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Chapter Fifty Six.

Cerberus Thorne

“My King. What would you like to satisfy your .... craving.”

Cerberus inhaled deeply, his fists were shaking and the skin of his knuckles were an intense pale color.

His eyes were a lot more darker than normal - the presence of his beast at its peak.

There were little black veins circling on the skin of his under eyes and on his eyelids - the sight of him like this was enough to bring a grown man to his knees in utter terror.

Even the Royal guard that stood before him gulped nervously.

“Bring me... a prisoner.” Cerberus ordered, his voice husky and ponderous, the tone of his voice dead - not one human emotion escaped him and that worried the man that stood before him.

The guard cleared his throat, “my King, are you utmost positive you wish to do this now? Here?”

The guard eyed the throne room warily, everybody knew the King never made examples of anyone in the rooms of the castle - other than in the woods, or in a secluded area, like the cell in the dungeon.

Cerberus growled, his eyes flashing red - his anger reaching its peak making the guard lower his head fearfully.

“You dare question me? Would you rather I use you?”

The guard instantly shook his head, his knees struggling to hold back their wobble.

“I will do as you wish my King. My apologies my King. May I be dismissed?”

Cerberus snarled before flicking his wrist, “out of my sight.”

The guard did not take a second to swiftly turn around and scurry out of the tension filled throne room - going to seek out the poor prisoner that will meet their maker in the most cruelest of ways today.

Cerberus cleared his throat, his Adams apple rapidly moving up and down, his eyes set into thin slits as he glared at the closed doors of the room he was in.

His heart was hammering in his chest and the more he remained seated on his throne, the more his rage grew - his beast in complete control.

She called him a monster. Now he shall show her the monster he had tried his hardest to keep from her.

He will drop body after body to show to everyone that their King is still the same King he used to be - cruel and merciless.

He will no longer have any remorse and the humanity he had once tried to fight for - for her - has disappeared from his mind.

He will forget all about changing.

He was an idiot for ever trying to.

“Guard!” He growled out loudly, his booming voice echoing off of the walls and shaking paintings.

His chest was puffed out as he glared at the guard that instantly appeared before him.

“Bring me the witch.”

The guards eyes widened as he processed the ordered he had just received.

“M-my King... are you sure you wish for her to be released? You know how much power she pos-”

Cerberus growled, snarling in the mans face making him instantly bow his head.

“You will do as told! All of you will not question me ever again.”

The guard was shaking like a branch would in the wind, his body twitching in fear.

The Kings darkness enveloped anyone that entered this room - it was almost as though they meet with death without ever actually undergoing it.

“Now bring me the witch.”

Clarice Mont

It is the next day yet she was still laying on the cold ground of her room, silently crying to herself without making a sound.

Her eyes were dry and the heart that once felt so full of emotions was utterly shattered into the tiniest of pieces.

It was her own fault. She knew it.

Everything was.

Soft whimpers that made her bottom lip quiver escaped her mouth and her shoulders twitched with every sound of despair that she made.

She willed herself to get up from the ground and go force her mate to listen to her - but she had no strength.

The sight of his deadly eyes boring into her soul - telling her things that she never wanted to hear - kept her rooted to the ground.

Her body felt heavy and her eyes droopy, but the pain in her chest kept her awake all night.

The skin under her eyes was dark, her scleras were bloodshot and her irises were pitch black - a color they have never been before.

She replayed last night in her head over and over again to see how she could have been so stupid and idiotic to say what she had when she knew those words were not true.

That one word was in fact the one she herself had told him to never use when describing himself.



A shiver went down her spine. He was right to want to erase her from his life - especially after everything she had put him through but that revelation did not make the pain hurt any less.

She inhaled shakily.

A gentle knock resonated in her room but she did not move an inch from her spot on the floor - she did not have the strength to.

“Clarice. It is me, Marcello.” That familiar voice did nothing to make her move, her forehead remained pressed to the floor whilst she sat on it; hunched over and on her knees.

