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Chapter Forty Six.

Cerberus Thorne

Fists colliding against skin was all that could be heard in the distance of the Kingdom.

Grunts and groans in utter agony mingled in.

The wind howled wildly around the brutal man that was enraged to no end.

He growled loudly before allowing his sharp claws to elongate from his nails and he sent his hand flying forwards - scraping against his victims flesh mercilessly.

The claws dug into his skin deeply, severing the light pink flesh and opening up four long scars on his chest.

Blood instantly seeped from the severed skin and it only egged the angered King on.

Cerberus was panting as he ruthlessly tore his man apart.

He beat him carelessly - as if he had been a rag doll.

He sent punch after punch, cracking Rettacus’ jaw more than once.

Blood had long been trailing out of his crooked nose, and the corner of his bruised up lip.

“Now you know to never touch what is mine.” The King gritted out while barring his sharp canines that glistened under the sun.

He had beaten his man up outside, bringing shame upon him in front of everyone.

His other men had gathered, as had mostly all of his guards and the healer - they all watched as their King gruesomely made an example of Rettacus.

Rettacus was hunched over and struggling to breathe.

Blood was seeping out of his torn chest and his face was scrunched up into a painful grimace.

His fear and agony could be sensed from a mile away yet nobody cared to stop the fight.

The King grabbed him by his throat and raised him to his level.

Cerberus looked him dead in his eyes with immense intensity - analyzing the utter fear and regret that swam in Rettacus’ eyes mercilessly.

“If I see you so much as breathe the same air as her.” He panted out angrily, spit flying from his mouth as he screamed in Rettacus’ face.

He shook the entire length of Rettacus’ body with his hand still around his throat before snarling, “I will bite into you and watch as you melt before me.”

With that he threw him onto the ground and did not bother to give him another glance when he turned around and departed the bloody area.

The men instantly dispersed and made way for the King to smoothly walk back into his castle with his fists clenched tightly and the skin of his knuckles bruised and covered in blood.

His chest was heaving, and his beast was still not satisfied, he craved to watch as Rettacus’ eyes gave out before him, but he knew he could not do that.

He could not kill his own man like that.

He did not bother to converse with anyone as he stomped to his room with an agenda in mind.

Wash away all of the blood then organize a cell for Rettacus to be locked up in for the time being.

He had been loose enough for long, and seeing as he could not kill him, he could at least keep him from his sight.

That way he would not lash out on him.

Cerberus inhaled deeply to calm himself down, flashes of Clarice from last night aggressively replayed in his head and he could not help but feel more riled up than ever.

As a new storm awakened in the pit of his stomach he found his feet taking him down a path that went away from his room.

His brows furrowed and he struggled to pull himself out of this trance.

He stormed down the hallway and instantly found himself standing in front of Clarices bedroom door with his chest puffing in and out heavily.

He was panting.

Struggling to breathe in fact, as something unexplainable burned in the pit of his stomach.

His fists suddenly ached but he paid them no mind as he carelessly barged into the girls room, and slammed the door shut behind him.

He took in the rooms dimness in confusion and the sound of sniffling in the distance.

He raised his nose and greedily inhaled her scent that lingered throughout the room before Rettacus’ somehow found way into his nostrils making him growly lowly before he abruptly flicked the light on.

His fist pounded against the light switch, nearly denting the wall due to the strength he had used.

His narrowed glare glued on Clarice who was sitting on the edge of her bed, with her back to him and her shoulders trembling.

He growled lowly, trying to catch her attention because he knew that she knew he had entered.

And she did, she turned around with her lips slightly open and her eyes slightly agape with different emotions swirling in them.

Her eyes were bloodshot and that made his lip curl up.

Something inside of him continued to stir the longer he gazed at her and he watched as she frantically stood up and made way towards him on wobbly legs.

She frantically wiped her cheeks with shaky hands.

“I am so sorry!” She cried out loudly making his eyes narrow even more, frustration making his jaw clench tightly.

“I tried to explain to you!” She gasped out, struggling to breathe through her tears.

Her crying made him even angrier, not because it bothered him, but because he hated seeing her cry.

“Rettacus did not kiss me, he was merely help-”

Cerberus cut her off with a loud growl.

A growl so powerful it nearly made her fall to her knees.

She instantly shut her mouth and stifled a pained sob.

He snarled at her, “never mention his name in front of me again.”

He raised his finger to point it at her sternly, she took in his elongated claw and flinched in fear - yet the blood that coated them made her nearly yell in terror.

She slapped a hand over her mouth and he watched as she struggled to form words.

He pulled his hand back when he noticed why she looked so terror stricken all of a sudden before his shoulders tensed.

“W-what happened?” She croaked out whilst cool tears poured down her cheeks, her bloodshot eyes were roaming the length of his face worriedly.

“Nothing that you must concern yourself with.” He stated strongly while raising a brow that dared her to continue to question him.

She sniffled loudly.

“Clearly it does if you have decided to join me in my room after.” She retorted breathlessly, her shoulders still shaking with every tear that trailed out of her eyes.

He clenched his fists tightly, “if you must know, your little friend will not be seeing you any time soon.”

Those words made her face pale and he noticed.

The way she reacted made him feel over possessive and he could not help but raise his chin in disgust.

“Did...” she stammered, her stammering resulting in a croaked sob, “did you kill him?” Her voice cracked.

Her eyes searched for the truth in his and she was pleading for the truth to be that Rettacus was still alive.

Cerberus chuckled maliciously making her shiver before him, “if only.”

Those words made her shoulders fall in relief and he noticed.

“Why does that relieve you so much?” He asked her while glaring at her in distaste.

She noticed the look in his eyes and wiped her face before clearing her throat.

“He is-”

Cerberus cut her off instantly, “In fact, I do not understand what you need another man for.”

