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Chapter Forty Nine.

Clarice Mont

She had woken up with a start.

Her palms felt sweaty and her throat dry whilst she pushed the comforter that was covering her body off of her and sat up.

She gracefully swung her legs off to the side and stood up off of her comfortable bed.

She was feeling giddy and anxious - she definitely has been feeling this way for a while now, but today all of those feelings hit the hardest.

She eyed her window that was covered by airy curtains before walking up to it and spreading them apart happily - the golden sun instantly took over her face making the rays kiss her tan skin.

She inhaled blissfully before smiling, the sun felt amazing against her skin and she basked in its glory.

She walked away from the large window, the smile she had was still in tact on her face whilst she practically pranced towards the bathroom.

She had an agenda in mind for today.

She would shower and bathe properly - that included all feminine necessities in case she had to wear something that showed her legs or the length of her arms of.

She would brush her teeth and do her normal hygiene accordingly, and then rummage her wardrobe for something proper to wear for the ball.

When she shut the door behind her, she instantly tugged off the t-shirt she had slept in, the small cotton shorts and her undergarments before walking to her shower and turning it on.

Once the water was the perfect temperature, she stepped into it and shut the glass doors that had instantly fogged up due to the steam from the heat.

She slicked her instantly dampened hair back and away from her eyes which she had longed closed before allowing herself to bask in the feeling of her shower.

The warm water cascaded like a waterfall down her delicate skin, trailing quickly before it met with the tiled ground.

Her mind was full of thoughts.

She wondered how her parents would react upon seeing her, or if they even knew that she was here.

She wondered how she herself would react upon seeing them.

Her heartbeat began to quicken and she found herself snapping her eyes open - she reached for her shampoo and moved rapidly.

The quicker she finished cleaning herself, the quicker the time would come to seeing her parents.

She tucked the towel in place before exiting the bathroom slowly and shutting the door shut behind her.

She had been looking at the ground whilst thinking about what to do first.

Should she clean her bed, or begin rummaging through her wardrobe?

She decided she would clean her bed first, as it would pose as less of a struggle later.

Upon finally looking up she could feel as her eyes instantly widened when they glued on something that had not been in her room earlier.

A beautiful gown had been hung on her door - patiently awaiting her presence it seemed.

She blinked rapidly before running towards it whilst holding her towel securely in place.

Her eyes were glistening with admiration whilst she examined it.

She was shocked.

The gown was utterly stunning.

It was a dark emerald green color, and it seemed to have a long train that had such intricate detailing.

The top seemed to be off the shoulder due to the two straps that were dangling off to the side in a spiraling way and the neckline was bateau.

As she analyzed the dress intently she had noticed that the fabric used looked like it was sparkling and it made her gasp excitably.

Her shaking fingers went to grasp a small feel of the gown and she felt unworthy of just giving it a mere touch.

The material felt like utter silk against the pads of her fingers and it looked just like it felt - undeniably expensive.

The dress was completely and utterly one fit for a queen and it made her cheeks burn.

Her heart skipped a couple of beats when she imagined herself wearing it and she nearly squealed.

She could not even fantom who could have possibly gotten this dress that seemed like it costed an extortionate amount of money for her nor how they managed to get it inside so quickly without her even realizing it.

Her mind wandered to the conversation she had with Marcello in the kitchen last night and her brows furrowed - there was no way he had gotten her this dress.

Before she could confirm her thoughts in her mind, the sudden sound of a throat clearing broke her from her thoughts with a start and she gasped loudly.

She spun to the side and her wide - frightened - eyes locked with the Kings.

He had been standing in the corner of her room with his hands tucked into the small pockets of his dark wash jeans and his back leaning onto her wall for support.

She inhaled shakily. How had she failed to notice that he was in her room? Now that she inhaled the air much deeper she caught a whiff of his scent that had undoubtedly coated the air in her room.

“Do you like it?” He asked her lowly, his icy grey orbs gazing at her intensely from under his hooded eyes.

She gulped nervously before she felt her gaze go from him to the stunning gown and back, her lips opened up into an ‘o’ shape.

“Did-did you get this for me?” She asked in utter bewilderment, and watched as his eyes took in the way she had tightened her hold on her flimsy towel.

He raised his chin before raising a sharp brow, “and what if I had?”

She suppressed a surprised squeal before smiling brightly and his eyes slightly widened in shock before they went back to being narrowed.

“I love it! Thank you so much! Oh my Goddess!”

He gazed at her with a pleased look in his eyes before nodding his head, she turned back to look at the dress before allowing the pads of her fingers to hesitantly touch the long ballgown once more.

“I am not worthy of such a beautiful dress. Thank you so much.” She whispered out again, her voice thickly coated in sincerity.

When she was met with silence she had not even bothered to turn to see why, for she had suspected that he had returned to being his stoic self but once she felt his body heat suddenly enveloping her entirely from behind, she inhaled shakily and shivered at the sparks that traveled up and down her spine under the thin towel like tiny spiders.

She could feel as the pads of his calloused fingers traveled up the length of her forearm and up to her shoulder painfully slow - the feeling of their skin touching sending more and more core shaking sparks up and down her body.

