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Chapter Thirty Eight.

Cerberus Thorne

The Lycan ran with determination.

His meteoric speed had a purpose as his legs helped him fly through the woods.

His eyes had long darkened and mixed in with the night sky - had not been for the beasts large white scleras, his furry face would have looked utterly demonic.

He had been chasing after the wild Lycanthrope for about five hours now and to no avail.

For a freshly shifted Lycanthrope, even he could not deny that her speed was insane.

He sniffed the air to better capture her scent but was met with the metallic scent of blood that made his eyes narrow whilst he ran.

He knew what that scent meant, and as he inhaled more he found himself abruptly stopping and waiting for Rettacus to reach him.

He stood there, in his large form that reached the height of 6’9 nearly 7’ feet - towering above anything with his furry hands clenched into tight fists.

His canines were bared all on their own and his snout was raised - he could not help but continue inhaling that scent.

He let out a growl when he heard Rettacus’ approaching rapid paw-steps.

Even through the thick trees that stuck to each other all around him - he could see as Rettacus slowly made way towards him.

The beast growled before his body began to morph back into his human form.

The shift happened so quickly that nobody would have believed the beast was him - had it not been for his nudity.

Cerberus stood before Rettacus’ wolf and his eyes were undeniably darker than ever - however, they swirled with emotions that were not entirely foreign.

“Shift.” Cerberus ordered lowly, making sure to keep his nose aware of the scent.

Rettacus’ wolf bared his canines before shaking its head with a growl.

“I said shift! Do not toy with me pup! Now is not the time!”

Due to all the authority Cerberus had allowed to seep into his voice - Rettacus’ wolf could not defy his King and so with a low growl, his wolf began to shift back into his human.

Rettacus’ human body appeared before the King on his knees before he slowly rose - his brows were set in a furrow of annoyance as he glared at the King.

“Explain why you have made us stop.” Rettacus stated before curling his lips up.

Neither of the men felt the need to hide their nude bodies for they did not hold any shame. Being bare was normal for their kind, it was natural.

“You have to turn back.” The King told Rettacus, his voice holding an emotion that Rettacus could not make out.

“Now is not the time for this my King. Do not do this now. She needs us.” Rettacus told him pleadingly, he knew that if the King decided to use his authority again he would not be able to defy.

I am not doing anything.”

Rettacus growled lowly before snarling into the Kings face, “then what is the meaning of this?!”

Cerberus bared his canines before inhaling deeply, “smell the air around you. Deeply.”

Rettacus raised a brow, “what?”

Cerberus growled in annoyance, “smell the air around you.”

It took Rettacus a second to see that the King was serious before he raised his nose and inhaled before shrugging.

“Smells like nature to me. As expected.” Rettacus stated, his patience running thin.

The King shook his head, “sniff deeper.”

Rettacus growled but nonetheless did so, he greedily inhaled the air making his flat stomach suck in before exhaling deeply.

The King took in the change in Rettacus’ eyes and narrowed his own - just as he had expected.

“What...” Rettacus stated before his lips etched up into a smirk, “is that?” He drawled out, his eyes sparkling with desire that angered the King.

“Turn back and do not follow the scent any longer. Understood?” The King growled out with his hands clenched tightly - he hated seeing Rettacus lust over the scent that was invading both of their nostrils, it riled him up.

“But I have to help find-”

“You do not have to help with anything, you can not even keep up with me what makes you think you can keep up with her? So you turn back and go to the castle and alert the healer on what is happening. Understood?” Cerberus interrupted Rettacus with no regrets whilst glaring at him intensely.

Rettacus did not respond, he looked to be in a trance as he absentmindedly sniffed the air making his eyes get darker and darker.

Cerberus growled warningly, “turn back.” His order left no more room for discussion and that shook Rettacus out of his trance.

“As you wish. But if neither of you are back and she is not brought home safe, I will come running and you will not be able to stop me.” Rettacus stated strongly, this time his words held no more room for discussion.

Rettacus turned around swiftly before shifting into his wolf quickly and running back to the castle.

Cerberus swallowed roughly before allowing his body to morph back into his Lycanthrope.

The scent hit him stronger in this form.

To him it smelled like metallic blood, but he knew to a regular wolf it smelled like arousal and it urged every wolf that was in the scents distance to follow it before pouncing on the person or thing the scent was rolling off of.

And even though he knew his woods were void of any rogues or trespassers, he still ran while following the scent rapidly - he could not risk it.

He knew that if - Goddess forbid - she was pounced by any rogue wolf or any one for that matter that it would be entirely unforgivable, and that thought made his speed quicken.

His rapid speed made him shoot past thorn-filled branches that grazed his furry skin but he paid them no mind as he chased after her - like a predator would after its prey.

After a while, he felt the scent only get stronger and it made even his Lycans form begin to burn.

Neither his human nor his Lycan could deny the shifts in their body temperature but they paid it no mind and continued to chase.

