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Chapter Forty.

Cerberus Thorne

“The ball is scheduled for this Friday. We must all be ready. It will be held in our ballroom in the castle.” Avon stated while gazing intensely at all the men that were situated in the meeting room.

Cerberus sat at the head of the long table with a stoic facial expression and a blank look in his eyes.

Rettacus sat to the left of him with a similar facial expression except he was actually listening to Avon.

Marcello and Aurelio were also listening in closely - they had remained quiet for most of the meeting, as they usually did.

“Alright?” Avon asked the King with a raised brow, everyones gaze snapped to the King who looked to be lost in thought.

Rettacus cleared his throat subtly and gently kicked the King under the table - that instantly caught his attention and he growled under his breath.

His dark glare landed on Rettacus who shrugged casually.

“Alright my King?” Avon repeated impatiently, he no longer had will to stay in the room any longer.

“Why are you asking me, if you have already organized everything?”

Avon furrowed his brows, “because I want your input.”

Cerberus shook his head, “you do not want my input Avon, especially when you were given the job. If you think you did good you would not ask for my response, you would say what you have to say, then end the meeting.”

“Do you think you did good?” Cerberus asked him after that little lecture.

Avon cleared his throat nervously, “I do. Everything is done. Catering is called, packs are called, the ballroom will be-”

Cerberus raised his hand for him to stop and he did, “do not explain to me Avon, I do not care. As long as it is done, that is all that matters.”

After that he flicked his wrist and Avon took that as signal to finally dismiss himself - Aurelio and Marcello immediately following behind.

Rettacus remained seated and Cerberus narrowed his eyes before slowly turning his head to look at him.

“Say what you want to say. I can tell how badly you wish you.” Cerberus stated, however his annoyance was easily made out.

“I refrained from asking both you and Clarice anything about last night. But I can longer hold it off, so will you please explain to me what had happened?”

Cerberus let out a humorless chuckle before leaning closer to Rettacus and slapping his large hand onto the back of his neck - patting him once, twice before shaking his head.

“You are far too curious about things that include that girl and I. Stay in your lane Rettacus, it will do you better than to shove yourself into things you do not understand.” Cerberus told him lowly, while giving him a look that held unspeakable warning.

Rettacus narrowed his eyes, “that girl has a name. We all know this. The only reason I am curious is because she is my friend, whom has finally warmed up to me. I want to know about anything that deals with her, so that if she has a problem I can help.”

Cerberus growled before grabbing the back of Rettacus’ neck again but this time with a tighter grip - he pulled Rettacus’ face closer to his so that his canines would be better visible.

“She is nothing to you. Not your friend, not anything. Quit being so intent on knowing everything. I have told you time and time again-”

“Yes, I understand. ‘It will not be good for me’. But I do not care, the poor girl is locked in her room and confused. She is hurt and disappointed. She has no idea what happened to her and I have no idea how to explain anything to her, when I myself have absolutely not the slightest clue what happened.”

Cerberus growled lowly, his grip tightening on the back of Rettacus’ neck, “you do not have to explain anything to her. You have no right to.”

With that, Cerberus pulled away from Rettacus and disappeared from the room in the blink of an eye - the door slamming shut behind him.

Rettacus leaned back into the chair while rubbing the back of his neck to sooth the ache and eyeing where the King had sat in confusion.

Cerberus stood outside of her door with tightly clenched fists.

He used his hearing to strain his ears and try to hear what was going on inside.

But he was met with nothing.

He curled his lips up before shaking head.

He did not know why he had come to her room, nor why he was still standing here, but he was.

Something inside of him was not letting him forget last night.

All that was replaying in his head was that almost kiss and the way they were interrupted by Rettacus - he wanted to kill him the more he had replayed it.

Yet the beast inside of him got more and more riled up the more his inhumanity began to bend.

He could sense the link getting severed slowly and he could not doubt that he was starting to feel human fear - it has been so long since he had felt any kind of true emotion other than utter rage and anger, so this was foreign to him.

The last time he was truly afraid was when he was younger and was left stranded by his birth parents with rogues.

He was only a pup, a little twelve year old pup that was left on his own to fight off wild rogues that held no mercy.