Goosebumps formed on her skin and her attention was no longer on the gown before her, but on the brooding man standing directly behind her.

“This gown is unworthy of being on your body, not the other way around.” He whispered lowly in her ear, his cool breath fanning the slope between her shoulder and her neck making her hold back a squirm.

The towel did nothing to conceal the feeling of his front that was pressing directly onto her back and that revelation made her toes curl.

She inhaled shakily when she felt him lean his lips downwards and with gentleness she never expected him to have felt him place a feather-like kiss onto her shoulder.

Her eyes fluttered shut and she felt her heart skip a beat.

The way he was suddenly behaving towards her made her heart feel full and her stomach erupt into a swarm of tiny little butterflies.

She was sure this is what having a mate was supposed to be like and she smiled to herself blissfully.

“Now, you will wait for Abigail to come upstairs. She will be tending to whatever needs you may have. Understood?” He suddenly asked her, his body unexpectedly ripping away from her and her own body instantly missing his familiar warmth.

Her eyes opened up and she turned around with her brows furrowed in confusion, “needs?”

The King raised a brow pointedly - he reacted as though the question she had just asked him was utterly stupid.

“For the ball I meant. Whatever womanly need you may have.” He tried to clear up awkwardly and the sight of him getting uncomfortable in front of her made her bite back an amused smirk.

She raised a brow again in mock confusion, even though she completely understood was he was trying to say.

He groaned, “hair and makeup, needs of that kind woman!”

She chuckled in response and shook her head, tears forming in the corner of her eyes as she laughed loudly at his childish anger and the way his cheeks had turned the slightest shade of pink possible.

He did not growl warningly or anything as she had expected him to, in fact when she inhaled deeply after finishing her laughing fit, her wide eyes found his and much to her surprise, his were just dancing in utter amusement.

A small knock resonated in her room and she stood up from her vanity instantly.

She walked towards the door and gently pushed the huge gown to the side to find the knob and twist it - the door opened with a low creak.

Once it had opened it revealed a small woman, who was only a couple of inches taller than Clarice.

She had her unruly black hair tied up into a messy bun and her face coated nicely in makeup.

She was dressed professionally - as if she had come here to attend a pack meeting and not to just fix Clarice up for the ball.

Clarice smiled, “hello, you must be Abigail?”

The girl smiled back at her before giving Clarice a curt wave, “yes that is me, but you can call me Abby for short. Abigail makes me feel old.”

Clarice chuckled before moving out of the way and allowing the girl to walk in, once she had, she softly shut the bedroom door closed.

“Wow, is this your gown? It is utterly stunning!” Abigail gushed while eyeing the emerald ballgown, Clarice smiled sheepishly before nodding.

“Wow, you are one lucky girl.” Abigail stated while giving Clarice a look and a bright smile.

Clarice nodded - she agreed with her, she was lucky, in this moment right now, she was undeniably lucky.

“Alright Clarice, what should we get started with first? I would start with pleasantries, but we both know how long getting ready takes and how impatient the men in this castle are.” Abby stated making Clarice chuckle while nodding her head.

“So I believe we should start with my hair first and just to let you know, I had previously pulled out my own tools just in case, and now since I notice that you are in fact short then I want you to know that I have everything you may need...” Clarice trailed off while eyeing the area around Abigail who was smiling sheepishly.

“Yes, today I could not bring anything, my case that held my tools had broken so I had prayed you would have some things. If not, I would have forced my mate to bring me all my things.” Abby confessed nervously while rubbing the back of her neck.

Clarice instantly shook her head, “that is utterly alright Abby! Do not worry, I have everything you will need, from curlers to straighteners, to combs and brushes, and even makeup!”

Abigail chuckled while nodding, “well what did I expect? You are the Kings mate after all, it is no doubt you will already have everything you may need.”

Those words made Clarices cheeks turn a dark shade of red - her words were correct, but the things she had were thanks to Rettacus whom had just been her friend, the ballgown was the only thing she had from her mate, however she was utterly grateful no matter what to both men.

“Alright, let us begin. You take a seat by your vanity and just let me know what hairstyle you would want for your dress.” Abby stated while motioning to Clarices vanity.

Clarice turned around and slowly made way to where she had been sitting earlier and gracefully plopped back onto the small round chair.

She eyed herself in the round mirror before turning her head side to side slowly, she analyzed both sides of her face and even the length of her burgundy hair before furrowing her brows.

“Maybe a high ponytail? One where my falling locks are curled and I have small pieces framing my face? That way the neckline will be showcased and I believe that it is worthy of being admired!” Clarice stated excitedly while eyeing Abigails reaction through the mirror.

Abby smiled widely before nodding her head, “yes! That will be perfect, and I will make sure to give you a glamorous look with the makeup. We shall make you look like a queen.”

Clarices cheeks burned and she nodded sheepishly while nervously eyeing the makeup and hair tools that she had laid out previously on her vanity.

Her heart started hammering rapidly in her chest and she could not help but think about how the King will react to seeing her all dolled up and in the ballgown.

She did not care for anyone else’s reaction. Only his.

And once she felt Abby gently grab hold of her hair and a teasing comb, her heart skipped a beat - reality was hitting and she had no idea how tonight will go.

She just prayed that everything will go well.

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