Her face fell.

“Do you enjoy the presence of another male? Is that it? A foreign one at that? Whilst your mate is in the distance?” He asked her, and his disgust was louder than his words.

She shrunk and lowered her head in shame - his words were not true in the slightest, yet they still hurt.

“Women like you disgust me.”

She flinched as if he had punched her and he noticed.

“Women like you are the reason why-” he stopped and this time, she noticed how quick he was to put an end to his own statement and that made her eyes snap upwards with a feral look in them.

“The reason why, what!” She urged him to continue before scowling, he clenched his jaw tightly.

“Feel free to continue while you are at it Cerberus, feel free to jump to more conclusions because that is all you are good at.”

Her angered words made his lips curl up and the storm return to his eyes.

“If you had listened to me - mind you, like I had told you to last night, in your room... No, I practically begged you to just listen to me whenever I have something to say and you had agreed to - none of this would have happened!” She yelled out in between pants.

He took in the way her cheeks reddened and the way she practically ran out of breath before shaking his head.

“I know what I saw.”

She scoffed, “no, you know what you think you saw and then you made your own conclusions, like a child.”

He growled lowly and she knew she hit a nerve, that made her smirk.

“You are supposed to be the King of all wolf borne and yet you act like a damn child. It is amusing to say the least. Yet, if you would just listen I promise you none of this would be happening.”

He gritted his teeth.

“When you walked in, he was helping me pull my hair from the sequins of the dress. He had wanted to see the dress on me and when he noticed the strands that got entangled he tried to help me, and that is when you walked in. I understand why it looked the way that it looked, but I promise you, nothing happened.” She stated strongly while keeping her honest eyes locked on his.

He swallowed roughly, “why was trying on a dress more important than meeting me for the conversation you were dying to have? In fact, how do you expect me to even believe that nothing had happened when I know you would have killed to have that talk with me.”

“I do not expect you to believe anything. That is far from my limits. I am trying to explain what happened, yet you will not have it... Rettacus had begged me to try the dress on and I did, I did not notice the time, but after everything he had done for me, I wanted to do that simple thing for him. It did not seem like a crime.” Clarice responded, her gaze not once wavering from his as he glared at her.

“Why did he want you to try on a dress? Do you not hear how absurd that sounds?!”

Clarice shrugged, “he said it was his favorite one and he was mad I had not picked one, and so I agreed to show it to him on, again I did not see that as a crime.”

Cerberus chuckled dryly at her words, she watched as his eyes darkened and as his shoulders squared in confusion.

“His favorite one...” Cerberus trailed off making Clarice instantly nod her head.

“Yes, he said it was his favorite and that he loved to see how it looked on me, and since I had not tried them, that would have been the perfect-”

He cut her off abruptly, “which one?”

Clarice raised a brow in confusion, “which one what?”

“Which one is his favorite?” Cerberus asked angrily, his patience wearing thin.

Clarice cleared her throat, “um, the burgundy one.” She pointed to it on the rack, “with the sequins.”

Cerberus turned his head to the rack and she watched as his demeanor swiftly changed, “are they all from him?” He spat out.

She gulped before mumbling a small, “yes.”

She watched in confusion as he stomped towards the rack as if it was his biggest enemy before he first ripped the burgundy one aggressively from it and began to tear it up with his claws.

Clarice shrieked before running towards him with wide and frantic eyes, “no! Do not do that!”

Yet he did not stop, once this dress was utterly torn and in pieces on the ground he followed with the rest and ignored Clarices loud pleading until he had torn all of them up.

He took the rack and threw it carelessly across the room making it thud against the wall behind Clarices bed then fall onto her bed with a loud thud - she had only flinched in response.

She was shaking and crying beside him, her pitiful gaze on the once beautiful dresses that were torn to utter pieces on the ground below her feet as if they were worth nothing.

He growled at her reaction.

“Do not cry over pieces of fabric.” He spat out at her making her head snap up as she glared intensely at him through her blurred vision.

“Or what? You will tear me apart just like you had them?!” She cried out in despair, he kept a blank face as he watched her.

She bent down to frantically begin picking up the pieces and he bent down to stop her by aggressively pulling her arm, she pulled away from him and snapped her eyes to him - a feral look in her emerald orbs.

“Let me go!” She ordered sternly before pulling away from him entirely and continuing to do what she had been doing.

Her hands were shaking as she grabbed the torn fabrics and Cerberus could feel as the line between his patience and his growing frustration broke.

He found himself bending down to grab her forearm abruptly making her growl loudly in response and thrash against him but this time he held on to her tightly before pulling her up and flush against him.

She cried in his hold and slammed her fists against his chest, the fabric she had picked up had long fallen from her hold.

She continued to pound against his chest until he let out a warning growl and she snapped her frustrated glare up.

“I know what your problem is!” She cried out breathlessly and he smirked darkly before tilting his head.

“Humor me.” He stated hoarsely while bending his head so they were eye level, she leaned her head back in disgust.

“You are jealous.” She spat out making him chuckle dryly - she narrowed her eyes at his response, and he just managed to pull her even closer to him.

“So what?” He asked lowly while moving his lips slowly, their close proximity making their lips graze the tiniest bit, sending sparks shooting down their bodies.

She inhaled shakily.

“As you had said, I am the King of all wolf borne, and I can most definitely be possessive over what is rightfully mine.”

She glared intensely at him and watched as his intensely narrowed eyes did not waver from hers.

“I am not yours. Not at the time being, not until you learn to trust me. Not until-”

“Sweetheart, you have been mine since before you were even born.” And with that he slammed his lips roughly against hers sending shock waves down both of their bodies and making Clarice gasp aloud.

Neither of them could deny the truth of his sudden confession.

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