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Chapter Twenty Nine.

Clarice Mont

“You go and freshen up Claire. Once you are finished, I will come up and escort you down to the dining room where we will have dinner.” Rettacus told Clarice once they neared the door to her room.

She licked her dry lips before nodding, there were so many things she wanted to ask Rettacus, but she decided that now definitely was not a good time.

“Do you have anything that you favor as your meal? I will have our chef fix it up for you.” Rettacus asked her politely, she squinted her eyes as she thought over foods she preferred before shaking her head.

“I am fine with anything, so long as it does not have peas.” She told him with a dry chuckle, the mood around them got duller and she noticed as Rettacus’ face fell and instantly regretted saying anything.

“I am so sorry, I did not mean to make you upset.” She said apologetically, hoping that the smile he had on his face earlier would return.

He shook his head, “Claire, you never have to apologize to anyone for anything. Especially not me. Please, always remember that. Also, you had not upset me, you never could.”

Her brows furrowed, “Rett, I do not want to seem rude, but I have a question.”

He narrowed his eyes causing his brows to pull forwards - knotting in the middle.

“Go ahead.” He told her softly.

She cleared her throat nervously, “why are you so nice to me?”

Her eyes widened when she realized how abrupt her question was before shaking her head, “I mean, all the other men despise me and call me pup. You are the only one that has been so nice and caring. Also, you are the only one that has called me from the start Clarice.”

“Your name is Clarice is it not?” He asked her making her raise a brow before nodding.

“Then you will be addressed as such, and it is about time those men also realize this. Do not worry, they will grow to respect you-”

Clarice cut him off, “Sorry to interrupt you mid sentence, but they definitely do not need to respect me. I am nobody, nothing-”

“Stop.” Rettacus ordered sternly, his eyes darkened and it did not go unnoticed by Clarice, she gulped nervously, however she did not flinch like she normally would have and that made her brows furrow in confusion.

Her natural instinct was to flinch, especially after spending days in that cabin and being tormented.

“I did not mean to frighten you Clarice. I just wanted you to stop. You know why they must respect you. Even without that reason, you have not done anything to deserve their disrespect. And for me being nice to you, well, I have known of your existence from the start, and I can sense how good your aura is, and I can tell how good you will be for us. But mainly, I do not need a reason to treat you like a human being. I treat everyone the way I expect them to treat me, not the other way around.”

Clarice smiled weakly, she took in the genuine spark in Rettacus’ warm honey brown eyes as he spoke and it caused her heart to swell.

“Thank you so much. Beside my best friend from my old pack-” she stopped to inhale shakily at the memory of her best friend Greta and Rettacus averted his gaze to avoid seeing Clarices longing.

“-I did not have much friends because my parents kept me home most of the time. Now you, you have been more than what a friend would be in the little time you have known me, so I thank you for that. Truly.” She continued, her voice was softer than before and it held some sadness to it, but what she had said made Rettacus’ cheeks tinge slightly pink.

“What did I say about thanking me?” He asked, trying to hide how her nice words made him get all shy by clearing his throat.

She looked down with a small smile on her face, “sorry.”

“What did I say about saying sorry?” He joked making her chuckle while shaking her head.

“Alright, I shall let you go freshen up now Claire. I will be back.” He told her, she looked up slowly before nodding her head.

With a small wave Rettacus walked past Clarice and walked towards the staircase.

Clarice did not bother to turn around and watch as he walked away, she simply twisted the knob on the door, opened it and shut it before locking it with a soft click following suit.

Her hand was still on her knob when she froze - her nose instantly shot upwards and inhaled the air of her room greedily.

Her eyes narrowed as they paled - the color lightened drastically, nearly turning as white as her scleras.

Her heartbeat picked up and she could feel as it hammered underneath her skin.

The familiar hospital gown she was clothed in felt tight on her body as her chest began to rise and fall rapidly.

Her hold on the knob tightened and her fingers began to whiten. She gulped nervously.

Turn around.” His deep voice made her bottom lip quiver and sent tingles running down her spine that made her eyes flutter shut.

She licked her dry lips but did not turn around, she could not even if she wanted to. She was frozen and her legs felt like jello.

The tension in the room was thick and it felt suffocating. Her body felt like it was on fire and she could feel sweat begin to form on her temples.

“I do not like to repeat myself.” He stated hoarsely, his voice sounded utterly seductive to her without him even having to try and it made her bare toes curl.

She had not been wearing shoes seeing as Rettacus had remembered to bring a car to the hospital this time and carried her into it and then to the castle.

“Turn.” He ordered sternly, the power he had used making her shakily pull her hand away from the knob and turn around hesitantly to face him.

He was situated in the middle of the room, the golden glow from the window shone directly onto him making the golden crown on his head sparkle.

Clarice could not help as her pale eyes roamed throughout his structured face, down to his neck, to his broad chest, his muscular biceps and the length of his arms.

She could not keep her eyes from lingering on his bare forearms - he was wearing a tight black short-sleeved shirt - showcasing the thick veins on the entire length of his arms and it made her tongue shoot out to lick her lips absentmindedly.

