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Chapter Nineteen.

Clarice Mont

The tension in the air of the small room was thick.

Clarice laid silently on her hospital bed, her gaze on the ceiling.

She had long stopped crying. Hours had passed since the previous conversation with the healer.

Her voice was still gone, and honestly, she did not mind - it was not like she used it much anyway.

She licked her dry lips while twiddling with her fingers, she was bored. Tired and bored.

She just wanted to go home, but how could she even get there? Will she ever even be able to.

The door to her room creaked open and she flinched instinctively - her heartbeat quickening.

Even though she was no longer hooked onto the heart monitor - due to her wolf hearing, she could easily hear her heartbeat echo in the room.

Her once calm demeanor instantly going away and replacing with fear.

She looked down slowly to see who entered and her eyes connected with a familiar large man, only to realize his eyes had also caught her own - his were insanely dark, yet she could make out their warmth easily.

He had a small yet cautious smile on his face, but Clarice was still wary.

Her breathing had long quickened - if he were to try and hurt her, she could not even scream for help, or for him to stop.

That made her eyes widen before she began to scoot back frantically - her head shaking and her eyes welling up.

“Please, please calm down. I will not hurt you, I give you my word.” The man stated honestly while placing a hand over his chest - like the other man from before - before bowing his head in submission.

She blinked in confusion - why would a man like him be bowing his head for her?

The man looked at her before taking a step forward, Clarice inhaled shakily, silent tears trailing down her cheeks.

He licked his dry lips - thinking of what to say.

“My name is Rettacus, my friends call me Rett. I promise you I have not come here to hurt you Clarice.”

She nearly recoiled in shock. Not once had anyone here addressed her by her first name, and it was kind of relieving for her to finally hear it.

She nodded her head softly while analyzing him - he was huge, not as big as the King, but he was close.

He had thick dark hair and warm brown eyes - he was clothed in basic dark clothing, however he had a thin silver chain around his neck that was hidden under his shirt, the small parts of the chain sparkled from where they peeked through.

Clarice swallowed roughly, her brows were furrowed in confusion - why on earth was he here?

Rettacus cleared his throat, “you must be wondering why I am here..”

Clarice timidly nodded at that.

“Well I have come to check up on you, and to see for myself how you are doing.”

Clarice noticed how much closer he was to her, but for some reason, she no longer felt the need to cower away - she stayed put, yet she was still cautious.

“I heard you lost your voice due to the swelling from your allergic reaction.” He said, it was not a question, he just wanted to see if she knew.

She nodded softly, her eyes casting downwards in self pity.

He sighed, “I am so sorry about that. In fact, I am so sorry about everything.”

Her eyes snapped upwards instantly at his words and her lips slightly opened into an ‘o’ shape - she was shocked to hear his apology. She never expected to ever hear one from an alpha male, nevertheless a kingman.

“I can tell you are surprised to hear me apologize, you might even be questioning how genuine it is, but believe me when I say this Clarice, I truly am sorry.”

She licked her dry lips while gazing deeply into his warm eyes - his gruff voice did not suit him yet it did not set her off.

“You should not have undergone what you had, but believe me when I say that the man who has caused your muteness to happen was taught a lesson. A lesson he will never forget.”

His distaste and anger was evident in his voice.

Clarice noticed his lips curl up, and she noticed how his fists clenched and unclenched tightly before he inhaled deeply and exhaled - as if to calm himself down.

She felt content for a second. Content after hearing that the man that ruthlessly pulled her hair and forced food she was allergic to down her throat had gotten what he so rightfully deserved.

“Now, I can not change history. But I can help you in the present and the future. So listen to me carefully when I tell you that you will no longer need to fear for your life ever. I will make your life in the castle hospitable and smooth-”

She let out a strangled sob that sounded almost painful, it instantly cut Rettacus off.

He furrowed his brows in confusion while his eyes roamed throughout her face.

“Why are you crying? Are you in pain?” He asked her worriedly, his gaze drifting to the monitors beside her, only to realize she was solely hooked to an iv drip.

Clarice shook her head while crying into her palm, she could not speak, she could not voice what she wanted to say.

“So what is the matter? Do you wish for me to bring the healer?” He asked before scratching his neck.

He had no idea what to do.

Clarice shook her head, her eyes were squeezed shut as she cried.

“Oh, I know what it is.” He said breathless while huffing out, almost in a duh-tone.

Clarice opened her eyes slowly, they were red and brimming with tears, yet she looked excited as she waited for him to reveal what he knew.

She hoped it was what she wanted.

“You hate it here in this hospital, do you not?” He asked her with a frown, she sniffled before wiping her cheeks.

She nodded her head with a rough exhale, he smiled.

“Do not worry, I will go ask the healer to discharge you and have you settled in the castle. Wait for me one moment, I will be back, I promise.”

Her face fell but he left the room too quickly to even realize that what he just said was in fact the exact opposite of what she wanted.

She shook her head before succumbing to her tears.

She just wanted to go home, and rid herself of these men and the Kingdom.
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