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Chapter Thirty One.

Cerberus Thorne

“My King, we must sit down to discuss the organization of the ball.” Avons voice echoed in the throne room - it was slightly hoarse due to the previous events in the dining room, but he did not let that affect him.

Cerberus tilted his head to the side while leaning his back deep into his throne - his eyes were narrowed as always and there was a five o’clock shadow on both of his cheeks that gave him a more mysterious look.

You were given that job. There is no need for you to be walked like a pup throughout it.” Cerberus growled out, he hated the way his men needed him for every little thing - he did not want his Kingdom to appear weak, ever.

Avon cleared his throat, “you are correct. However, I did not come here for you to help me, I have come to discuss what packs will be invited and which packs will not.”

The King chuckled humorlessly, trying his hardest to calm his agitation yet Avon noticed it and could not help but rub his throat - his skin had lingering redness on it, and the imprint of fingerprints could easily be made out.

“Avon” Cerberus drawled out lowly, his left hand clenching tightly, “you make it so easy for me to want to sink my teeth into your neck and watch as you disintegrate.”

Avon gulped nervously, “I apologize for having done something to make you feel that way.”

Cerberus shook his head while keeping his intense glare locked on Avon - he looked at Avon like a predator would his prey, and it made the air around them thicken.

You as well as the other men, will start to learn your lessons. Slowly but surely, you will. Now, go to the damn meeting room, gather some men, and finish your job. I have had enough of your presence.”

“Yes my King, certainly.” Avon stuttered out before turning around and walking out of the large throne room.

Cerberus raised his nose as he watched Avons retreating back - every little thing these pathetic pups did irked his very being.

But, he simply could not just kill them. At least, not without making their lives miserable.

“My King, I apologize for rudely barging in, but I wanted to notify you of Rettacus’ presence on the battle grounds.” A guard stated upon entering the room right after Avons departure, before walking closer towards the King with his head bowed.

Cerberus curled his lip up, “you left your position to tell me that? What gives you the idea that I would care?”

The guard licked his lips nervously before clearing his throat, “I apologize, I had not finished, he entered the grounds with the girl.”

Cerberus raised a brow, “Understood.”

That was all the guard needed to hear before turning around and dismissing himself. Nobody ever lingered in the throne room unless they had to, the Kings aura was too intense to bare, especially if he was angry.

Cerberus rubbed his chin, his calloused hand rubbing against his slight stubble before he narrowed his eyes and stood up from his throne.

For some reason, his long legs started to gracefully walk out of his room; absentmindedly so.

The guards sensed his departure from the throne room the second they had heard his footsteps and instantly bowed their heads - he paid them no mind.

He walked down the hall, his head was raised confidently and his hands were clenched by his sides whilst he walked.

His power radiated off of him in waves, and any guard that walked by him instantly stopped to show their necks both in submission and respect.

Even though they were rightfully his men, his protectors, even they knew that if they stepped out of their lanes - he would not hesitate to rip their hearts out of their chests.

Cerberus swallowed roughly when he existed his castle. The cool breeze of the outside hit him once he stepped foot on the grass, making the front pieces of his hair sway - his hair had gotten longer, it was nearly touching his shoulders, but seeing as he hid it inside of his crown, nobody realized its length.

He inhaled the air deeply making his chest broadly puff out. He loved the smell of nature, it calmed his beast.

He loved the location of his Kingdom. It was in the middle of absolutely nowhere - yet, he knew exactly where it was.

The best part of it was, nobody could find it, unless he allowed them to.

He walked through the deep woods slowly, he did not bother to call to his wolf and use the speed that was quicker than an average wolves because he reveled in being surrounded by nature.

He walked calmly through the thick trees, the long vines that decorated his surroundings did not bother him, not even when they nearly slapped his stoic face.

Bushes grazed the thick denim of his dark wash jeans but he paid them no mind.

Soon enough, he had reached the battle ground clearing and he instantly heard the booming chatter and the sounds of grunts and groans as fists loudly connected with skin.

He watched from the distance, behind a large tree trunk with narrowed eyes as his men trained.

He had a Royal trainer.

He was extremely organized. He trained young and strong were’s that were willing to devote their lives to it, and if they showed proper potential, he sent them to the King to make the decision of giving them a guards rank, or sending them to other packs to fight for either Alpha or Beta titles.

