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Chapter Fifty Two.

Clarice Mont

She ran while panting.

It was undeniably dark and she was limping with every move she made.

The end of her dress was muddied and torn, and her heels long gone as she tried to follow her mates scent.

Her heart was utterly broken and she could sense his despair as though it had been her very own, and it was.

She could not forget that look in his eyes and even though she was sure he would be happy over that fact that she did not give away the truth - she knows that the way she had done things was very wrong.

Branches scraped against her skin but she paid them no mind, even as they pierced into her skin.

The howling wind nipped at her skin and the classical music that once was heard all throughout the Kingdoms grounds was no more, the deeper that she chased him into the thick woods.

Now all she could hear were crickets chirping, her loud pants and her rapid running.

Twigs snapped below her feet and she scrunched her face up as she felt the sharp twigs pierce her heels and soles.

No matter how bad it hurt, she pushed herself to continue running.

When she reached the deepest part of the woods, she felt his scent strengthen around her and she was sure that she had finally reached him.

“Cerberus!” She cried out, calling out to him and practically begging him to reveal himself to her.

She looked around while holding the length of her dress pathetically, frantically seeking his warmth.

“Please!” She begged, crying into the cool air, her breath leaving her in a puff of white smoke.

Her shoulders trembled and she could feel as liquid not only trailed out of her eyes but her nose as well.

“Please, let us talk!” She stated sadly, her voice cracking and her shoulders hunching forwards in defeat.

She shook her head while crying loudly - her sobs shaking the entire length of her body.

She heard footsteps behind her and a twig snap, and her head instantly snapped up.

She dropped the length of her dress before swiftly turning around, her tearful wide eyes roaming throughout his stoic face as he glared at her in the darkness.

His coat was missing and he looked utterly disheveled.

His dress shirt was pulled from the top of his slacks and a couple of buttons had been popped open - revealing his broad chest.

She sobbed into the palm of her hand when she saw complete hatred in his eyes - the look she had forgotten all about due to the fact that he had not looked at her that way for a long time.

And now it was her fault. She was the only one to blame.

“Your debt is repaid. If you wish to leave. You can leave.” He stated, his voice monotonous even as he glared intensely at her.

Her eyes widened in fear and she rapidly shook her head, “I had to say that!” She cried out.

Her chest felt tight and she could feel as her stomach twisted into knots - she could not stand him looking at her in such a horrid way.

“I do not care what you had to say, now get the hell out of my sight!” His voice was loud and unwavering, he utterly hated her and she heard it.

She shook her head while stepping closer towards him, she was hoping her touch would say all she wanted to say but he abruptly stepped back in disgust making her stumble forwards, but she caught herself.

“Please you have to understand.” She stated quietly, her voice cracking and her eyes struggling to hold his.

He scoffed while shaking his head, “I believe I well understand everything. I was correct all along.”

She flinched as though he had smacked her and he watched as her eyes closed in pain.

“You were not.” She whispered while shaking her head.

“You were not correct!” She repeated, trying to sound a lot stronger.

He growled, “then tell me why I heard you say all you had said! Tell me why I so badly wish to kill you right now!”

She inhaled shakily while swallowing back a sob.

She opened her mouth but he was quick to interrupt her.

“How could you say all of that knowing I was in the same room? How could you look your own father in his eyes and utterly lie to his face?!” He spat out angrily, his eyes wide in disbelief as he glared at her.

She hung her head and listened to him as he yelled at her - he was right.

“You said I am nothing to you. So make truth of your words and leave this damn castle immediately!” He growled out, motioning with his hands for her to leave making her heart fall to the ground.

She was utterly heartbroken and he knew it.

“I only said it for you!” Clarice cried out when he turned away from her and slowly began to walk away.

He froze but continued walking and it made her lungs burn.

“I only said all of what I had said for you!” She repeated while clenching her fists tightly, her insides were on fire and she was struggling to hold back her growing anger.

He still continued to walk away.

She stepped forwards, “after all the times you have hidden the fact that I was your mate and utterly denied it every time it had been mentioned, I assumed you would not have wanted anyone to know.”

He froze.

“You have denied it time and time again and I just assumed you were not ready for me to voice it.” She continued while panting, her lungs were on fire and she felt close to passing out but she was pushing through.

“I noticed you were also mad about Abigail covering the mark but I did it for you! I am not the one that is embarrassed of us, nor am I the one that has denied our bond from the start! In fact I would have yelled it out to everyone but-”

He swiftly spun around and his feral coal colored orbs pierced her soul and she nearly stumbled back.

“Why didn’t you?!” He yelled out angrily, his deep voice shaking the branches around them and making the wind howl louder.

“Because of you!” Clarice cried out helplessly, willing him to understand.

“You are not ready! I can see it in your eyes. You have yet to gain control of your humanity that I did not wish to put you into an uncomfortable situation. I wished for you to make that choice, you are the King after all. It is up to you to make that announcement, but only when you truly mean it.”

Clarice inhaled deeply, “but in full honesty I know you would have gotten angered had I told them we were mates. Had I showcased your mark. It would have filled you with rage. I know it. It was a lose-lose situation but I picked the one that would benefit you more.”

He was frozen. Whether it had been due to him being uncaring or shocked, she could not tell.

She walked closer to him until they were merely inches apart and inhaled his scent deeply.

The fact that he had yet to respond made her lips quiver once more and she nearly fell to the ground.

