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Chapter Twenty Eight.

Clarice Mont

A quick three weeks had passed and a new month had been entered during the wait of Clarices awakening.

It was officially January. The start of a new year had come and it was spent like any other day in the castle.

However, this time was a little different for the men.

They had to grow accustomed to their King disappearing a lot more than usual, and to his ever growing anger that managed to only get worse and worse.

Every little mistake riled up the beast inside of him and they ended up finding a bunch of dead strays outside that he had decided to inflict his anger upon.

In the hospital Clarice had still been in her coma, however with every time Rettacus had visited - he had found more and more changes in her appearance.

The tubes that fed her while she was sleeping kept her a good weight and her olive tone had slightly come back - yet she was still paler due to being immobilized and in a bed, keeping her away from proper sunlight.

Her hair had darkened to an almost burgundy color which had caused Rettacus’ confusion to only get larger, and even though the healer knew why she was undergoing all these changes he kept Rettacus entirely in the dark.

“Please tell me what these changes are the cause of.” Rettacus told the healer who was standing to the left of Clarice - inspecting the monitors she was hooked onto.

The healer cleared his throat, “I am under orders that do not allow me to Rettacus, so put an end the endless questions please.”

Rettacus sighed while rubbing a hand down his face.

He narrowed his eyes at the Clarices face and when he felt the healer glaring at him he pointed his index finger at Clarice before growling, “look at her!”

The healer raised his brows, “I am looking.”

“She looks entirely different. Hell, her face structure nearly matches the Kings! This is absurd. Look how defined her face is, it has never looked like this.” Rettacus claimed while shaking his head and turning to glare at the healer who was struggling to hide his smirk.

“Stop smirking! I beg of you to tell me if this has anything to do with the mark? And to stop keeping me in the dark. I just want to know if she is going to be alright.” Rettacus stated in defeat while slouching his shoulders, the healer could sense his worry and thinned his lips before taking his glasses off.

“My son, some things are meant to be kept private. However, what I can tell you, is that she will be alright. When she wakes up things will most definitely be a little different, but that will change after a couple of days.” The healer said softly while putting his glasses back on.

Rettacus huffed out, “that is all I needed to hear.”

“Can you tell me why you are so attached to this girl? I mean, I understand she is Cerberus’ mate, but none of the other men seem to share your liking for her.”

Rettacus sighed while looking at Clarice sadly, “I understand what horrors our King had undergone through the span of his life, even though he has not told a single soul and him finally being blessed with a mate after centuries of living in this forsaken world, will not only change his life, but ours as well... Also, when you are practically handed a Regina on a silver platter, you do not just push her away, you welcome her with open arms and swear your entire life to her. This girl is a blessing for us all, we just have to open our eyes.”

The healer nodded his head, “you are correct about that my son. And I am proud of you for listening to me last time. You made a huge difference in his life. Thanks to you this girl will get her voice back, and thanks to you the King might finally get some light back into his life.

Rettacus shrugged his shoulders, “I am trying healer Demetre. I will do whatever it takes for their bond to be fully finalized. They need each other, it is undeniably clear whenever they are in each others vicinity.”

Healer Demetre nodded his head before turning his gaze to Clarice when he noticed her lips slightly twitch.

The heart monitor started to beep a lot faster and the healer smirked, “it is happening.”

“What is?” Rettacus asked with a worried look on his face, the healers smirk remained on his face.

“She is waking up.”

They both turned to look at her expectingly after that, with wide eyes that did not once waver from her face.

Clarice stirred, her face scrunched up and her brows which had gotten a lot sharper and darker over the last couple of days furrowed.

Her lips opened slightly and her canines glistened under the sunlight that was shining directly on her through the window.

“Why are her canines bared?” Rettacus asked with narrowed eyes, the healer remained quiet and that only caused Rettacus’ curiosity to grow more.

Clarice let out a harsh breath before her eyes began to blink open, the end of her long lashes nearly touching her high cheekbones.

Once her eyes had fully opened they instantly connected with Rettacus’ - she smiled softly in relief.

After a good minute of looking at Rettacus, her gaze trailed to the left and took in the healer that was standing beside her with that familiar look on his face.

“How do you feel my dear?” He asked her while analyzing her face - he noticed how much darker her green eyes were even under the sunlight that made her face glow.

She cleared her throat, her brows were furrowed, had he expected her to speak?

“You can talk.” The healer told her with a small smile, she raised a brow in disbelief before nodding her head.

“I-I...” her shaky hand flew up and pressed her fingers gently to her lips in shock, the men smiled at her reaction to hearing her own voice after a while of being mute.

“I am okay.” She said, her voice sounded different and it did not go unnoticed by Rettacus, her voice was slightly deeper and held some kind of power in it that she did not have the first time he had heard her speak.

"I am so happy that you are finally awake Clarice." Rettacus told her while holding her intense gaze.

Her cheeks slightly reddened and she lowered her head nervously, “thank you... for everything.”

He shook his head almost instantly, “you do not have to thank me. For anything.”

“Alright. I hate to cut you two off, but Clarice I just want to let you know that I will unhook you from the iv drip and monitors now, and that you are free to leave the hospital.” Healer Demetre stated while gazing between Rettacus and Clarice.

She inhaled shakily before nodding her head, she could not wait to freshen up. She could sense the odor that lingered around her, and she could feel how dirty she felt even though nobody else noticed.

“I just have to tell you...” she suddenly said as the healer began to pull the needle out of her arm, he looked up at her respectfully, “...I kind of feel weird.”

“What do you mean by weird Claire?” Rettacus asked her while furrowing his brows worriedly, the healer sent Rettacus a pointed look making Rettacus roll his eyes in annoyance.

“My body feels hotter than usual, and my stomach hurts... Well, more like tingles. But is that normal after a coma?” She asked in concern, she knew she had fainted that night, and she knew what had happened, but she did not have the will to discuss it with them right now.

“My dear, I am sure you know the cause of why you are here.” The healer paused to look at her and noticed as her cheeks turned a bright red before she shyly nodded.

“Well tonight you are going to experience a lot of changes and feelings that I will not be able to help you with. In fact, I can not even well explain to you what will happen. All I can tell you is...” he stopped to look up at Rettacus and that caused Clarices breathing to pick up slightly.

Rettacus raised a brow questioningly.

“Make sure the King is near.”

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