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Chapter Thirty Six.

Rettacus Adamos

Rettacus shut the door to Clarices room behind him softly.

After hours of being locked up with her in the bathroom, trying to calm her down then assess her wound and then calm her down some more, he finally managed to persuade her to lay down and fall asleep.

He locked the door from the outside using its key that was always placed above the door on the framing before placing the key safely in his pocket.

He knew she would feel a lot safer with the door locked rather than having it unlocked.

He walked away from her room with a heavy heart and made way down the long staircase.

He did not know what to do anymore.

He knew that there was no way he could ever convince Clarice to stay now, especially after what the King had done to her.

And that utterly broke his heart.

But he did know that now was a better time than any to confront the King about his actions towards Clarice.

When he reached the bottom of the staircase he felt his wolf stir inside of him making him clench his fists tightly.

Suddenly, a bad feeling churned in his stomach making him look up behind him.

His gaze lingered on the top of the stairs curiously - he tried to pinpoint what could be the reason for the bad feeling that he felt, but shook it away with a shake of his head.

Clarice is fine, he told himself. She has only a forearm injury and her door is locked. She is okay.

With that thought in mind he quickly stomped towards the throne room.

His long legs flying through the hallways with unimaginable speed.

Once he reached the large guarded door, he did not bother to ask the guards to knock on his behalf and wait for permission - he just pushed them out of the way and slammed the door open.

He barged inside with angrily furrowed brows before abruptly slamming the door shut behind - the sound so loud it made the wind outside howl and the framed pictures on the wall shake.

“I have been expecting you.” The King stated lowly, his voice holding a slight drawl.

Rettacus curled his lip up, his narrowed eyes latching onto the Kings back who was standing by the large window and glaring at the dark outside.

Rettacus let out a humorless chuckle that sounded malicious even to his own ears, “there is not a hump of regret on that back of yours.”

The King responded with a chuckle that sounded more like a growl - his shoulders shaking - all while standing with his back to Rettacus.

“Of course it would be funny to you. Inflicting pain on a young woman, especially a young woman who just so happens to be your mate is most definitely hilarious to a beast, such as yourself.” Rettacus stated with a curt nod of his head - his words left him in disgust; an emotion that he can only attach to the King standing before him.

The King did not move, nor respond to that, all he did was clench his fists tightly.

Rettacus neared him slowly, “you are so confusing you know that? I have known you basically all my life, yet I still can not read you, nor explain why you do what you do.”

The King cleared his throat abruptly, “I do not need you to read me. I have no reason to explain myself and what I do to you. You are nothing to me.”

Rettacus chuckled darkly, “of course, that is the same for everyone you have met it seems... That much is obvious.”

Rettacus rubbed a hand down his face, his stomach churned with that bad feeling again and he narrowed his eyes thinly.

“Is there a point to this?” The King asked tiredly, his voice as calm and collected as ever and it made Rettacus let out a exasperated growl.

“How can you just stand there while knowing your mate nearly bled out earlier as a result of your own hand?! How can you be so ruthless? I mean I always knew of the kind of person you are, my King, but this?! Even from you I did not expect this!” Rettacus explained angrily, all of his emotions seeping out of him as he glared at the Kings tenseless back.

“And for the moons sake! Turn the hell around and face me like a man! And tell me how you could claw into your own mates flesh and bare to watch as she cried due to the pain you yourself inflicted on her!”

The King did not even flinch and that urged Rettacus to continue - the bad feeling in his gut not once disappearing and he found himself longing to go check on Clarice.

“Do you know how badly she had cried? Do you know how she sees herself? She is utterly broken my King.” Rettacus told him, his voice lowering and cracking at the end as he struggled to stay calm and hold his sadness back.

He willed himself to stay strong.

You broke her. Your endless torment, your ups and downs, everything you have done has broken her in such a short amount of time.”

Rettacus inhaled deeply, his eyes still planted on the Kings broad back and he so badly ached to know what the King was thinking and if his words were making any kind of difference.

Rettacus’ eyes welled up, “in the span of time she has been in this castle, she has spent more time locked up and in the hospital rather than safely with us. Or should I say, rather than safely with you.”

“She is our Regina my King. Your Regina. Your Queen. Your other half that you have spent centuries looking for, and now that she is finally here, you are letting her go away. In fact, you are personally scaring her away... How could you do that?!” Rettacus cried out, willing the King to understand but judging by how motionless he was - he knew that the thick headed man could not be swayed.

“I have grown so fond of that girl. I have become so close to her... I have respected her before I even knew her, yet none of you in this castle could do the same and why? What for? What kind of joy does it bring you to torture a poor young girl for absolutely no reason?” Rettacus asked, and the way his voice sounded made it sound like he was pleading with the King to answer.

Rettacus’ eyes were brimming with hot tears that he refused to let fall and was silently willing the King to turn around or to at least show some kind of remorse.

Rettacus swallowed roughly before clearing his throat and sniffling, “well, I can see that I am wasting my breath here. And I can now clearly see how toxic it is going to be for Clarice to further her stay here and how right she is to want to leave the likes of you. If I had not sworn my life to you, I would follow her myself, but alas I am stuck here.”

Rettacus had not known why he had said that last part but he did, and he did not regret it.

He turned around and with one last sniffle he moved his foot to walk out of the throne room but was stopped by claws that grabbed his throat from behind and spun him around.

Thankfully, the claws did not puncture his skin, they just held his throat tightly.

The Kings dark eyes glared intensely at Rettacus who looked just like Clarice had in the bathroom - confused and upset.

The King growled lowly and judging by the way his face was slightly morphing, Rettacus knew he was close to shifting.

“What do you mean?” The King growled out angrily, yet his worry was heard - it was very far in his tone, but it was louder than ever.

Rettacus licked his lips before chuckling and shaking his head.

“I told you what I meant, I will no longer repeat myself.”

The King growled while widening his eyes, he pulled his claws away from Rettacus before sending a strong punch to his jaw making his head shoot to the side - the strength of the Kings sudden punch made Rettacus fly onto the ground with a loud thud.

“You will no longer repeat yourself?” The King drawled out with an inhumane chuckle.

Rettacus held his jaw in pain while eyeing the King from the ground and taking in his anger with please - good, he wanted the King to be angry.

“You will not need to repeat yourself when I am done with you Rettacus for I-”

The King was interrupted by a loud earthshaking howl that made Rettacus’ eyes widen in fear.

The howl sounded foreign to their ears and close - it was followed by the sound of glass breaking abruptly and a loud thud.

The King narrowed his eyes, raising his head to inhale the air before his gaze went to Rettacus who had jumped up from the ground as if he had not just been punched by a man twice his size.

Rettacus’ bad feeling strengthened and he ran out of the throne room using his wolf speed - the King followed suit.

They needed to figure out what the hell had just happened.

They stopped directly in front of Clarices door before Rettacus began to search through his pockets frantically for the key to unlock it.

The King growled impatiently before slamming his large body onto the door and breaking it open forcefully.

They both entered the room with wide eyes, Rettacus’ heart was beating rapidly and his chest heaved up and down at an unnatural pace.

“Fuck!” Rettacus growled out when his eyes landed on the broken glass from the large window by the vanity and then trailed to Clarices empty yet messy bed.

The King was panting loudly and his rage was evident but the main anger that could be sensed in the room was Rettacus’ and it was directed to the man that was standing beside him.

“You better pray she is alive.” Rettacus growled out before running towards the window and jumping out of it.

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