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Chapter Twenty Three.

Cerberus Throne

“What the Hell is Rettacus’ purpose here my King? I am struggling to understand what is going on.” Avon stated in frustration while running his hands through his hair roughly.

Cerberus narrowed his eyes thinly while rubbing his chin, his elbow casually leaning on the armrest as he glared at his second in command.

You do not have to understand a thing Avon.” Cerberus stated gruffly, Avons brows furrowed in confusion.

“You mean to tell me you want that pup here?!” Avon asked exasperatedly while shaking his head.

The King growled warningly, his chest shaking due to the sudden sound, “I mean to tell you to shut your damn mouth and mind your business. You have other things to attend to.”

Avon chuckled dryly, “I can not believe you are beginning to believe the stupidity Rettacus is spewing, how on earth could he believe that, that pup is our Regina, when you yourself said you were not destined for a mate-”

Cerberus cut Avon off with an enraged growl that sounded deadly, his lips curled up into a snarl and he shot up from his throne instantly.

Avons eyes widened in shock when his King appeared inches away from him before he could even blink, Avon gulped nervously.

Cerberus raised his head slightly while glaring at his second in command in disgust, he watched the way his ‘fearless’ man gulped nervously.

“You watch how you speak to me. It seems that all of you have loosened your tongues in the last couple of days... Trust me when I say, you do not want me to rip them out.” Cerberus growled out, his eyes wide and darker than ever - the familiar manic look appearing on his face making Avon warily step back.

Cerberus noticed and chuckled darkly, “pathetic man, stand before me when you have the courage to disrespect me, do not step away!”

Avon shook his head with wide eyes, “no, no, that was never my intent, I just-”

“You nothing! Watch how you speak and keep Clarices name out of your mouth. Do not question anything and go about your business. You do not want me as your enemy...”

It was the first time the King had ever addressed Clarice by her name and the second it left his plump lips it made his shoulders tense and Avon noticed but bit his tongue from mentioning anything.

“I promise I will no longer speak out like that, I do not know what has gotten over me, my sincerest apologies my King.” Avon frantically stated while bowing his head in submission, Cerberus grunted lowly before turning away from his man.

“Leave this room and find Rettacus, tell him the King awaits his appearance.”

“As you wish my King.” Avon stuttered out before turning around and leaving the tension-filled room.

The air around Cerberus felt thick with emotions completely unfamiliar to him, his eyes were narrowed into thin slits and his fists were clenched tightly as his chest heaved up and down.

He squeezed his eyes shut in hopes of calming his enraged beast, but he found it hard to tame the anger that riled inside of him.

There was nothing he could do to change the way he was created.

The way he was molded into becoming the immortal beast he was today. The grim reaper of sorts.

He despised disrespect, he so badly craved to bite into the necks of his men and watch as they disintegrated before him due to the poison that lived on inside of him.

He was created to be a killing machine, and he knew that the pup that was situated upstairs would never be ready to see how psychotic he could really get.

“My King, you called for me?” Rettacus asked while entering the throne room, his brows were furrowed when they landed on the Kings broad back.

It was tense and his shoulders were squared and Rettacus instantly knew - with just one look - that his King had been angered previously, he was just beginning to wonder why.

“Have you spoken to the healer today?” Cerberus asked lowly, his voice was as low as it could get and not once had he turned around to look at his man.

Rettacus held back a smile before raising a brow, “I had just left the office when Avon stopped me in the woods, why?”

“What had he said. The healer.” Cerberus asked, however, it was not a question, he wanted to know, and Rettacus had to stop himself from recoiling in utter shock.

“Well you have to mark her, there is no other option if we want to get her voice back sometime soon.” Rettacus told him with a shrug.

The King froze, glaring intensely at his large golden throne with fists that began clenching tighter and tighter - his knuckles paling.

“What is the matter? Will you not do it?” Rettacus asked curiously, he wanted the King to voice out what was making him so tense.

Cerberus growled lowly, his chest rumbling and shoulder shoulders shaking due to the intensity.

“No. I will not.” Cerberus stated gruffly while curling his lip up, his broad back still facing his man.

Rettacus held back a growl before walking closer towards the King, “why?”

Cerberus growled angrily, his body swiftly turning around as he snarled and showcased his sharp canines that glistened under the lights of the large room.

Rettacus nearly flinched while taking in the Kings unnecessary anger.

You do not understand anything Rettacus, and the second you stop playing this game you will realize how much better it will be for you and the girl.”

Rettacus’ brows furrowed in confusion while analyzing the way the Kings chest heaved up and down whilst he struggled calming his beast down.

“Then explain. You have been given a huge blessing, do not take it for granted.” Rettacus stated angrily while shaking his head in disbelief of the way his King reacted to everything that dealt with Clarice.

The King growled lowly with his hands still clenched into tight fists, “get out.”

The order fell dead to Rettacus’ ears and he just stalked closer towards his King with an intense glare making Cerberus raise his nose in anger.

The emotions swirled inside of him and he was struggling to stop what the beast was so badly craving to do.

“No. I refuse to leave this room, until you explain to me why you reject this bond? Why you are so against marking what is rightfully yours.” Rettacus stated with clenched fists, he knew what he was doing would not go unpunished by the King but in this moment, he did not care.

The King tilted his head with a deadly smirk before slowly walking closer towards Rettacus, his tongue licking his lips - giving a slight peek of his canines.

“One bite and it is all it takes for you to melt into nothing before me.”

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