He had been forced to shift that night - underage and impulsively, in order to save himself.

After that, all of his humanity had left him. He no longer felt anything.

After all his childhood trauma, the abuse during his upbringing, the way he was outcast and the way he was left at such a young age to fend for himself - he had forgotten how to feel, and he did not need those emotions back.

With that thought in mind he rubbed a hand down his face before abruptly turning around - however, he did not get far because he heard the way the door behind him swing open and her scent immediately invaded his nostrils.

It riled him up again. In two ways.

It was conflicting to him. He did not know which feeling to abide by.

There was one part of him that was burning and aching to feel his mate against his chest - to feel her lips pressing over the skin that covered his heart with feather-like strength.

Then there was the part of him that wanted to kill her. To just plainly get rid of her so she no longer existed because that part knew that she had the power to bring him to his knees and he did not want that.

He did not want to be reminded of his past once she opens that door. He does not want to have all those feelings come rushing back because he knew how bad they were.

“I thought I heard you.” Clarice stated from behind him, breaking him out of his thoughts and making his shoulders square.

He curled his lip up but did not say anything, he decided it would be best to ignore her for now - at least until he figured himself out.

He took a step forward, in hopes of smoothly walking away.

“No.” Clarice said, her voice dripping with authority that matched his and it made his beast stir - it was odd to hear somebody else sound slightly like him.

“You will not walk away. Not this time. We need to talk, and I believe now is the best time for that.” Clarice told him sternly, her voice was strong and unwavering and he knew it was due to her shifting into her Lycanthrope last night.

Once you take a Lycanthropes form - your old innocence and your old feelings are immediately wiped away and you slowly become a stronger more powerful version of yourself.

So he knew this new Clarice would grow to become an even bigger pain than she already was.

He shook his head before continuing to walk forwards and make way towards the staircase but she beat him to it and in a swift second stood right in front of him with her chin raised and her emerald eyes glaring deeply into his.

He took in the tight green shirt she was wearing that complimented her eyes and the dark wash jeans she wore.

Due to the light in the hallway the changes of her body were easily seen and more prominent.

Her breasts were much larger, and her hips a lot wider than he remembered them being - the change that had caught his interest made it hard for his eyes to remain glued on hers, and she noticed.

“I told you. You can not walk away this time. I will not allow it. We need to talk. Now. I deserve this. I deserve explanations and I know you know what is happening because before I came here, I most certainly did not look like this!” She stated before motioning from her dark burgundy hair, to her defined face and then her suddenly slightly curvaceous body.

He swallowed roughly before clearing his throat, “are you going through something? Do I have to take you to the healer? I do not understand why you look like that. I have never been a woman before.”

Clarice chuckled dryly at his poor excuse of subtly changing the topic away from what she brought up, “are you sure? Because you sure do seem to act out a lot like a woman. A real man would know how to act around his mate and how to accept her. He would know how to speak to her and how to treat her, and he would know how to listen to her, especially when she needs something.”

Cerberus remained quiet as she spoke and every word she said felt like a stab to the gut and not once did her intense gaze waver from his.

She cleared her throat, “a real man would know how to allow his mate to officially mark him. Especially when he forcefully marked her, and without asking too.”

The last part did not come out as strong as the rest had and he knew that him saying ‘no’ to her last night and pulling away from her had definitely hurt her more than he could even imagine.

But he could not allow her to mark him. At least not now. Not when he was so lost.

He raised his nose before scoffing, “are you done?”

She nearly recoiled in shock and could not help but stumble back as if he had pushed her.

It took her a second to swallow back her hurt and he watched as she blinked rapidly a couple of times before clearing her throat and glaring at him dead in his eyes - her emerald orbs suddenly void of all their previous emotions.

“I am done. So done. Done with you in every way. I wish there was a way to change our fate. A way to reject you. A way to make it so that I had never stumbled upon you. A way to erase you from my life.” She said, not one ounce of regret in her words and that nearly made him frown but he remained stoic.

Even though her words burned him more than she could ever imagine, he listened while keeping that blank look on his face.

He had gone through something like this many times. It was easy for him to stay stiff and still.

“God I wish I never met you.”

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