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Chapter Three.

Clarice Mont

"Goodnight sweetheart." Kim whispered to her daughter, who laid quietly under her rose colored velvet duvet, with her hand tucked under her matching pillow.

"Mom..." Claire trailed off, her teeth slightly grazing her lips nervously as she gazed at the wall in front of her.

"Yes sweetie?" Her mother asked, stopping by the doorframe and turning to look at her far too innocent daughter.

"Who is the Alpha of all Wolfe Borne, and why is he so important?" She asked curiously, her gaze not once averting from the wall in front of her.

"Well, he is like a King. He rules over all of werewolf kind, and he is just like our Alpha, but much more powerful. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, kind of. Is he a bad guy? How come you and daddy never mentioned him before?" Claire questioned, her brows slightly narrowing and her eye color darkening in swirls due to her restless wolf.

"Um, he is not the best person out there, but who am I to judge a man I've never met. And we haven't mentioned him because we never had a reason to. Now, goodnight sweetheart, sleep tight."

Clarice didn't have a chance to question her mothers abruptness further, seeing as she quickly flicked the light in the room off and shut the door behind her.

Clarice was enveloped by the darkness of her room, and her gaze was still plastered to the wall as questions of the powerful Alpha began prancing around in her brain.

"The Alpha of all Wolf Borne." She whispered under her breath before she felt her eyes begin drooping due to the exhaustion that was suddenly taking tole on her small body.

"Greta, did you go to the pack meeting yesterday?" Claire asked her best friend curiously, Greta flicked a lock of her curly dark brown hair behind her ear before nodding.

"I did. With my brother and father, my mother couldn't come because she caught a bug due to shifting in the wrong part of the woods and being exposed to too much bacteria." Greta was the kind of person that if she had no clue what else to say when speaking, she'll just throw out random information that nobody needs to know.

"I can't believe we will be having a powerful Alpha King visiting our pack today. It's so thrilling." Claire stated while bouncing in her seat eagerly.

Greta's face fell and she gazed at Claire as if she'd grown three heads.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" Claire asked her while blushing in embarrassment, Greta sighed.

"Did your parents not tell you about the Alpha Kings hobbies, and personality?" Greta asked her warily, Claire froze - she finally realized she actually had no legitimate information on the man coming to visit their pack.


"Well, his hobbies are anything that starts with murdering and ends with murdering. He's the oldest of our kind, and apparently..." Greta scooted closer towards an eager Claire who was shocked and disgusted by this little information she'd received.

"Apparently he was not blessed with a soulmate like every other were out there because its been so long, and we have yet to hear of him being with someone. Also, he has a very bad personality from what I hear." Greta continued, her eyes were narrow as she spoke and there was a slight uneasiness in her voice.

"How is he?" Claire asked, her eyes were slightly wider than usual and her face was pale - her father was right.

She'd been so protected for so long, that she couldn't handle hearing anything out of the ordinary.

"Cold. Like ice. Ruthless and merciless. I mean, there was a rumor going around a while ago that he ripped apart a mans limbs and let him to suffer just because he gave him false information or something like that."

Claire gasped lowly, her whole entire body shook, but she just chuckled nervously - hoping these words were just a joke.

"Maybe... maybe he isn't like that. I mean, we should not believe every rumor we hear, especially not if we don't even know the man." Claire stated shakily, she crossed her arms over her chest to keep them from trembling but she couldn't stop her face from continuously paling in absolute fear.

"Claire, he's our King. The eldest of our kind. He's been through horrors. So of course there won't be an ounce of humanity left in him. I wouldn't expect different to be honest."

Claire gnawed on her bottom lip while gazing at her freshly painted light pink toes.

Greta noticed the perturbation in Clarices face and immediately wished she could take back all the information she'd given to her innocent best friend.

"Maybe... maybe I shouldn't have told you all of that." Greta whispered under her breath, but due to her heightened senses - Clarice easily heard her and quickly shook her head with wide eyes.

"No! I'm thankful that you did. Without you, I would be an outsider. I wouldn't have known any of what you just told me."

"Maybe it was better that your parents weren't telling you. I don't think you were ready for all of this information Claire." Greta told her uneasily while rubbing her best friends back.

"It was not better for me! I would have been the only person excited for his visit, and everybody would question my mental health... My parents baby me Greta, I don't need you to baby me as well."

Greta sighed when she realized that Clarice actually had a point - she was no longer a baby, and keeping this information from her would not have been good.

"Alright, I just don't want you to start freaking out." Greta said softly, her eyes taking in Clarices worn out appearance.

Clarice sighed while rubbing her temples, her face was still a lot paler than usual, and Greta easily noticed the difference.

"Too late..." Clarice teased, trying her hardest to lighten the mood but Greta's frown was enough for them both to fall back into restlessness.

"What are you going to wear for the meeting?" Kim asked her daughter, who sat quietly on the edge of her bed.

Clarice shrugged, there was a little storm in her green eyes and her mother quickly noticed.

"What's wrong sweetheart?" Kim asked her while walking towards her small body and placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Mom... Is he coming here to hurt any of us?" Clarice asked worriedly, her eyes wide yet her brows furrowed.

"What? Who?" Her mother asked in confusion, gazing at her small daughter curiously.

"The King."

"What? Why would he hurt anyone?" Kim tried to remain calm and collected, but even she couldn't lie to save her life when it came to talking about the dangerous King.

Clarice shrugged before getting up and taking the outfit she had already prepared once she had woken up, then quickly went into her bathroom.

Kim was left worried and dumbfounded - all she could think of was - 'who told her that the King was coming to hurt someone?'.

After a good ten minutes of readying herself, Clarice finally came out of her bathroom and realized that her mother was still in her room.

"Mom, why are you still here? Do you not have to get ready as well?" Clarice asked her while looking down at her mothers basic outfit.

"Uh, I just wanted to see the outfit you chose, and I am pleased with it. Now, I can go... uh goodbye." Kim spluttered before sprinting out of her daughters room.

"Weird." Clarice mumbled under her breath before inhaling deeply and shaking her head.

She looked down at her 'meeting appropriate' outfit and smiled.

She wore a pale blue sundress that was flattering over her figure, and reached mid-thigh, she paired it with basic white ballerina flats.

She turned around to face her round mirror, and decided that she was just going to put her unruly auburn hair into a messy bun.

Once she had her hair situation figured out, she slapped on a little bit of blush onto her tan cheeks, a little bit of lip balm onto her pouty lip and a dash of mascara on her already long lashes.

"That's all." She stated before putting back the last of the makeup she'd used, and walking out of her small room.

"Come on girls! We have to go!" Her father sounded really uneasy, and she noticed, but she didn't say anything as she reached him at the bottom of the staircase.

"Well, don't you look beautiful sweetheart." Clarice blushed at her fathers compliment while bowing her head slightly, he chuckled.

"And there's my gorgeous mate." Nathaniel stated as Kim made way down the stairs and to them - Clarice turned around and took in her mothers appearance.

Just like Clarice, she wore a sundress but it was red, and reached just below her knees, she'd paired the dress with some nude pumps and pulled her hair up into a sleek ponytail.

"Nathaniel." Kim blushed while shaking her head - Clarice stayed quiet the whole time, and her parents did not notice this even as they all began leaving their house in complete silence.

Clarice noticed that her parents were blocking her from their heads which meant they were mind linking and she couldn't help but feel her wolf growl in agitation.

She wanted to know what they were speaking about, but they did not allow her to hear - not even as they entered the pack-house where there was a lot of loud chatter, and a lot of turmoil.

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