Slowly her gaze went down to his hands that were clenching and unclenching making her inhale shakily, he had a silver pinky ring on that caught her attention making her head tilt.

A low growl that emitted from his throat made her head fly upwards and her cheeks begin to burn - she had failed to realize what she was absentmindedly doing, and now that she had, she was embarrassed.

He stood there, glaring intensely at her, his dark eyes taking in her suddenly over defined face that looked slightly older than it had the last time he had seen her.

His eyes took in her dark auburn hair that was now more burgundy than ever and his eyes narrowed.

She gulped nervously before going to walk past him, “I need to freshen up.” She stated shakily, trying to calm the fire his intense glare ignited inside of her.

She thought he was just going to stand there and stare at her, and she felt so icky from not having showered in days that she knew she needed a proper wash, yet she did not want to wait for him to dismiss her.

She walked past him but failed to realize that he had spun around - following her - only to feel as he grabbed her from behind like he had in the throne room - with his large hand wrapping around her thin neck and pulling her back flush against his front.

She gulped but not in fear and it made her brows furrow - why was she not scared? Why was she not pulling away?

The temperature felt hotter around them and their flush bodies burned as they pressed against each other.

The vanity was situated in front of Clarice and her eyes connected with his intense glare through the round mirror.

She clenched her hands into tight fists by her sides as their gazes remained locked - his eyes narrowed into thin slits, and pieces of his dark hair had fallen forwards onto his forehead, nearly grazing his sharp brows.

“How many times do I have to tell you, never turn your back on me.” He whispered lowly into her ear, his deep voice made her eyes nearly flutter shut but she composed herself and continued to keep his intense gaze that was heating up her body more and more.

She could not help but notice the way he had to strain his back to bend down to her short level, the revelation of their height difference made her feel something entirely foreign to her.

Her stomach was doing flips and the way his scent consumed her due to their closeness made it hard for her to breathe.

“Why do you continue to defy me.”

His breath fanned her ear making her shiver against him and she was sure he felt it. She just knew he felt it, she could see how his grip on her neck tightened and the way the veins on his tan forearm began to bulge.

Something inside her got riled up and she could not help the devilish smirk that appeared on her face, he instantly noticed it and his eyes managed to darken more than ever.

She licked her lips sensually, she had not known what had overcome her, and she could feel as her next words suddenly flew out of her lips before she even realized what she was saying, “treat me the way Rett does and then I most definitely will not defy you.”

He let out a warning growl before using his hand to angle her head to the side, glaring intensely at her through the mirror.

His head went down to her neck and her eyes widened. He smirked maliciously at her, a crazed look in his eyes - even though she knew that just that deadly look alone should have terrified her, for some reason, it only made her toes curl.

His lips neared her collarbone and she tensed in his hold, her back involuntary pressing deeper into his front making him squeeze her hip roughly with his other hand, her eyes fluttered shut and she bit down her bottom lip harshly; struggling to hold back sounds that bubbled in the back of her throat.

“Open your eyes.” He ordered, his breath fanning her neck making her eyes snap open instantly - her eyes found his through the mirror again and her cheeks burned.

His eyes were narrowed thinly with that familiar dark glint in them, and she watched through the mirror as his gaze averted from hers and went to look down at her collarbone where the mark she had yet to see was located.

His head went down more and her legs wobbled, his hand on her hip tightened and she inhaled shakily - he heard every sound, and felt every move she made whenever he touched or squeezed her and it made his chest rumble almost cockily.

He was making it hard for her to breathe and she did not know why she was craving this so much.

His lips opened and she watched through the mirror as he blew on her mark making goosebumps rise on her skin - she gasped.

He smirked knowingly. He knew what he was doing to her, especially as he teased her fresh mark.

He traced the shape of the round punctures with the pad of his thick index finger and his glare found hers through the mirror - he pressed hard against one of the holes in her skin and she gasped again - loudly.

It hurt, and he knew it did - he could see it in the way she suddenly tensed up and grimaced, but then his lips replaced his fingers and he used his canines to graze his mark again making her grab onto his hand that was on her hip and squeeze tightly before her lips slightly opened into an ‘o’ shape.

The air around them was thick, and full of sparks.

Clarice felt like she was on fire and only his touch could cool her.

He closed his lips and allowed them to linger on her skin before pressing down slightly and then instantly pulling away - the feeling of his lips lingered on her skin, and she knew her skin was tinted pink.

Her face was nearly as red as her hair and her lower stomach was on fire. Her whole entire being felt like it was thrown into a pool of boiling water and she needed to be cooled.

His intense glare found hers in the mirror and she watched as he sniffed the air before chuckling darkly - he knew how badly he had affected her, and he could smell how badly she craved more of his touch.

“Never speak another males name when you bare my mark on your neck.” He stated hoarsely before pulling away from her abruptly - the suddenness of his hold being removed made her stumble forwards but she instantly stabled herself.

She was panting and was thankful when he used his wolf speed to leave the room - managing to unlock it, open it and then slam it behind him.

She was on fire. And his touch was all she could feel on her skin. He left more than just a mark on her neck, and she knew it.

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