rettacus smiled softly, “no, she is not. She is my Regina. No matter how badly those fools deny it, I know it. I have always known of her existence.”

“Does our King know?”

Rettacus sighed, “he does. He is one of those fools, forgive me.”

The healer nodded timidly, his gaze trailing to the little auburn haired girl who was peacefully resting on the bed - her hands hooked onto iv’s and her soft heartbeat echoing from the machines.

“He denies her? Does he not.”

Rettacus turned his narrowed gaze to the healer, “how on earth did you know that?”

The healer chuckled, “our King, he has been alive for centuries on end. He has lived that entire span believing he was created for one sole purpose - to be an immortal beast. You know he is not like regular wolves, and he can never be.”

“He believed he was created without another half. He is Goddess knows how old, you can imagine how he feels about having a mate now - especially a minor... He is probably struggling to come to terms with what is happening-”

“That is no excuse for what this girl had to undergo because he decided locked her up in a cabin and hide her from his sight.”

The healer sighed, “yes that may be true, but, you know he has not one ounce of humanity. She was probably brought to him to return it. Our King is driven mainly by his wolf, not by his human emotions. He has no real feelings, and he will not until this girl... Clarice, makes him feel them.”

“Yes, but he should at least stop our men from nearly killing her.”

“My son, the King can not stop himself from doing what he is driven to do, what makes you think he can stop others? He has seen horrors upon horrors, undergone worse than what that girl has in two weeks in the span of centuries...”

“We can not judge him when we do not know his reasons for doing what he does... If you want to help him, you need to force this girl into his life. You must.”

Rettacus inhaled deeply, his chest rising and falling as he processed everything he had just heard from the healer.

Rettacus’ gaze traveled back to Clarices, he watched as her chest slowly rose then fell before nodding his head.

“I will do whatever is necessary to bring together these two mates. No matter how badly anyone denies it.” He claimed while glaring intensely at a sleeping Clarice.

“Good. To start that, once the girl awakens, you must bring her to the castle, not the cabin.”

Before Rettacus could respond the heart monitor began beeping crazily - both of their eyes instantly snapped to the machine where the heart-line was shooting up then down unstably.

“What is happening?!” Rettacus asked worriedly, the healer ran to Clarices side while using his stethoscope to listen to her heart better - his brows were furrowed.

“Leave. Leave the room and call my nurses!”

And he did, without question he ran.

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