“Clarice? I can hear your heartbeat.”

Those words made the heart she forgot she had clench tightly and she gasped - if only somebody would rip the damn thing out of her, it would make her life that much easier.

The knob twisted and she heard as the door creaked open - she remained frozen with her shoulders shaking.

“Clarice-” Marcello froze in shock when the door opened to reveal nobody.

His wide eyes roamed throughout the room before they looked down and he instantly slammed the door shut behind him and crouched to her level, his arms going around her and pulling her frail body closer to his chest as if she weighed less than a feather.

She could not help the sob that wracked her body, it had come out of her lips as a croak due to the dryness in her throat.

Her chest rumbled against his and he could sense every ounce of her despair.

He soothingly rubbed his large hand up and down her back but it did nothing to calm her - it in fact brought her to hysterics.

Tears that she did not know she could gather pooled in her eyes and instantly cascaded down her flushed cheeks, croak-like sobs escaped her lips over and over as she cried on Marcello’s shoulder pathetically.

He shushed her gently, “what happened?” He asked softly, not wanting to pry or sound invasive - he was just worried about her.

She looked about ready to collapse.

“I-" hiccup, “-made a-” hiccup, “-mistake.” Hiccup.

Each time she tried to talk her voice came out hoarse and brittle and she was unable to speak due to her loud pants and hiccups - he could tell how much of a strain it was and shushed her again while nodding.

“Breathe Clarice. You need to breathe.” He whispered, trying to coax her to listen to him because he could tell she was close to passing out.

Her chest was heaving up and down rapidly and her pants were struggling to keep up with the sobs and hiccups that mingled as they left her mouth.

She shook her head while crying loudly, her mouth open as she stammered - struggling to find her voice.

He pushed her head back to his shoulder before shaking his head, “do not speak.”

“Do not speak. It will only strain you more... Just breathe.... Breathe...”

His voice did not help her. Nor did his touch.

Only one touch could calm her down and it was the touch of the man who wished to kick her out of his life.

“I need to...” she croaked out, “to see him.”

Her voice was inaudible but he managed to make out what she was trying to say through the hoarseness of her voice.

“I do not believe that is the right idea. Especially not in your condition.” Marcello stated softly, continuously rubbing her back as he warily chose his words.

She froze before growling lowly, her throat burned when the sound rumbled against the soreness inside of it but she managed to hold back a wince.

“I want to see him.” She cried out, this time, no matter how brittle her voice was, the order was there and quite easily heard, and Marcello knew he must do as she ordered him to.

He nodded abruptly before rising, his arm wrapped safely around her waist as he dragged her upwards with him.

When she stood on her own two legs, she wobbled around as though a harsh gust of wind was blowing at her and Marcello had to quickly steady her in order to keep her from collapsing onto the hard floor.

She instantly placed a hand on her forehead and squeezed her eyes shut - the room around her spinning - she had to inhale deeply to calm herself down.

“Are you alright.” Marcello asked worriedly, his brows furrowed as he analyzed her.

She opened her eyes and eyed him through tear-glossed vision before nodding her head.

“Are you sure you wish to see him? I believe it is better for you to rest.”

Clarice shook her head instantly, “I must.”

Her voice was husky and the brittleness was still there but there was determination to her words that made him nod in understanding.

With that, they turned around and he opened the door, helping her seek out the man she was looking for.

“He is in the throne room.” A guard stated the second Marcello and Clarice had reached the bottom of the staircase.

It was as though they could read minds and that irked Clarice.

Marcello nodded before continuing but he was suddenly stopped by the same guard - the guard cleared his throat.

“I do not believe you should bother him now though. Any other time is best...” the guard trailed off awkwardly, his brows furrowed as he analyzed the tears that continuously trailed down Clarices flushed face.

