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Chapter Seventeen.

Cerberus Thorne

The sound of fists colliding with skin echoed throughout the walls of the large castle.

Grunts and groans of pain mingled in.

“How dare you?” A dark voice growled out, the voice that could only be pinpointed as Rettacus’.

Another punch echoed in the room.

“When you were told to situate Clarice, that meant in the castle!”

Another punch. Another loud groan.

“Next time... Actually-” he paused to send another fast punch, using all of the strength he could muster, “there will not be a next time for you Aurelio!”

Aurelio groaned in pain when Rettacus raised his knee - connecting it with Aurelios stomach.

Rettacus’ eyes were darker than ever - his wolf was at bay, and all of his anger swirled in his orbs as he glared at the man that was hunched over in pain.

Aurelios face was entirely covered in crimson colored blood.

His nose had long started bleeding, his lip was bruised and bleeding on the corner - his gums the same.

Rettacus snarled, “I hope this taught you a lesson. Now get the hell out of my sight!”

Aurelio did not waste even a second to turn and speed out of the throne room - struggling to hold back flinches from all the aches in his body.

Rettacus rubbed his nose - his knuckles were bright red and bloody, he just flexed them before growling lowly.

His wolf was riled up, but he needed to resurface - otherwise he would end up killing one of his own.

“Explain.” The Kings voice echoed throughout the room, deep and velvety - full of stability and power.

Rettacus raised his nose before turning his head to his King - who had been sitting there silently throughout the length of his fight.

“Must I?” Rettacus asked with a dry chuckle, his eyes as dark as ever and his hands clenched into tight fists by his sides.

The King smirked darkly, tilting his head slightly making the golden sun rays hit his crown through the large windows - it sparkled.

“Speak, before I make you speak.” The King stated, growling lowly while baring a single canine - he left no room for discussion.

Rettacus inhaled deeply before exhaling, his hands still tightly clenched.

“The reason our Regina was hospitalized was because of that idiotic man. She had nearly died because of him. What I had just done to him was nothing compared to what I so badly ached to do.”

The Kings eyes narrowed thinly, his lips curled up.

Rettacus watched as his King clenched his fists tightly over the hand rests - he noticed how the aura around him instantly darkened and remember the old healers words from before.

“You have no Regina. You will end your nonsense before I have you stripped of your title.” The King stated calmly, however, the promise was heard loudly - his distaste lingered in the air.

Rettacus smirked, “strip me of my position if you wish my King. She will still be my Regina.”

The King growled, “she is a pup! A nobody! She will be addressed as such!”

Rettacus titled his head, he was doing this on purpose - he wanted to rile his King up, he wanted to see how far his anger really went.

“Her name is Clarice, you should address her as such!” Rettacus retorted sternly, glaring back at his King with the same intensity as him.

The King pushed himself off of his chair almost instantly, his shoulders squared and his chest appearing broader than ever.

He was clothed in all black clothing with a black hooded cape around his shoulders - everything about him was dark and brooding. He was a proper mystery. The epitome of it even.

Rettacus swallowed roughly but continued glaring at his King - he could not back down. Not now.

“She is nothing.” The King spit out, turning his head to the side and snarling - almost trying to show off his disgust for her.

“She is your Moon given mate.” Rettacus stated strongly, his voice not once wavering - even under the Kings intense gaze.

The King gave him a loud warning growl, dismissing him with a shake of his head - he wanted Rettacus to back off.

“She is nothing to me.”

Rettacus scoffed, “you say this, my King, over and over again. But I know the truth.”

Cerberus took one predatory step towards Rettacus, his head was raised and his chest was heaving up and down as he struggled to calm himself.

Rettacus clicked his tongue before shaking his head, “do not be angry at me, my King. I understand you do not want her. So, will it be alright if I claimed her? She needs to be marked in order to better heal. Her wolf is too weak.”

Cerberus growled loudly, the room shook due to the intensity and he even drew his guards attention - Rettacus knew he hit a spot, but he still did not back down.

In a swift second Cerberus appeared before his man, towering over him while panting - his canines were evident as they twinkled under the sunlight.

Rettacus glared into his Kings eyes, they were as dark as coal - his wolf was officially at bay. The beast.

Cerberus chuckled darkly. His voice baritone. Lower than ever before.

He continued to chuckle almost manically as Rettacus stood before him silently - his heartbeat was easily heard by Cerberus and it only made his wolf crave for Rettacus’ blood to be shed.

Slowly Cerberus’ hand found Rettacus’ neck and he snarled lowly while squeezing his throat. His fingers whitening due to the strength he was using.

Rettacus gasped, his eyes were slightly wider but other than that, he did not give any kind of reaction.

You pitiful man shall watch how you speak to your King. You will not touch what is mine... ever.”

And that was all Rettacus needed to hear, even as his King continued to choke him - blind by his rage.

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