“Did you mean it. When you said that I am nothing to you?” He asked, his voice was soft and it shocked her to hear how quiet he sounded.

Her wide eyes found his, “have you not heard all I have just said? Of course I did not mean it.”

He looked down, she could tell he was still uncertain and she grabbed onto his shoulders while pushing herself onto the tip of her toes.

The wind picked up its speed around them and battled against their skin mercilessly.

Her once beautiful styled hair now swaying crazily - her curls a wild mess.

Her eyes were a much different color than normal and they glowed in the darkness.

“You still do not believe me? After everything you still do not believe me?” Her words came out breathless and shocked.

Because, that she was.

He did not respond and she nodded to herself.

“Then I guess that leaves me with no choice.” She stated softly and she could tell that her words sparked confusion in him.

Before he could realize it, her hand gently opened up the collar of his shirt - exposing his tan chest and the entirety of his left pec.

Her palm lingered on his chest, on the area where his heart laid hidden and she could feel as his heart skipped a beat due to her touch, it made her toes curl.

“Tonight I shall prove everything to you. After tonight you can no longer fight me. After tonight you will trust me.”

She looked up at him, she had long leaned in, and her lips were merely inches away from his skin.

His heated eyes were stuck on hers and she watched a he swallowed roughly, his chest heaving up and down.

She placed a gentle kiss, directly above his areola and could feel as his fists clenched by his sides.

“After tonight, we are one.” She whispered, the breath that left her lips fanning his pec, making the
both move the slightest bit.

She allowed her canines to elongate before nearing the area where she could hear his heart hammer and allowing her canines to sink into his skin.

She felt as he tensed against her but did not see the way his eyes closed in complete pleasure and the way his head leaned back.

She stuck her claim directly where his heart laid so he could see the truth in her words and how badly the things she had said to her father were lies.

When she was satisfied with the punctures she made in his skin, she pulled out and watched as blood slowly dye trickled out of each hole - she smirked happily before licking the blood off and placing a gentle kiss on her mark.

Her lower stomach tingled and she could feel her thighs begin to clench - her own mark began to burn and she could feel as their pull intensified.

She looked up at him through hooded eyes and was not shocked to find his eyes already on hers.


He cut her off by grabbing her by the throat and pulling her up, her legs instinctively finding his waist even through the long ballgown.

In a second his plump lips slammed against hers and she could smell the desire that leaked from them both.

Her heartbeat matched his and it was all she could hear as they battled for dominance with their lips.

She kissed him with all that she had possessed and he kissed her back with all that he had in return.

Her fingers found his hair and once again she felt as his crown fell from his head and onto the ground, but this time due to it falling on the muddy ground, Clarice abruptly pulled away making him growl in annoyance.

“Your crown.” She stated while eyeing the ground where it laid, he groaned before shaking his head and nuzzling his lips into her neck.

She gasped lowly, “you must pick your c-crown....” she trailed off when she felt his lips mercilessly suck on the gentle skin of her neck.

Her toes curled and she struggled to keep her foreign sounds to herself.

“Cerberus.” She whimpered when she felt his lips linger over the area where his mark laid before he abruptly pulled away.

He had a deadly glint in his eyes that only managed to turn her on more.

“You will never cover my mark ever again.” He ordered while glaring intensely at her, she gulped before nodding frantically.

She had not even wanted to, she had just assumed it was best.

She did not linger too much on that because the sight of him taking one of his hands, licking his fingers and then proceeding to clean the mark caught her attention.

She wondered how he could hold her and do that at the same time, it mesmerized her.

He brought his face closer to hers and she noticed that his eyes glistened with approval after the mark had come to sight.

“You ever decide to hide this mark again.” He started, his voice a low growl that made her eyes flutter.

He bent his head down to her skin, “and I will mark you everywhere over and over again, making you scream who you belong to in front of every single person that is around.”

Her skin felt as though it was on fire and she could not deny how seductive his threat sounded without him even trying.

She licked her lips when she watched as his canines bared at her - the look in her eyes egged him on; it was as though he could just read her and it made her cheeks flush.

“So mark me. Over and over again. Until the only name I can give myself is yours.”

He growled loudly before his lips roughly found hers and she felt as her back slammed against the trunk of a large tree - shaking the branches and making them rustle in the darkness.

She gasped, but that only gave him the opportunity to sink his tongue into her mouth.

Her toes curled.

This man.

This Adonis of a man. He owned her.

She was his, in every way.

She pulled away from him involuntarily when something came to mind and he groaned in frustration.

His eyes glared at her expectingly.

“Will you take me tonight? Complete the mating bond entirely, I mean?” She asked gently, her cheeks turning bright red at her own words but she needed to ask.

She wanted to know.

She was ready.

He looked at her intensely, his eyes darkening with utter desire at the words that just left her innocent lips before he shook his head in response making her face fall.

He placed a hand on her cheek before rubbing her soft skin, “you deserve a night better than this one for that. You do not deserve to be taken like this. We are in our human forms, and we might be Lycanthropes, but we are not animals.”

Her lips etched up into a small smile and she could not help but swoon at his words.

She was happy. So undeniably happy.

“Now.” He stated abruptly making her brows furrow.

“Can I kiss you without interruptions?” He asked and she chuckled before nodding sheepishly.

He did not waste a second to press his lips onto hers and abuse them once more.

Even though he did not wish to take her tonight, he will definitely be giving her a glimpse of what was to come.

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