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Chapter Forty Three.

Clarice Mont

Once the new form is taken,

All sense of humanity is lost and the man that once was,

Is gone.

When the form of a Lycanthrope is taken, everything changes.

The human body begins to undergo changes that make them more defined.

The human side of a Lycanthrope is undeniably beautiful.

Wickedly beautiful.

Yet underneath all the layers of skin is the side of the beast.

Upon the humans shift the body morphs into that of a 6’ foot creature that towers over regular were’s.

A Lycanthrope stands on two feet, on its hind legs and uses the other two as hands with claws so sharp they could cut a person in half in a second.

The one documentation of a Lycanthrope that had been spotted during the dark ages was a pups.

His name was discovered to be Cerberus Thorne,

And he had shifted impulsively - after him, came no other.

He was the only recorded Lycanthrope in the world.

The story of his start is utterly gruesome,

It started with-

Clarice rubbed her temples when she realized that even the rest of this page had been ripped apart.

She had been sitting on the floor for the past two hours - her eyes glued onto the pages in front of her, and she was barely halfway through the large book.

She had learned a bunch of gruesome things about Lycanthropes in the timespan of reading and yet she still did not understand the Kings protection over this book.

What did a Lycanthrope have to do with him?

Her eyes lingered on the name of the one discovered boy and she could not help but trace the scripted letters with the pad of her index finger curiously.

The name felt like it was familiar to her but she was sure that she had never heard it before.

Cerberus Thorne.

She sighed before flipping the page, her eyes landed on very intriguing words and she could not help but feel them widen.

She noticed the words King and Beast but before she could make out what they said a knock interrupted her making her eyes snap up to her door.

She looked at the book warily before picking it up and running to her bed - she bent down and shakily placed it under the bed, pushing it slightly deeper inside to the point where it was not visible yet still easy to reach.

She swiped her hands on her clothes to clean off the dust that lingered on her skin before composing herself.

She was nervous and flustered, and she knew that she should try not to be otherwise she would easily get caught.

Another knock echoed in her ears and she nearly jumped before clearing her throat and anxiously rubbing the back of her neck.

“Who is it?” She croaked out before grimacing - she sounded guilty and she hated it.

“Clarice? It is me, Rettacus.”

Clarice inhaled deeply before exhaling and muttering a small ‘thank goddess’ under her breath before walking to her door.

She unlocked the door and twisted the knob before pulling the door open to reveal Rettacus with a metallic clothing rack to his side that was holding five different eye catching dresses.

Clarice furrowed her brows before moving out of the way in order to make it easier for him to walk in.

“That is way too many dresses Rett!” Clarice finally stated in exasperation while eyeing the dresses in shock.

He chuckled before turning around to face her - his eyes twinkling with that familiar warmth that she had gotten so used to.

“I told you Claire. If it is too much you can choose one and send the rest back. Or if you wish to keep them all-”

Clarice cut him off instantly with an abrupt shake of her head, “no, no! Only one is enough. The ball is one night after all. What would I need more fancy dresses for anyway?”

Rettacus shrugged before sighing, they fell into a silence after that before Clarice broke it.

“Rett can I ask you something?”

Rettacus furrowed his brows in confusion before warily nodding his head.

She shut the bedroom door behind her and locked it before stepping closer to him.

Rettacus could not help but feel excited after that, his cheeks even tinged pink and he could not help but notice how nervous she was to ask him what she wanted to - she even began to fiddle with her fingers.

He waited expectingly.

“What is a Lycanthrope?” She asked hesitatingly, her words were met with no response and her eyes took in the way Rettacus’ smile suddenly fell.

Her brows furrowed - had he expected her to ask him something else? She shook that thought away, what else could she have asked him that could have made him that happy? Strange.

She cleared her throat when she noticed how awkward it suddenly got, “Rett?”

He rubbed a hand down his face before clearing his throat in embarrassment.

“I apologize. Um, you want to know what a Lycanthrope is? Why? Where have you heard of that term before?”

Clarice narrowed her eyes, why was he questioning her?

“Why are you answering my question with a question Rett? I just want to know what it is. I mean, I kind of have an idea, but I just want to be clear on it.” She said softly, trying to sound as genuine as possible and not as though she had just learned about the term through the book she had stolen from the King.

Rettacus coughed awkwardly, “well, a Lycanthrope is kind of similar to a wolf... So, you know the way us were’s shift into our wolves?”

Clarice nodded while listening intensely.

“Well, a Lycanthrope goes from a human to that form - just like we do. However, it is far different from a wolf. A Lycanthrope is a beast that stands on two hind legs, unlike us who stand on four, and having that form is very difficult to explain. I mean, not only are there shifting changes, there are human body changes as well. As I have heard.” He continued but even he was unsure about what he was explaining to her - he did not have much knowledge on Lycanthropes himself.

Clarice furrowed her brows before licking her lips - she had already learned all that from the book, but what had she expected to hear?

She could not blatantly ask him about the book, why it mentions Lycanthropes and why the King is so obsessed with it.

She inhaled shakily, “can I ask you something else?”

He instantly nodded before rolling his eyes, “why do you even ask that? Of course you can.”

She lowered her gaze before mustering up the courage to ask, “do you know of anybody with the name Cerberus Thorne?”

Rettacus’ eyes widened before a small laugh escaped him, Clarice recoiled in confusion before he cleared his throat and composed himself.

“Why was that funny?” Clarice asked while struggling to keep her tone of voice from sounding offended.

Rettacus chuckled, “I apologize. I do not mean to offend you. But Cerberus Thorne is our King.”

Clarice felt her face fall the second he had said that and memories suddenly appeared in her head - replaying over and over again.

The night in the woods when she had seen a beast - the one that stood one two hind legs. The one that terrified her to her very core.

It suddenly clicked in her head and her eyes nearly widened into saucers.

The beast she had seen was a Lycanthrope.

Her knees began to wobble when she remembered what she had read before she was interrupted by Rettacus.

The one documentation of a Lycanthrope that had been spotted during the dark ages was a boys.

His name was discovered to be Cerberus Thorne.

Her breath began to leave her lips in pants and she suddenly felt very dizzy.

This revelation explained everything.

The way he had suddenly appeared behind her that night - she had just assumed that he had scared the beast off, but no, it was him the whole time.

It explained his anger and his sharp claws, and it even explained why he looked so gorgeous and how defined his body and face was compared to everyone else.

It explained why she had been feeling the way she had after being marked.

And now she knew that she must speak to him. Now there is no way he could stay silent.

“Clarice are you okay?” Rettacus asked her worriedly.

She gulped roughly, “I-I have to go.”

He furrowed his brows, “where?”

She turned around abruptly and opened her bedroom door, “to speak to my mate.”

Those determined words made Rettacus’ face fall and his heart plummet down to his stomach but what had he expected after all?

He watched as she suddenly disappeared at the light of speed, leaving the bedroom door open behind her as she frantically sought out her mate.

The man he knew he could never take the place of and that made his heart break more than it had when he first realized that his friendly feelings for Clarice turned into something more.

Something that could not only ruin his friendship with her, but his life.

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