Cerberus struggled to understand how on earth she could be this fast but it made him swell with pride - he knew that if she were to be his, she could not be anything less than him.

He nearly froze at that thought but willed the beast to keep running.

Due to his beast using all its strength to fly through these woods, it struggled to control Cerberus’ human emotions at the same time - so some of Cerberus’ thoughts poked around in his head and it made the beast go crazy.

Especially after hearing Cerberus refer to the girl as his.

The beast growled when the smell came to a stop in one secluded area where the trees overlapped each other and where absolutely nothing could be made out.

Cerberus forced a shift back to his human body when he realized the scent was not moving any more.

His nude body stood at its large height with no shame or embarrassment in his eyes - like earlier.

His thick curly hair cascaded down to his shoulders and his eyes were set in stone as he inhaled the air deeply.

His eyes darkened as usual but this time matching the beasts demonic look from earlier.

Cerberus licked his bottom lip before tucking it into his mouth and walking deeper into the secluded part of the woods.

He pushed the branches that swung in his face away and nearly growled in annoyance - it was the first time he had not basked in being in nature and he could not understand why.

Now every branch and every vine and every tickle of grass annoyed him and he could not give a reason to it.

His nose involuntary began to sniff as the scent only got stronger and stronger; making sniffing sounds mingle in with rustling as he walked.

His brows furrowed and his large hands remained outstretched as he continuously pushed away vines and branches to clear his path.

He swallowed roughly when he noticed the large furry body that laid tiredly on the ground.

The fur was auburn - he could make that color out anywhere.

His eyes were wide as he took in the length of the Lycans body with his chest puffing out.

His eyes trailed to the Lycans chest which heaved up and down rapidly - it was struggling to catch its breath due to all the abrupt running it had done, and now it was crashing.

Cerberus narrowed his eyes, he did not know how to approach it.

When he had first shifted he was all alone and stuck in his form for months until he learned how to take over and shift back to his human.

So he had no experience in how to comfort another Lycan during its fresh shift.

He had yet to meet anyone that was like him, until now.

Cerberus cleared his throat, not only because he wanted to catch the Lycans attention but because he could not deny how hot the air was getting around them as that familiar scent rolled off of the laying Lycan in waves.

The Lycan looked up at him with wide feral eyes but once those familiar emerald orbs found his - he watched as its gaze softened before those orbs darkened to a color that nearly matched his.

“Shift.” Cerberus stated with a voice that held so much power without him even trying - in fact, he tried to make it sound softer, but it was evidently impossible.

The Lycan growled defiantly making Cerberus curl his lip up.

“Shift now.” He ordered warningly while taking a step closer towards the Lycanthrope that kind of replicated his - had his been slightly shorter and auburn.

The Lycan shook its snout while rubbing its skin on the ground below it making its scent intensify.

“Fucking shift goddamnit!” The King growled out authoritatively, his voice full of something he could not pinpoint as the scent all but consumed him.

The Lycan groaned but it sounded like a pained growl as it struggled to comply.

But it did. After about a torturous second of whimpering, Cerberus heard as its bones began to crack back into a humans place - the sound mingled in with the rustling of the trees as they swayed with the wind.

Cerberus averted his gaze when a body slowly began to form before him and he could not deny the way his stomach churned making his toned stomach flex - making his eight pack all the more visible, even in the dark.

The man was pure muscle, not one speck of fat on his large tanned body.

The hair on his chest made him look all the more masculine and manly as did the hair that went down length of his thick arms - they did not cover the veins that protruded on his skin even without him flexing.

His legs were long and thick as he stood his towering height above the body that was still shifting back slowly.

He heard a low feminine whimper that caught his ears making his heated gaze instantly snap to the girl that appeared below him.

She was curled up and nude - as expected.

Yet he noticed as her shoulders twitched, even in the dark.

Now that she was back to her human form the scent hit ten times harder and it was hard for Cerberus to keep his distance from her.

The smell was no longer that of blood, now it smelled like - to him - what it smelled like to every other wolf.


And it made his hands clench into tight fists and his chest heave up and down rapidly.

“Hey.” Cerberus called out to her, he sounded as awkward as he suddenly felt and had to clear his throat.

Clarice did not move, she continued twitching in this fetal position and Cerberus did not know whether to near her or not.

He heard her sniffle and it felt like a punch in the throat for reasons he could not explain.

That was why he slowly neared her and bent down to wipe her hair away from her sweaty forehead but was shocked when she instantly flinched and bared her canines at him in utter horror.

She was shaking and it made his eyes widen, “do not touch me!”

He narrowed his eyes in confusion before pulling away from her but he felt conflicted when he saw her grimace and clench her thighs harder.

It made him shoot his tongue out to wet his lips before he growled, “do not deny my touch when you yourself are in dire need of it.”

Clarice glared at him with a wild look in her eyes, he knew that her Lycan was now controlling her and that there was nothing she could do about it.

“I would rather burn right here right now than have you touch me.”

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