The trainer did not live in the Kings castle, however, he did live on the Kings grounds. In his own home, with his wife and pup, deep into the woods.

The Kingdom was mainly filled with men. There were no women around. Cerberus despised women with every bit of him.

He hated the way they were so easily aroused in his presence and instantly deemed them as weak. He hated how manipulative they can be, and strongly despised how thus far every woman he had met, was two-faced.

He believed that women were just devils walking the earth, yet even he knew, after meeting Clarice, all those feelings of hatred were beginning to fade.

His icy gray orbs instantly locked on her whilst she stood - unknowing of his intense gaze - beside Rettacus who was talking to the trainer.

Clarice bit her bottom lip as she listened intensely and nervously played with the end bits of her long hair.

Cerberus eyed her hair with furrowed brows.

Even though he had already seen how it had darkened, it still shocked him that her hair was nearly orange when he had last seen her at the hospital, now it was nearing a dark red and it brought out her dark green eyes.

His eyes raked down her figure, and he realized that even though she was wearing items of clothing that were baggy on her petite body - he could make out that even her body has started to change.

Everything about her was changing from that night, and he was curious to see how much more will.

“Alright, put together two of your best fighters, Claire is interested in seeing a proper fight.” Cerberus heard Rettacus tell the trainer and it made his fists clench.

The King did not care that Rettacus requested a fight, he hated hearing Rettacus called her Claire. It made something inside of him stir.

Ever since he met the girl he could not rid himself of so many emotions foreign to him and it made his beast lash out the only way it knew how to in response.

Which is why he can never stop his harshness when it came to her.

He did not know how to handle her calm demeanor and how freakishly nice and sensitive she was. Yet he would never admit it.

The trainer nodded his head in response before blowing his whistle - stopping all ten of todays trainees from practice fighting.

Cerberus narrowed his eyes - now he had a chance to examine the groups progress.

Yet, no matter how many times he tried telling himself that he came to the battle grounds to check on the trainers - his eyes kept drifting to the one thing that mainly called his name.

The one person.

And she stood with a small smile on her pale face and her arms crossed over her chest.

The shirt she wore was just baggy enough for the neckline to be low and his eyes locked on the two nearly healed punctures in her skin and it made his orbs darken.

His canines elongated and throbbed, he nearly groaned at the pain in his gums. He craved biting into her neck, over and over again, until he was satisfied with the many times he had claimed her before doing the same to the entire length of her small body.

He swallowed roughly and did not turn to watch as all the men moved to the side to allow the best two trainers to begin their fight.

He did not care about the whistle that blew signaling the start because even he knew he did not come here to watch them.

Rettacus busied himself by moving closer to the trainer - Cerberus watched as he excused himself to Clarice and she nodded politely in response.

With her standing alone Cerberus exhaled in relief, he hated how close Rettacus was to her from the start - no matter how badly he had refused everything.

He hated smelling him on her. Especially now, whilst she stood with his mark on her delicate skin.

Under his heated gaze Clarice could not help but furrow her brows - she could feel somebody watching her but shrugged the feeling off, deeming herself as paranoid.

She tried to focus on the gruesome fight happening before her - that she begged Rettacus to let her watch, but something was telling her to look away.

Cerberus glared intensely at her, his body began to heat up more and more, and he had to force himself to dig his claws into the trunk he was standing behind to keep himself situated.

He could not risk letting his beast loose. Not again. He knew she was not ready to know that the beast she had seen in the woods that night, was really him...

But, as if on cue, Clarice licked her dry lips and softly turned her head - the wind started to pick up, and she found her dark emerald orbs connecting with his.

Even past the trunk he stood behind, she could make out his broad figure and the way his icy gray orbs heatedly gazed at her.

She struggled to hold back a shiver under the gaze she was receiving from him.

Her ponytail flew back due to the roaring winds intensity and began to sway wildly behind her, exposing her neck and making the mark on her skin all the more evident.

He smirked when he realized that she was not looking away but she did not see it due to the darkness that surrounded him from where he stood.

However, he most definitely saw the way her cheeks slightly tinged pink and it made his claws dig into the trunk deeper.

The girl was riling something up inside of him, and he did not know if he was ready to find out what it was.

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