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Chapter Twenty Six.

Clarice Mont

Gracefully the auburn wolf leaped over a fallen log, moving at unexplainably fast pace as it ran aimlessly throughout foreign grounds.

Still in the thick woods with not one soul in sight the wolf had absolutely no care in the world. It was restless.

The wolfs eyes were a pale green, there was no better way to describe it. The two bright orbs were the only thing that could be spotted as it ran - the only thing proving of the wolf being there due to its speed were the paw prints that printed deeply into the mud.

The auburn wolf stopped for a second, coming to halt to catch its breath.

She had her pink tongue stuck out as her chest heaved up and down. Her slobber shooting out of her mouth shamelessly.

The wolf looked from side to side with narrowed eyes, trying to get an idea of her surroundings - however, they looked the same as they had before.

She was neck deep into the woods. Ironically.

The wolf continued to inspect what was around her quietly until the sound of a twig breaking caught her attention and made her ears perk up.

The wolf was alert, its pale feral eyes wide as it tried to pinpoint where the sudden sound had come from - but everywhere she looked, looked the same.

Until she saw a large shadow in between the thick trees. Clarices auburn wolf had to squint her eyes to better see what the shadow belonged to but it quickly moved away and appeared at another side of the woods.

Clarices wolf nearly recoiled at the shadows speed - she knew it belonged to an animal.

However when she raised her snout to sniff the air and try to distinguish what the animal better was - she was met with a very familiar scent.

Clarices wolfs claws elongated into the mud below her, preparing to run when she suddenly realized the huge shadow was now staying in place.

The small wolf took a wary step back, her first instinct was to run, but something made the wolf stay put.

Branches began to rustle as the shadow slowly moved forwards, getting more and more closer to Clarices wolf.

The auburn wolf growled warningly - trying to hide its rising fear with anger.

A large furry foot stepped out of the shadows and another followed making Clarices wolf take a large step back.

Two bent hind legs appeared and Clarices wolfs eyes trailed upwards to see a hunched over animal glaring directly at her.

This animal was no wolf, however, it had the properties of a wolf, just on two legs.

Clarices wolf allowed a growl to rumble out of her chest when she realized the beast was predatorily making way towards her.

It stalked towards her like a human would. It did not bend over on four legs - it stayed on two. Like a wolf-man.

Its eyes were dark like a stone and glaring directly into Clarices wolfs eyes.

The beast snarled lowly, its snout was huge and all of its teeth were sharp and coated in saliva that glistened even in the darkness.

Clarices wolf prepared herself. She knew what was coming.

The wind picked up around them as they glared at each other before the beast straightened his back and let out a thundering growl that made the entire length of his furry body tremble.


And it did not take a second for Clarices wolf to process his hoarse almost incoherent order before turning around and leaping into a run.

She ran as fast as her legs could take her, her little wolf body moving at meteoric speed that send her flying like a bullet.

But she could feel the beast at her tail.

He was undeniably faster than her, even on two hind legs.

She could hear his warning growls and Clarices wolf picked up her speed.

The branches that were hanging lowly slapped against her snout but she paid them no mind as she ran for her life - even though Clarices wolf was feral, she knew danger when she saw it, and she would try her hardest to escape it.

She stopped to pant with her tongue shooting out of her mouth as she struggled to catch her breath - low growls emitted from her throat.

She turned to see if he had found her but she realized she was safe.

She turned to the left and began to run deeper - she needed to escape that beast.

The woods were getting more and more suffocating but that did not stop her.

However the second she tried to move she was instantly tackled by something heavy making her howl in pain and fear.

Clarices wolf was caught and she knew it.

She could hear the beasts victory growl as his broad body held her down. His thick fur felt sharp against Clarices wolfs body, it was not soft like hers.

Seeing as he had tackled the small auburn wolf from behind, her snout was pressed downwards - making her unable to see the beast.

The wind around them was howling as it picked up, making the trees sway crazily due to its strength - it had gotten a lot colder than before.

The beast pulled away from the small auburn wolf with an angered growl before standing up and looming over it.

His eyes were set in a hard glare as it watched Clarices wolf struggle to stand on wobbly legs - the wolf looked like a pup beside the large beast and it did not go unnoticed by either of them.

Clarice wolf whimpered in fear, it did not know what to expect.

Shift” the beast ordered, its voice did not sound humanly - it sounded gruff and dark, almost monstrous.

Clarices wolf hung her head - she had no control over it, it only ever shifted back on its own, and even now, it was refusing.

Shift” the beast repeated, this time, the power he used had made the trees shake a lot harder than the wind ever could.

And in a swift second Clarices wolf instantly shifted back - bones popping and cracking as they molded back to Clarices bare human body.

When Clarices bare human body stood before the beast she broke down into loud sobs while hugging her upper body - trying to cover herself.

Her cheeks were coated in redness due to her embarrassment and she so badly wanted to run away but she could not anger this monster that stood before her.

