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Chapter Thirty Nine.

Clarice Mont

She glared at him through the darkness.

Even though the branches from all the trees that towered around them blocked any source of moonlight - she could easily make him out.

Her body was aching, and she felt as if she was on fire.

It took her a second earlier to figure out where the hell she was, but she did.

She felt grass below her and instantly noticed the trees and right away knew that he had taken her to the woods once again.

“Just get it over with.” Clarice growled out to him while hugging her knees up to her bare chest.

He furrowed his brows in utter confusion and it would have been comical to Clarice had she not been so angered and scared to see the King who was so sure of everything furrow his brows and question what she was talking about.

“Lock me up in the cabin already, quit torturing me with your presence.” She explained with a curled lip.

He inhaled deeply in annoyance before walking closer to her.

His scent got stronger the more he neared her and it made her thighs tremble before they clenched together tightly.

He inhaled deeper - this time, with purpose.

She lowered in her head in shame when she realized why she could hear him sniffing so much.

“I am not going to lock you up.” He stated, his voice sounding a lot deeper and coated with lust that made her bite her bottom lip while a grimace overtook her face.

“Then why the hell did you bring me here? Did Rettacus tell you that I was going to leave? Is this some kind of way of you forcing me to stay?!” Clarice asked, her voice was deeper than she had expected it to be and it made her own brows furrow like the Kings had earlier.

She felt even more agitated than ever, and every little thing managed to throw her off.

“You would not be able to leave either way pup, had he told me or not. And this is not me forcing you to stay, you brought yourself here!”

Clarices growled before springing up and onto her wobbly legs - her eyes were glowing in the dark as she bared her canines at him.

She could not control herself and how she was acting - this was something else and it was taking over her.

“I would know if I brought myself here!” She yelled at him while pointing a finger angrily at his chest.

He looked down at her finger in distaste before grabbing her hand and swiftly pulling her nude body to him - her breasts colliding with his broad chest.

The impact of their bare skin suddenly touching sent sparks throughout the lengths of both of their bodies and it made Clarice hold back foreign sounds.

“Clearly you are not yourself right now, so I will allow this behavior of yours to pass without punishment.” He whispered lowly, yet the threat was still there and it made Clarice tug on the hand he was holding.

He looked down between them with curled lips and his rough grip did not waver - he kept her in place and that only intensified the fire that burned intensely between them.

“What would you do have this time? Dig your claws into my neck? Rip out my throat?” She gritted out between pants, neither of them could deny the tension that was growing between them.

He growled warningly, sending her a look that ordered her to stop, and had it been anyone else, they would have without a doubt - but it was Clarice who was under the marks influence and she did not.

“Or would you claw out my eyes?” She asked with a ‘hmm’ at the end, “you can make it easier for me, that way I would not have to look at your damn face any longer.”

Her foul words were a shock to her but she could not control them - everything she said left her lips without her permission.

His calloused hand that was gripping her forearm - the one he had injured that she had yet to realize was now completely healed - had tightened and it made her eyes widen in rage.

She began to try to pull herself away from him again.

“Let me go!” She gritted out, but even he noticed the way she pressed herself closer before pulling back and repeating - they needed each others touch.

Now more than ever.

“You say this... Yet, you are pressing into me.” He drawled out, his voice sounding seductive without him even trying and to her he was like a siren that called her closer - she felt like she was in a trance.

“My King...” she whispered, sending him an innocent look from below her lashes that made him swallow roughly - he could not deny how sensual she was being and it made it hard for him to control the animal that wished to pounce.

You are holding onto me.” She told him, pulling her hand to make him look down and see the large hand that was enclosed around her thin forearm.

He smirked, “indeed I am.”

She narrowed her eyes, the look in his made her thighs tremble and he noticed.

“Are you going to let me go?” She asked him softy, this time she had sounded like her usual self - that familiar angelic tone was back yet she sounded breathless.

He gave her a look, for a second he just looked at her with emotions that were foreign to them both.

“Never.” He stated, his eyes not once wavering from hers.

“I will never let you go.” He stated lowly, his voice was a whisper that mingled in with the wind that howled around them yet Clarice still heard him and her eyes widened slightly.

“Don’t. Please don’t.” She told him quietly, her eyes welling up with so many emotions that they made even him nearly recoil in shock.

His jaw clenched and the hand that was once around her forearm found its way to her cheek and Clarice pushed the side of her face deeper into his calloused hand.

Their eyes were on each other. Not once looking away.

Sparks were shooting all around them and both of their heartbeats echoed loudly in their ears.

She licked her lips when she noticed as his head slowly neared hers and it made her toes curl expectingly.

Not even the harsh wind that nipped at their skin could kill the heat that burned them as they slowly tried to break the space between them.

They found their lips inches apart and Clarice closed her eyes slowly.

She could feel his plump lips grazing hers and let out a small exhale before she smiled softly.

She had expected to feel his lips press gently against hers but his warmth was instantly pulled away when something shot out of the woods and abruptly
neared them.

She yelped in shock before stumbling back and opening her eyes.

“You did not get back in time. I was worried.” Rettacus said the second he had shifted back from his wolf.

The King clenched his fists and growled lowly - Clarices cheeks were burning for many reasons, but she was thankful that the Kings broad body was covering hers.

“I told you not to follow me.” The King growled out, his voice laced with lingering lust that made Clarice clench her thighs - her scent coating the air once again.

She listened in to the sound of Rettacus inhaling the air deeply and hung her head in shame, she was thankful it was dark but once she realized that he too had wolf vision, her embarrassment came back.

“I could not help it.” Rettacus said, this time his voice was also coated with something that matched the Kings voice.

It made Clarice shiver.

“Get the hell away from us Rettacus. You do not want to test me right now.” The King stated angrily, taking in Rettacus’ change in distaste.

“Let me just see her.” Rettacus said softly, clearing his throat to hide his lust that was a reaction to the strong scent.

The King growled warningly and went to step forward but Clarice quickly placed her hand over his clenched fist from behind that instantly stopped him.

“I am okay Rettacus. You can go back.” Clarice told him and that was all he needed to hear before happily shifting back into his wolf and running back to the castle trying to block out her scent.

Clarice took in the Kings broad back with sudden lust that overtook her body and her strong scent invaded his nostrils.

She trailed her hand softly from his fist, up to his forearm, up his strong bicep and stopped at his neck - her fingers grazed the long strands of his hair and she sighed.

“Your hair looks good like this.” She told him softly, the compliment left her before she could even think and she did not care because she knew it was true.

His shoulders tensed.

Her gum began to ache as she eyed his neck and she pressed the pads of her finger on the skin of his soft neck before she moved them in a small circle.

Even though he was a lot taller than her, she could see his neck perfectly and it was calling her name.

“Bend down.” She told him softy, her voice held some power and due to the trance he was suddenly in, he complied - much to her shock.

His neck was now directly in front of her face and she inhaled his scent deeply making his fists clench tightly.

She licked her lips before hesitantly placing them onto his skin - the feeling of her soft lips on his shoulder nearly made him growl and throw her on the ground to take her right here right now.

But he refrained from his animalistic wants.

She kissed his shoulder softly, before kissing up to his neck slowly - she could feel his shoulders twitch and it made her stomach churn in excitement.

Her lips lingered on the spot on his neck that was calling her name before and he noticed, it made his brows furrow.

“Can I mark you?” She asked hotly, her voice coated with so much emotion that it made even her own
toes curl.

He growled instantly before pulling away from making her nearly stumble forward in shock.

No.” He growled out, his eyes glaring at her in utter distaste that made her heart plummet deep into the pits of her stomach.

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