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Chapter Twenty Two.

Clarice Mont

“Here, this will be your new room. You can use that other room over there-” Rettacus paused to point at a wooden door across the large bed with golden detailing, “-to get freshened up if you wish. It is the restroom.”

Clarice nodded her head softly, her eyes were struggling to take in the large room she was given.

It was even bigger than the whole cabin she was situated in before.

“I will leave you alone for a bit, you can go explore if you wish, or stay here and wait for my reappearance. I just want to go get your meal prepped, and some items of clothing.”

Clarice nodded her head once, she knew she would be locking the door to her room and waiting for him.

There was no chance she would ever willingly leave the room to walk the halls of the castle filled with men who utterly despised her.

“Alright my dear, you do what you wish, and I will be back.” Rettacus stated with a bright smile before waving his hand and walking out of the room.

The door softly shut behind him and Clarice stood awkwardly in the center of her room while biting the inside of her cheek.

She looked at the bed, which had gold detailing on the headboard and legs - the sheets and pillowcases were made of bright red satin that looked like blood was spilt all over it.

Her eyes trailed to the large wooden wardrobe located near the restroom door, and then to the small vanity made of the same wood.

This room was fit for a princess, and it made her brows furrow.

How had she gone from a rusty old cabin, to a huge room filled with everything a girl could possibly wish for, she wondered.

However she did not ponder too much over that thought because her feet absentmindedly carried her all the way to the bathroom.

She needed to freshen up, especially after everything.

An hour had passed with Clarice freshening up in the bathroom, and now she was sitting over a small round chair that was placed by her vanity.

Her eyes were glancing back at her through the large mirror - judgmental emerald green orbs took in her appearance.

Now that her face was clean from all the tear stains and dirt, she could very well see how worn out and tired she truly was.

Her once clear olive-toned face was as pale as a sheet, her under eye bags were thick and dark purple, and the whites of her eyes had thin red veins circling inside of them.

She looked as dull as she felt, but she paid no mind to it as she roughly combed through her tangled auburn strands with a black comb she had found in one of the bathroom drawers.

Her hair straightened instantly, and she took in its length with raised brows, she had not been able to notice that it had grown in the past two weeks, and while she was sitting she noticed the ends of her hair were beginning to graze her knees.

When she finished quietly brushing, a knock interrupted her thoughts and she flinched before calming down.

She had locked the door, so she knew that nobody could just barge in unless she allowed them to.

“It is me Clarice.” Rettacus’ voice graced her ears and she found herself smiling slightly before placing the comb down and running to open the door for him.

“I hope you had not gone restless awaiting my presence.” He stated as his eyes slowly went from hers down to her bare feet, he smiled when he realized she had listened and freshened up.

She even changed the hospital gown and old flats she was wearing to the bathrobe that was placed on a hanger in the restroom.

Clarice shook her head while twiddling with her fingers - she really wanted to thank him for what he was doing, and for the tray of food he was holding in his hands that were just calling Clarices name, but she could not.

“Well, I shall place this on your bed and leave you alone to peacefully eat. I also wanted to let you know that I will be going to the healer tonight to have a small discussion about your....” he trailed off while pursing his lips making her brows furrow, he sighed, “...your situation.”

The corners of her lips began to pull downwards slightly but she quickly thinned them out before nodding because she realized that there was no use in getting sad over that.

Rettacus bobbed his head forwards and Clarice quickly scooted out of his way, watching as he walked into the room and towards the bed.

She noticed that all of these men seemed to walk gracefully; they were all so confident that it was almost alarming - no wonder regular wolf males were so insecure around them, they held power like no one else.

“Now, a guard will soon be bringing you proper items of clothing. It is not a lot, but basics to start you off.” Rettacus told her and she frowned, she did not want any man from this castle nearing her for any reason.

Rettacus noticed and sighed, he walked towards Clarice before placing his hands on her shoulders, she looked up at him in question but her frown was still there.

“I would send a female, but we have none. This castle is full of men.” Rettacus said with a look that showed that even he detested what he just said, Clarices brows furrowed.

However, the guard that I am sending up is slightly younger, he is also kind and he listens, so when I ordered him to just bring you your clothes and not linger in your presence, he will do just that. Understand?”

Clarice listened to him quietly before nodding her head, she was immensely grateful for the way he cared for her when he - like all the other men - had absolutely no reason to.

“Alright, I will now get to going. But you must finish that tray of food. All of it. Wait, that sounded a little too harsh, please do not feel forced, if you do not like anything, you do not have to eat it. I beg of you to just satisfy your hunger.” He chose his words carefully while saying this because of the events that had led to her muteness, and she smiled appreciatively.

She nodded her head and he smiled back at her proudly, he was happy to see that she was slowly warming up to him - it was going to make her stay here all the more smoother.

He nodded before turning his body, readying himself to walk out of the room but Clarice had grabbed his hand suddenly before he could even take a step forward - making him freeze in place.

“Are you alright?” He asked worriedly, his thick brows furrowing as his eyes roamed throughout her face.

She nodded before pulling her hand away from him and biting her lip, she was thinking about how to tell him - without actually telling him, because she was unable to - what she wanted to say.

She raised a finger and his eyes narrowed in confusion.

“Do you want to tell me something?” He asked her in confusion, her eyes lit up and she nodded frantically.

He chuckled at how her face brightened before nodding, “what is it? Do you want something?”

She nodded again making one of his brows raise.

“What is it that you want Clarice?”

She pursed her lips while furrowing her brows, she opened one of her hands and extended her fingers before taking the index finger of her other hand and writing random things - mimicking a pen.

His eyes widened when he understood what she wanted before he nodded, “alright, one second!”

She smiled happily while watching as he ran out of the room using his wolf speed - it sent a gush of wind her way but growing up around werewolves got her used to the way it made her roughly inhale.

In a second he was back and standing in front of her like he had not even left, and she was still smiling.

“Here you are.” He said while handing her a notepad and a pen, her excitement was bouncing off of the walls and it made Rettacus let out a toothy smiled that showcased his pearl whites.

She instantly took the items from him before clicking the pen and beginning to write, he was growing more and more curious - what could she so badly be wanting to say?

She sighed when she finished and he noticed as her cheeks reddened when she read over what she had written, his left brow raised.

She looked up at him under her eyes before nervously turning the notepad over and showing it to him.

He read it right away and blushed, in big black words she had written ‘thank you so much’ and it was then that he realized he would one-hundred percent do absolutely anything for his Kings mate.

“You are absolutely welcome, Regina.”

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