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Chapter Twenty Seven.

Cerberus Thorne

“What is our next move my King? Shall I give them a call or no?” Avons question lingered in the air and was followed with silence.

The King was seated with his hands placed on the armrests of his chair, at the head of the long meeting table and his head gracefully raised - keeping his golden crown in place.

“...My King?” Avon called out to him in confusion, he raised a brow while analyzing the Kings mood - it was the same as always, but this time, something was off.

Cerberus narrowed his eyes thinly and Avon noticed as his lip snarled whilst he pondered over something - this was the first time he had seen the King lost in thought and it was odd.

“Why has Rettacus forgotten to join us for todays meeting?” Avon asked, hoping to finally get an answer.

At the mention of Rettacus’ name the King snapped out of it almost instantly and turned his glare onto Avon who was seated to the right of him with his brows furrowed.

“Rettacus had other matters to attend to.” The King stated curtly while clenching his left fist tightly.

Avon thinned his lips before tilting his head, “and is one of those matters the pup? I noticed she has not appeared during our dining hours for nearly a week now.”

Cerberus let out a warning growl that peeked Avons interest, yet the deadly look in his Kings eyes stopped him from acting upon his curiosity.

“Do not question things you do not need to know about Avon.” Cerberus stated gruffly while shaking his head.

Avon nodded, “understood my King. Now, back to what we had been discussing. Will you be attending the annual ball in the month to come, or...”

“Who is the organizer of this one?” The King asked in distaste.

Avon licked his lips nervously, “we are.”

Cerberus slammed his fist down onto the table making a loud cracking sound follow suit - the marble under his clenched hand had slightly cracked and Avon had to keep his eyes from widening in shock.

“Why have you failed to mention this?” Cerberus asked lowly, his voice had gotten octaves deeper and Avon gulped nervously.

“I have mentioned this to you. Plenty times. You always dismissed it.” Avon told him truthfully while shrugging.

Cerberus narrowed his eyes, “well then, it looks like you finally have a job to actually worry about. You will take over and organize the ball.”

Avon opened his lips to argue but one stern look from the King was enough to shut him up and make him nod his head.

The King stood from his seat and turned to walk out of the meeting room that was located on the lowest castle floor.

His head was raised high, his nose nearly touched the sky and he radiated confidence.

His long legs moved gracefully with every step he took and his guards watched him in pure horror when he walked past him.

He held a deadly aura around him and it was easily felt by everyone around him.

His build was bigger than an average male werewolf, even than an average alpha.

He towered over every person he had ever met, and he was muscular enough to be the size of nearly two men combined.

People feared his inhumane structure and the deadly look that always glinted in his eyes.

Everything about him screamed death. Nothing about this man was good.

He walked up the stairs and reached the top in a matter of seconds.

His tight black shirt tightened around his chest and biceps emphasizing his muscles that did not even need any emphasis to begin with.

“Your majesty.” One of his guards greeted as he walked towards the front door - he had an agenda in mind and he was going to abide by it.

The King did not address any of his guards, or any of the men he walked by for that matter.

There were not many, but the amount that did see him, he paid them no mind.

When he reached the outside he called to his wolf and used his speed to allow him to run through the woods and reach the place he was looking for in less than a second.

He walked into the small hospital and was greeted by the two familiar nurses, upon his presence they quickly lowered their heads and submitted in respect.

He narrowed his eyes and walked past them - not even giving them the time of day.

He raised his nose and inhaled deeply, his shoulders relaxed when a familiar scent hit his nostrils and he furrowed his brows.

The knob he enclosed his hand around completely disappeared due to how unnaturally big his hands are and he twisted it before pushing the door open.

It opened to reveal a hospital bed with a petite body hidden under a white sheet and Rettacus who was seated beside the body holding her small hand.

Cerberus’ eyes instantly narrowed into slits and his hands clenched tightly by his sides - he raised his head in disgust before slamming the door shut behind him roughly.