“And why not?” Marcello asked abruptly, his lips curling up, Clarice did not bother to engage in the conversation - she would see her mate whether the pathetic guard allowed her to or not.

The guard gulped, “you see...” he trailed off.

“I do not have time for your games.” Marcello growled out before beginning to walk towards the throne room - uncaring for what the guard was struggling to say nor his previous warning.

Clio is currently with him.”

The sound of that name made Marcello nearly drop to his knees in shock and that did not go unnoticed by Clarice.

She looked at him curiously, who the hell is Clio?

“What-what is she doing here?” Marcello asked, his voice nearly as hoarse as Clarices was earlier and that made Clarices eyes widen in concern.

Clio is a woman? What the hell would another woman want with her mate?

That made Clarices insides stir crazily, she could feel her stomach churn in distaste.

“The King made a request for her to be taken out of her cell. We have yet to give reason as to why.”

Marcello gulped lowly before nervously gazing at Clarice, “maybe it is best we give him a moment, and then-”

Clarice growled lowly, “take me to my mate Marcello, now.”

Marcello lowered his gaze before inhaling shakily - he nodded his head reluctantly and slowly began to walk forwards.

The guard that tried to stop them gazed at Clarices hunched back warily before inhaling deeply and shaking his head then turning around and going back to what he had been doing.

“Who is Clio?” Clarice asked, her voice slightly back to normal but the hoarseness still there.

Marcello could feel her burning gaze on his side profile but was avoiding her eyes, “I believe it is best for the King to explain that to you.”

That made Clarice eyes instantly narrow into curious thin slits as she glared before her - her heartbeat sped up and she was scared.

Rightfully so.

Her mate was hardly ever around women, and hearing how surprised these men were about this one made her own beast get riled up.

The second they reached the large throne room doors her heart plummeted down to her stomach - the doors were slightly open, giving her easy view of the people inside.

The guards were not in their usual position and that made her nearly shiver.

Marcello tightened his hold around her waist when he felt her sudden change in mood.

Her wide eyes took in the sight of her mate longingly before they trailed to the woman that stood with her back to Clarice before her mate - neither of them noticed Marcello and Clarice, and if they did, they did not show it.

Her fists clenched tightly.

The woman's hair was cut into a blunt black bob, and her skin was a lot darker than Clarices.

She was clothed in a white top that reached mid-back, showing off more of her chocolatey skin, and she had tight black low-rise pants on.

Clarices heart skipped a beat.

“You know why you have been released.” Cerberus stated, his gruff voice making Clarices eyes flutter shut before she quickly opened them.

Marcello’s curious gaze was glued on the woman - his eyes as wide as saucers.

The woman laughed, sounding like velvet to Clarices ears making her swallow roughly.

“You found her, did you not?” Clios voice was utterly entrancing - the perfect mix between angelic and sultry and it made Clarice sink back into Marcello’s forearm.

Cerberus’ jaw clenched and that action made Clarice wince, “sadly” he stated, and that single word sent a punch to Clarices gut - she was not stupid, she knew they were speaking about her.

Sadly?” The woman cooed, taking a step closer to the King making Clarices lips tug downwards - she was holding back her beast from forcing her to attack the woman and instead allowing her sadness to consume her.

Cerberus growled warningly.

“Do not worry, your highness. I know why you have released me. You wish for that mark on your heart to be removed and thanks to me, it will.”

After those heartless words Clio erupted into an evil fit of laughter while eyeing the King with narrowed eyes - Clarices heart felt like it was torn from her chest and thrown onto the ground.

The room began to spin and she could feel her chest begin to burn.

Everything was suddenly aching and she was struggling to stay standing.

She heard more sounds but she could not make them out, all she could hear was that foreign woman’s voice saying that she will remove Clarices mark from her mates chest over and over again in her ears.

It did not even take a second for the darkness to consume Clarice, nor for her to lose conscious - but thankfully, Marcello had already been holding her, so she did not meet with the ground.

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