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Chapter Twenty One.

Clarice Mont

The King took a slow yet predatory step towards Clarice making her bottom lip quiver.

She wanted to turn around and run away - far far away from him, but she knew he would catch her, especially with the doors to the throne room closed.

Her whole entire body trembled and the King took in her fear with growing excitement.

His beast fed off of the fear of others.

“If only muteness muted your idiot crying as well.” The King growled out hoarsely, Clarice bit her bottom lip roughly to try and stop its quivering.

Her wide bloodshot eyes were continuously brimming with more and more tears as she held his deadly gaze.

He tilted his head to the side while rubbing his chin, her eyes followed all of his movements and managed to widen even more when she noticed his dark claws were still elongated.

She swallowed roughly.

“So pup, tell me what I shall do with you...” he trailed off before chuckling humorlessly to himself - the sound so deep and hoarse it made Clarice inhale shakily.

Her brows were furrowed.

He smirked, “oh right, you can not.”

She closed her eyes for a second before opening them, she knew he was taunting her on purpose - he wanted to see how long she could last before she fully broke down.

She planted her heels deeply into the wooden floor before hugging her upper body tighter - she was not going to humor him, at all.

He licked his lips, the opening of them showing off his sharp canines.

“Aurelio should have done a better job with you.” He stated with a shake of his head, his eyes were narrowed into thin slits as they roamed down the length of her trembling body in disgust.

She nearly lowered her gaze in hurt, but she knew was he was trying to do - she just knew it - so she kept her head raised and her watery eyes connected with his.

He nodded his head in mock appreciation as he clapped his hands, the suddenness of the loud clap made Clarice jump.

“I was going to congratulate you for your sudden courage pup, but that little jump of yours gave you away.”

Clarice gulped lowly, her head sinking into her shoulders when she noticed him starting to take steps even closer towards her.

Her nose involuntarily began sniffing more and more the more he neared her, yet her fear only managed to grow larger and larger with every one of his graceful steps.

She tried to take a step back but the low warning growl that emitted from the Kings throat and the glare he sent her from under his hooded eyes made her freeze in her spot.

She hoped Rettacus was right outside if she needed help, oh how she internally prayed.

“No, no. Feel free to continue being courageous pup. I so badly wish to see what is next.” He stated with fake enthusiasm, his gruff voice made every word he said sound like a threat and she hated it.

She shook her head slowly, her eyes becoming pleading as she gazed deeply into his - she wanted him to let her go, but the glare that was burning straight into her soul told her he was not going to anytime soon.

She wiped her cheek with a shaky hand and could not help but notice as his eyes took in her every movement - like she had his.

“If there is one thing I hate more than crybabies it is disrespect. You think about that the next time your pathetic eyes look at mine.”

She froze at that before inhaling shakily - she had not meant to disrespect him in anyway.

They both fell into a pregnant silence after that, Clarices eyes were a lot more downcast than earlier yet his were entirely glued on her.

The wind outside was louder than ever as it roared - shaking the trees in the woods, making them rustle in the far distance.

Clarices rapid heartbeat was another thing that mingled in with the sounds and it was the only thing both of them could focus on.

As she stood before him, she began to shift awkwardly, she did not know if he was going to dismiss her or not, and due to having no voice, she could not even ask.

So she slowly looked up at him, this time it lasted only a second, yet she noticed how they instantly darkened once he caught her gaze, before she spun on her heel softly.

Her back was to him and her eyes looked at the large doors across from her in determination - she needed to leave the throne room, the air was becoming suffocating and the silence was only making it harder to bear.

However the second her foot took a step forwards she felt his broad chest connect with her back and found his large hand wrapping around her neck from behind and pushing the back of her head closer to him.

She let out a strangled sob, she had a feeling he would try and hurt her like he had that time in the cabin, yet this time she did not move under his hand or fight it, she knew he would only squeeze his hand tighter like last time and she did not want that.

“What had I told you?” He asked her, his voice still as deep and hoarse as ever, yet this time, it was a lot lower than usual - almost a whisper.

She gulped as tears silently trailed down her cheeks.

She could feel as her heartbeat hammered against her skin and she could feel the warm skin of his tan forearm pressing into the fabric of her thin makeshift hospital gown - the feel of his arm lingering over the skin of her shoulder, making small sparks erupt.

“What..” he squeezed his calloused hand a little tighter around her neck, pushing the back of her head deeper into his chest and bunching up her auburn hair, making her whimper, “..had I told you?”

She licked her salty lips while holding back a sob that would have only sounded strangled had she let it emit from the back of her throat.

Her stomach was churning and her knees were wobbling.

She was undergoing overwhelming emotions that were insanely conflicting.

But there was mainly one thing she could focus on, one thing that overpowered everything else and that was the sparks.

They danced all around them. Even as she cried in his hold. Even as he kept his large hand in place; enveloped around her slim neck.

“Another thing...” he trailed off before unexpectedly spinning her around, and trailing his hand to the back of her head.

He raised her head until they were face to face and glared deeply into her emerald green eyes - she was frozen, not even blinking, the only thing that moved were her warm tears and chest as it heaved up and down slowly whilst she struggled to catch her breath.

Never turn your back on me.” He growled out lowly, his voice still a whisper.

His breath fanned her face making her nose subtly try to inhale his musky scent - the scent of ones mate was hard not to inhale deeply especially when the two were merely inches apart.

She bit her bottom lip to hold it from quivering and he noticed - his dark eyes, that were slightly lighter than the usual coal color, glued onto them making her tearstained cheeks flare.

“Do you hear what I am telling you Clarice? Never once turn your back on me and never anger what is inside of me. I can not be your savior, if you are always giving the beast what he craves...”

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