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Chapter Forty Two.

Clarice Mont

Two days have passed since Clarices sudden display of courage and pettiness.

Two days full of torturing the King until he had no other choice but to finally talk to her.

At least - that was what she hoped would happen.

So far everything she had done was not successful at all and she had managed to accomplish absolutely nothing.

The King remained a brick wall that she could not get through but she was determined to break through that rough exterior and find out the truth.

“I will have some dresses shipped in for you tonight Claire. You can choose if you wish to keep them all, or choose just one and send the rest back.” Rettacus’ voice broke her from her train of thought and she turned her head to face him.

They were seated in a formal ‘living room’ of sorts that she had just discovered existed in this castle.

Everything was made out of dark colors mixed with gold starting from the velvety couch and going down to the furry carpets - it was utterly eye catching.

“For what?” Clarice asked curiously, she did not understand what she needed more clothing for when she was barely able to get the clothes he had already bought for her to fit in her wardrobe.

Rettacus chuckled, “oh, I forgot to fill you in. This Friday we are hosting an annual ball. A bunch of packs have been called and the whole thing has been organized. It will be fun, especially for you!”

Clarice furrowed her brows, why had he not told her this sooner?

Even though she was still slightly confused, hearing the fact a bunch of packs have been called made her ears perk up and she nearly began to bounce in her seat.

“So what do you mean by a bunch of packs?” She asked while struggling to hold back her excited smile.

Rettacus noticed the way her eyes started to twinkle and it made his lips etch upwards, “if you are wondering about your old pack, Crest pack, Crescent Arc - whatever you guys had wished to call it, then yes, they will be attending.”

Clarice jumped off the couch and onto her feet and bounced up and down happily while clapping her hands.

She would finally get to see her family again!

“I can tell that that made you very happy Clarice. I am pleased.” Rettacus told her while taking in her gleaming face - she was smiling brightly while nodding eagerly.

“Of course! Do you know how excited I am? It feels like I have not seen them in years!” She stated all while smiling.

Rettacus inhaled deeply before leaning back into the couch.

He was glad that she was happy. But he was scared on how everything was going to play out - he did not know if they would be able to convince her to not want to leave with them once the ball is over.

He so badly did not want her to leave.

Especially now, as he gazed at her through eyes filled with admiration.

His warm eyes twinkled as he took in her bright green eyes and the way she was doing a little happy dance - entirely oblivious to his intense gaze.

He clenched his hands tightly before clearing his throat - the admiration immediately disappearing from his eyes when he felt his heart skip a beat.

He could not believe what he was feeling. He should not be feeling this. Not for her.

“Are you okay Rett?” Clarice asked him upon turning around to face him - he had gone all quiet and his brows were furrowed as he pondered over something.

He cleared his throat again, “yes, why?”

She chuckled, “nothing. You just seemed like you had a lot on your mind.”

He shook his head while smiling weakly and watched as she plopped back onto the couch beside him, her shoulder slightly brushing against his making him hold back a shiver.

There were absolutely no sparks - none at all. Yet, he still felt something.

He closed his eyes before scooting away from her subtly - he did not want to raise any curiosity from her.

He could not bare lying to her if she chose to ask him what was wrong once again.

“May I ask what time I must be ready that day?” Clarice asked, her happiness not once wavering and it made his insides clench.

He loved to see her happy - especially after all of that anger that she had for the King, and especially after undergoing all that she had.

“Whatever time you please.” He told her softly, the way his voice sounded made her brows furrow but she shook it off.

He sounded different - even to himself - but she thought maybe it was just her imagining things.

“Alright, I guess I will go back to my room and wait for that shipment, I will let you know what I choose tomorrow. Thank you for purchasing them for me, I appreciate it.” Clarice suddenly said making Rettacus sit up before shaking his head.

“Do not thank me for such small things Clarice. I am more than happy to purchase things for you. I just hope you will like them because in the end I am a man.”

Clarice covered her lips when a chuckle bubbled in the back of her throat and shook her head, “I am sure they are just as beautiful as the rest of the stuff you had purchased for me.”

His cheeks tinged a slightly pinkish color and he had to avert his gaze from her - she did not have enough time to notice his blush because of the way he had turned his head so she continued to smile at him.

“Alright, see you.” She told him before pushing herself off of the couch.

He nodded politely and watched as she turned away from him and left the living room.