However she did step back. Her heartbeat was hammering underneath her skin and she was struggling to catch her breath as she cried.

She was terrified and alone, with no voice. She could not yell or scream for help - she was utterly defenseless.

The beast glared at her with its dark orbs, its loud pants could easily be heard even under all the other sounds that mingled in with them, he analyzed her like a predator would his prey.

Clarice cried helplessly while covering her body - she regretted not tying her shirt to her ankle when she had shifted but she had not known that this would have happened.

She turned around, no longer being able to stand the beasts deadly glare as he took her in - she knew he was going to kill her.

There was no way a monster that looked like that could let anyone live.

Her shoulders shook in the darkness and her harsh inhales could be heard after every strangled sob that emitted from her throat.

She heard a crunching sound behind her but was too terrified to check what it was. She knew that she would rather meet death without looking at it rather than to look it straight in the eye - so she stood with her back turned.

She felt a warm presence behind her but was too busy struggling to breathe to realize what it radiated off of.

“I told you to never turn your back on the beast.” A low voice whispered in her ear making her flinch harshly - her bare back colliding with a warm yet bare front.

She cried when she realized who the voice belonged to before turning around and throwing her arms around his neck - forgetting entirely about her nudity.

She had not even questioned how the beast disappeared so quickly. She was just thankful that he was no longer behind her.

Sparks erupted all around them as she cried into his neck, her whole entire body shook as she struggled to compose herself.

She felt his body tense the second she had placed her hands around his neck but she had no care in the world - she was thankful a human was here rather than that beast.

However, the second she realized her bare chest was pressed up against his her eyes widened into saucers and she quickly recoiled away from him as if she had been burned.

He watched her blankly. His face and eyes void of any kind of emotion.

She used her forearms to cover herself - feeling her tearstained cheeks flush under his scorching hot gaze.

Her eyes went from being locked with his down to his bare broad chest only to realize that like her - his nudity continued.

She stopped her gaze from continuing and swiftly turned around in embarrassment.

She could feel his warm chest pressing against her back once again and inhaled shakily - her teeth biting onto her lower lip to hold back a gasp.

She was nervous and he could tell.

“What-” he placed a hand on her hip making her flinch under the hot skin of his palm, “-did I-” he flipped her around so quickly she nearly got a whiplash before his hand went to the back of her head and raised her head so they were face to face and his eyes were glaring deeply into hers, “-tell you.”

His cool breath fanned her face and she struggled to hold his intense gaze. Her rapid heartbeat echoed in both of their ears mingling in with the low pants that were leaving Clarices lips.

Clarices skin was covered in goosebumps due to both the cold and his touch. She gulped nervously.

Her cheeks were nearly crimson due to how embarrassed she felt over her nudity but she composed herself - due to how much he had pressed her against him, nothing was visible.

He narrowed his eyes at her, his icy gray eyes swirled with emotions that were foreign even to Clarice.

Their chests were pressed against each others and there faces were only inches apart.

“There is something I have to do...” he trailed off hoarsely, his eyes had darkened to coal the more he had gazed at her and she just knew hers had too.

Clarices brows furrowed warily, his hold on her head was strong - it kept her place, so she knew if he tried anything, she could not run. Not now.

He licked his lips, his eyes no longer on hers but had long trailed downwards - Clarice gulped nervously and she could feel as his burning gaze followed the small movement in her throat.

His eyes remained glued on her neck for a second before he growled lowly - almost at himself.

Clarice nearly whimpered in fear. Even though she was happy that he was here and not the beast from earlier - she was still horrified of him.

And now, being in his hold, was no exception.

“Forgive me.” He growled out before baring his canines and instantly bringing his head closer to her neck.

Her eyes were wide and she tried to push against his chest, but to no avail. Her eyes welled up as she let out a strangled sob.

Her knees were wobbling and she would have collapsed had it not been for the hand he had around her hip and behind her head.

With another low growl Clarice felt his sharp fangs prick the skin above her collarbone making her tense in fear and her face scrunch up.

Before she could even blink she could feel him bite deeply into her neck, the skin that he pierced through burned making her squeeze her eyes shut in pain while curling her toes.

His large hand absentmindedly squeezed her hip making sparks begin to wildly shoot around them.

She cried as loud as her muteness would let her at the sudden overwhelming feelings that took over her body.

He pulled out of her neck and she could feel as the blood from the bite begin to pool out of it, and when they were face to face she could make out - even through her tear glossed vision - the blood that coated his plump lips.

He unwaveringly held her gaze even when his tongue stuck out to slowly lick the blood from his lips.

Her own lips were still ajar and letting out harsh pants as her bare chest heaved up and down between them - she was struggling to come to terms with what had just happened.

He watched her silently, his gaze going from the bite mark on her neck that was still oozing lines of blood then back to her hooded eyes that were struggling to stay open.

He was not surprised when they finally closed and her body collapsed onto his, with her head falling onto his shoulder as she finally gave out.

He knew this would happen. He just did not know if she would wake up.

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