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Chapter Fifty Five.

Cerberus Thorne

He stormed through the battle grounds with his chin raised and his eyes set into thin slits.

His beast was slowly taking control over him but he was managing to hold him back as much as he could.

“How did you manage to allow this to happen?” Cerberus growled out at his men, eyeing every single one of them in disgust.

They were lined up, standing against each other with their heads down.

Marcello, Aurelio, Avon and Lazar - the main cell guard.

“My King, you must understand, we had our eyes on him, he just-”

The cell guard was unable to finish his statement for he found the Kings fist flying directly into his mouth - knocking his face back and instantly cracking his jaw.

He groaned in pain but remained standing, his hand rubbing his chin and his eyes still trained on the ground.

“Clearly you did not have your eyes on him. Otherwise that maniac would still be in his cell.” Cerberus stated angrily, his eyes darkening visibly - even in the darkness of the cool night.

“Who is following his track?” Cerberus asked gruffly.

Marcello looked up, “five guards instantly ran after him. I came to find you and let you know of the events that had taken place.”

Cerberus growled, “it is quite evident to me that none of you pathetic pups can finish a job without me.”

Marcello lowered his head once more in shame - they understood his anger, they understood well why he was struggling to remain calm.

“Is Rettacus still in his cell?” Cerberus asked, the question so random that it made the men eye each other in question.

“Yes.” Lazar stated.

Cerberus nodded, “release him. Tell him it is his duty to find Nathaniel and to bring him to me.”

“And if he does not find him, what do I say?” Lazar asked nervously while gulping back the pain that talking brought after being punched so roughly in the mouth.

Cerberus chuckled darkly, the aura around him drastically darkening, “tell him he will no longer be accepted in the Kingdom and that he will be stripped of his position.”

With that, the King turned around, not a hump of regret in his words as he stalked back to the castle with his head raised proudly.

He was still visibly shaking in anger but he was calmer now that he had released his madness on his men.

As he walked through the path in the woods towards his home, his mind replayed the scene in the hospital with Clarice.

The way she cried and thrashed around in his hands, and the way she blamed herself - it killed him, but at the same time, no matter how upset he felt, the beast inside of him always twisted that emotion into something sick.

The second he reached the doors to the castle his presence was sensed in the air and the guards swung them open instantly.

He raised his head and without bothering to acknowledge them he ran through the hall and towards his mates room.

He had brought her there the second that they had heard that her father had run away - he definitely struggled to convince her to leave her mother, but he did.

He reached her door instantly and entered her room without waiting for an invitation.

His eyes took a second to adjust to the darkness in the room but when they did, they took in the bump in the covers of Clarices bed with a frown on his face.

Her long braid peeked out from the top of the blanket that she was tucked under.

He shut her door behind him and walked closer to her, he sensed her sadness and all the turmoil that was inside of her and it made his heart clench tightly.

“We will find him.” Cerberus whispered when he reached the side of her bed, his voice full of determination.

She did not even twitch at the sound of his voice nor at his words, but he knew she was awake due to her fast heartbeat that echoed in his ears.

He sat by her.

“I promise you. I will do what it takes to avenge your mother and find out why this had taken place.”

He heard her sniffle and it made him tense up.

“I already know why.” She croaked out, her voice undeniably hoarse and breathless making his fists clench tightly.

“It is all because I was taken from him.”

Those words made a cold wave rack his body and his eyes narrowed into thin slits.

What did she mean by that.

“It all happened because I was stupid to stay. I knew he needed me near him. He was always calm whenever I was around. It is like he .... is attached to me a lot more than a regular parent is with their pup.” She continued, her voice cracking making his heart skip a beat.

He wanted to beat that man to a pulp. He wanted to sink his teeth into Nathaniels neck and watch as he disintegrated before him due to all this sadness he had caused her.

“You had to stay. And even if you had chosen to leave. I would have never allowed you to.” Cerberus growled out, his voice strong and angry yet Clarice did not turn around once to calm him.

She cleared her throat, “If I had left with my father when he had told me to, we would have went home and it would all have been over, his anger would have disappeared... I mean, the man was probably shocked to see me here, here! Of all places! In a castle where he thought I was practically being held captive by the monster of a-!” She stopped the second she heard him growl loudly and abruptly rise from her bed.

His heart was hammering in his chest and he could feel the loss of his battle with the beast that was clawing at him for control.

He did not believe what he just heard her say.

The monster of a King. His jaw clenched tightly and he could feel his claws elongate.

Clarice Mont

She rose instantly from her bed, nearly stumbling to reach the King who she knew she had offended without even realizing it.

A pool of tears was already cascading down her cheeks, but now the sight of how utterly betrayed and angry he was was causing even more scalding hot tears to form in her eyes.

I did not mean that, I-”

He raised his hand making her rapidly blink back tears in shock - her eyes going from his large hand back to his blank face.

“I know exactly what you meant to say. That is why, the second your mother is healed, you and her are to be shipped back to your rightful pack. I do not wish to be the monster King who is holding you captive any longer, I have no reason to. And do not worry about Nathaniel, I will deal with him as I deem fit the second he is found.”

His words felt like a harsh punch to the chest and she found herself struggling to breathe.

She shook her head, stammering to find the right words as she sought out an ounce of regret in his stone colored eyes.

However, she was met with nothing other than that familiar deadly glint that she never wished to see again.

With one last snarl her way, he pushed past her and angrily began to walk out of her room.

She sobbed loudly and ran to his side, pulling on his arm while shaking her head - his other hand had easily opened the door, and the light that came from the hallway only made the stormy emotions that swirled in his eyes that more visible.

That look in his eyes will forever pierce her soul through upon memory.

“Please! Let me explain!” She cried loudly while tugging on him, she was trying to make him stay but he was not bulging - he was adamant on leaving her.

He tugged out of her hold abruptly making her flinch and with his rough hands he pushed her back and onto the floor.

Her eyes were wide and bloodshot as she gazed at him in utter disbelief, he was being undeniably serious.

Her hands began to shake but she was not scared of him - the tremble in her body was not out of fear of him, but for what was to come.

With one last angry look at her, Cerberus turned around and stomped away from her with his head held high.

She cried out to him loudly, his name ricochetting off the walls, her voice sounding as heartbroken as she felt and making him freeze in the hall for only a second before he used his beasts speed and disappeared.

Everyone in the castle had heard her loud cries and could not help but lower their heads in pity - her sorrow was easily heard.

Her chest felt tight and her lungs were burning.

She fell forwards with her fists pounding the ground in despair as she shamelessly cried on the cold floor of her room - her heart breaking more and more.

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