He let out a puff of air that he had not realized he had been holding once she was gone before raking his hands through his hair and shaking his head.

He willed himself to get rid of these feelings instantly, or else it would be the last straw for him.

Clarice reached the staircase with a small smile on her lips - her eyes were swirling with a bunch of different emotions whilst she pondered over finally seeing her family.

She was pulled from her thoughts when she found herself near the door to the office from last time.

The office where he had hurt her so badly.

Her lips itched up into a smirk and she could feel something begin to stir wildly inside of her.

The uncontrollable feeling was back and that made her eyes widen - she willed herself to walk up the stairs and lock herself in her room like she had originally planned to do, but her legs moved on their own accord closer to the office.

Her hand went around the door knob and she twisted it open as if the room belonged to her and only her.

Her eyes were turning a darker shade and the wary Clarice from before was suddenly long gone and this new one was adamant on finding out why the King had been so rough towards her that day - just because of a mere book.

She shut the door behind her and locked it. She was not taking any chances.

The office was empty but his smell lingered and it riled the uncontrollable feeling up more - it was strange and she knew it.

She could no longer feel her wolf stirring, now it was something else and it was so confusing for her.

She walked to the table with wide nosy eyes and expected to see the large book like last time but unfortunately this time it was not there.

The table was empty aside from some files, pens and pencils.

She struggled to hold back a small growl before walking towards the bookshelves that were strategically placed against the walls of the office.

She knew he had hidden it - that or he just placed it back. But she ached to find it.

To find it and read it.

To find out the truth.

To figure out the importance of that book.

Her eyes glimmered when she spotted a huge book peeking through on the last bookshelf to the right of her - he had tried to hide it by placing other books on top but she could have recognized that unnaturally large book anywhere.

She eagerly ran to it and bent down to pull it out.

And with a bit of a small struggle she did. She pushed the other books back in place and hugged the large heavy book to her chest tightly.

The dust was invading her nostrils and the old scent nearly made her sneeze but she held it all back - she did not want anyone to hear that she was in here, and thankfully she knew that the King had a meeting today with the trainer - so he would be gone for a while.

She looked at the book happily before walking away from the bookshelves and towards the door - she would be taking the book with her, and she hoped that nobody saw her.

Especially not the guards.

She inhaled shakily before opening the door - nearly dropping the book but managing to hold it steady.

She stepped out and shut the door behind her before calling to her wolf and using her speed to run through the hall, to the stairs and up them.

She ran at lightening speed and it shocked her - she knew she was fast, but not this fast. It felt as though she had teleported and when she reached her door, her legs felt a lot like jello.

She used her trembling hand to open her door before she entered the room and slammed the door shut behind her.

Her whole body was shaking but once she locked her bedroom door - she collapsed on the ground with the large book still in her hands before letting out a loud huff.

She felt as though she had committed a crime but she did not care. She told herself that she would find out the truth - she had been determined too.

And whether it was from the King himself or not, she did not care.

She was just happy that she had gotten a step closer to completing her goal.

She looked down at the book before gently placing it onto the ground.

Her heartbeat was hammering against her skin and she struggled to inhale deeply but she willed herself to calm down.

She knew he would punish her for this once he finds out but she did not care. At least not now.

So, with trembling fingers she opened the book and watched as a bunch of dust flew out of it making her erupt into a coughing fit.

Her eyes watered but she paid it no mind.

She bit her bottom lip nervously before clearing her throat - she felt as if this was an invasion of his privacy but shook that thought away.

Everything he has done to her thus far had been an invasion of hers and he has yet to apologize.

So that was why she bent her head down and began to read the large cursive letters curiously.

It happened on a full moon. It was not as typical as usual.

He had shifted, but it had not been into a wolf.

He had shifted into the beast of the night.

And after that even he knew that he would never be the same man ever again.

For once you take the form of a Lycanthrope, you become more beast than man.

Especially if you allow it to take over you entirely.

The study of the dark ages is all written here,

Everything has been documented

The rest of the page had been ripped so she could not finish it yet what she had read made her gulp before licking her dry lips.

It had only been the introduction and she was already scared to read more.

She traced the huge cursive words that spelled out lycanthrope with the pad of her thumb - she did not know what that was, and she was utterly horrified to find out.

But it did not stop her from flipping the page and continuing.

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