The abrupt sound made the small medical painting that was framed onto the wall shake and instantly made Rettacus recoil from her and stand up from his seat.

He turned to face his King with his head slightly lowered in respect.

Cerberus curled his lip up yet did not bother to look at Rettacus, he just walked closer towards the bed and took in the tiny girl laying on it.

She was undeniably small. He had realized it the first time he met her.

She barely reached his chest and he found it quite amusing.

Her hair was the color of bright red flames when it was placed under direct sunlight - like now, there were some rays of sunlight peeking through the window across from where he stood and it made her hair shine - and it very much suited her complexion.

When opened, her eyes were the color of dark green emeralds and Cerberus noticed that whenever she neared him, they paled.

He took in her tiny body and his eyes darkened to coal as he remembered that night. The night he marked her bare.

“My King. I can leave.” Rettacus stated, snapping him back from his thoughts.

Not once did he avert his intense glare from Clarice and Rettacus felt the air in the room thicken.

“What had the healer said.” Cerberus questioned, yet any question he had ever asked never sounded like one, he made everything sound like an order - and everyone had to answer.

“Well, he said it was good that you had marked her. However, he had not said any more to me. He had wanted to personally speak to you.” Rettacus told him truthfully.

Cerberus tilted his head as he gazed intensely at Clarices collarbone, or more precisely, the top of it that had not been covered by the sheet.

The punctures of his sharp canines had been cleaned and were no longer bloody, instead they were a dark purple with a hint of black surrounding them, and he knew they would stay like this until they fully healed.

“Go and get him.” Cerberus ordered and Rettacus instantly obeyed, the door shutting behind him when he left leaving the King all alone with Clarice.

Cerberus found his feet moving on their own accord and taking him to where Rettacus was previously standing.

He sniffed the air and growled lowly, his chest rumbling, he hated the way Rettacus’ scent always lingered by her.

His narrowed glare looked down at Clarice and his fists clenched tightly.

He could not help but growl proudly when his eyes caught his mark again, on her pale skin.

His calloused hand stretched forward and with his index finger he traced the round punctures softly - he could feel the sparks that were instantly ignited once their skin touched.

His lip curled up and he pulled away.

The door opened yet he did not bother to look away from Clarices sleeping face. This time, her long eyelashes had caught his attention.

“Welcome Cerberus. I had been expecting you after our last talk. I am glad you listened to me son.” The old healer said right after shutting the door.

Cerberus tensed before turning to look at the healer who had his glasses hanging on the end of his nose.

“Tell me what will happen now.” Cerberus ordered while growling lowly, taking a single step closer towards the healer.

The healer sighed while glimpsing at Clarice who was unconsciously sleeping.

“Well, clearly the girl is alive.”

Cerberus growled lowly while shaking his head warningly, “do not joke with me.”

The healer chuckled dryly, “you could never take a joke could you? Alright, seeing as you two are mates, as I have stated before.”

Cerberus snarled while clenching his fists - the mention of the word mate always riled him up, and he never knew why.

The healer looked at Clarice before walking closer to her and pushing his glasses back to their proper place, he bent his head to get a closer look at the mark.

Cerberus raised a brow.

“Seeing as you two are mates, the venom has no deadly effect on her. She will live, and she will wake up. However, the one effect I could take from all of this is that it did in fact put her in an almost induced coma.”

Cerberus furrowed his brows, “which means.”

The healer chuckled while shrugging, “which means she decides when she wakes up. Could be today, tomorrow, hell even next month. It is all up to her.”

Cerberus growled lowly before shaking his head, “this damn pup has been nothing but trouble.”

The healer smirked, “this damn pup is your mate Cerberus and the second she wakes up, things will be a little different for a couple of days.”

Cerberus glared at the healer with that familiar deadly look, “explain.”

The healer could not help but chuckle in amusement, “seeing as you have in fact put some of your venom inside of her, she will obtain some things from you. Your form, some of your strength and undeniable attachment, I believe that seeing as you are not a regular wolf and you do not have heat, she will have something different. Something stronger.”

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