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Chapter Fifty Seven.

Cerberus Thorne

He lurked in the shadow of her dim bedroom, his eyes wide and feral as he glared at her.

He could not help but feel his beast snarl at him.

Why the hell was he in her room?

Why the hell was he watching over her, especially after everything.

His fists clenched tightly as he battled with his internal storm - his stomach churning.

He knew she had been listening in to his conversation with the witch - he had felt her presence the second she reached the doors that were left slightly ajar.

He did not care about how badly his words scorched her, nor did he care about how they made her beast feel.

He was enraged and tired, tired of all of the ups and downs, and all of the misunderstandings, and all of the hatred and anger.

However, he could not deny how his own words made him feel.

No matter how badly he willed his humanity to go back to being entirely shut off - he was still able to feel those damn foreign emotions and he hated it.

His beast tried to claw at his heart and he could feel the pain - it made his toes nearly curl.

He rubbed his chin, looking at the doorknob of her door and inhaling deeply - he had locked it the second he entered her room, however he could not help but doubt if it had truly been locked or not and believed that in any moment anyone could walk in.

He nearly growled at himself, he is the King, he could be in any room he wanted to in his castle - nobody could stop him or ask questions.

With that, he slowly stalked closer towards Clarice.

She was laid on her bed with a blanket overtop of her body, flat on her back with her hair splayed on her pillow.

She looked undeniably angelic under the light of the golden sun that peeked through the airy curtains.

His fingers etched to push the single strand of her hair that had taken place over her closed eyelids away, but refrained from doing so.

His beast stirred inside of him the longer he looked at her - his heart clenching tightly, as though a hand was close to ripping it out of his chest.

The mark on his skin felt as though it was on fire and he could not help but think back to what had taken place, and what had caused Clarice to fall unconscious.

His fists clenched by his sides.

A couple of hours earlier...

“My King, I brought her.” The guard stated from behind the throne room doors that were left slightly ajar.

Cerberus raised his chin, “bring her in. The doors will remain as they are, and you guards may disperse from your positions... For now.”

Cerberus stood from his throne the second the doors opened and felt as though a gust of wind had hit him the second his eyes laid on her.

She had an evil smirk on her face, her nearly stone colored eyes were sparkling with mischief as they narrowed in on the King.

The guard instantly left the second he had walked her into the room - leaving the King and the witch all alone.

“So Nyx. To what do I owe this pleasure?” She drawled out, her voice could be compared to the sound of a sirens call.

It was enticing and entrancing - she had the ability to bring a man to his knees with just her eyes, but Cerberus was not just any man.

He growled lowly, “you shall address me by my proper name, not the foolery you managed to come up with the last time...”

He trailed off and that made her arch a brow in question while that smirk remained on her lips.

She stalked closer towards him, “it is most definitely not foolery when we both know where that name has derived from.”

Cerberus narrowed his eyes into thin slits, she could tell she was testing his patience and he watched as her eyes began to dance in amusement.

“Oh do not get angered with me your Majesty. I do have a lot to learn, especially after centuries of being locked up.” She let out a humorless chuckle after finishing her sentence, the twinkle in her eyes gone and going back to the familiar darkness Cerberus was used to seeing.

“Your time in the cell is not finished Clio. Be certain of that. I had given the order for you to be released because I have a job for you...” Cerberus trailed off awkwardly, trying his hardest to maintain his stoic demeanor but even Clio could tell something was off.

She chuckled, “I know well what you need help with. But I would rather hear the entirety if it from you.”

Cerberus growled, his brows furrowing thickly as he glared at the witch intensely - however, she remained utterly unaffected by his anger.

“I found... my mate.”

She could sense it was hard for him to continue and he watched as her face fell - he knew that she knew what he wanted to say, she knew everything.

Their eyes were glued on each other and he watched as that amusement came back from the dead in the witches icy eyes.

“Well, if you wish for me to do everything myself then I shall... Do you wish for me to end her life?”

The second those words came from the woman’s mouth Cerberus snarled loudly and in a second his large hand was around her throat and he pulled her up to his eyes level.

He gritted his teeth while intensifying his glare - his eyes darkening with the presence of his beast.

She chuckled hoarsely - her throat rumbled on the skin of his palm making him tighten his hold and widen his eyes warningly.

“You will not lay a single finger on her. Or I will make it my life's mission to end you.”

With that he pushed her away from him and swiftly turned his back on her, his chest heaving up and down as he fought an internal battle with himself.

He did not understand why he was so overprotective of the mate he was currently supposed to hate.

Why is the humanity he so badly tried to shut off flickering?

The witch let out a booming laugh making his lips curl up.

“Do you have it bad for this pup or what brother.”

The second that word left her lips he let out a growl so strong and distasteful that it shook the ground below them and instantly silenced her little snickers.

Never call me that word again!” He pointed a finger to her chest the second he spun around to face her, his eyes wide and full of hate - the witch was glaring at him angrily.

“We can not change what we are. I will not allow you to forget your relation-”

He growled, “choose your words carefully Clio. Carefully.”

Her jaw clenched tightly, “it is not my fault that you have no care for the fact that at the end of the day we are in fact half-”

He growled again, this time, it was much more powerful and had enough strength to make the witch lower her head despite her reluctance.

“Tell me what you released me for.” She told him with her eyes still averted to the ground, she could no longer bare holding his gaze and so badly wished to change the subject.

Cerberus inhaled deeply, “you will help me stage a scene of sorts...”

Clio snapped her head up, a look of confusion and distaste on her face.

“A scene? What is this a theatre? Tell me what you have truly released me for Ny-Cerberus.”

Cerberus clenched his fists tightly while inhaling shakily, “I need my mate to leave the castle for the time being. I have a feeling my beast shall soon takeover and I will not be able to stop him from...”

The second Cerberus trailed off the gears in Clios head started turning and she slowly understood what he was asking her to do.

“You fear that Nyx will kill her, do you not?” She stopped to let out a loud chuckle that held no care in the world making his eyes narrow thinly.

“It is not a joke Clio... I have two jobs for you. The scene is one part, the second part shall be finding Nathaniel Mont.”

Clio nodded her head, “the man who had run away. Your mates looney father.”

Cerberus nodded curtly, “in order for me to feel content with her departure with her mother I need to know there is no danger out there, and that man is clearly not in his right mind so I want him back... No, I need him back in my cell.”

Memories of Clarice crying because of that man filled his mind and he could not help but feel anger swirl in the pit of his stomach.

Clio tried to hold back her laugh but to no avail and it made Cerberus growl in warning and this time, she knew well that it was the last warning before he took actually took action.

“Alright, I shall do as you wish, now quickly tell me the scene you wish to create because I know that you can hear that your mate is near...”

Cerberus clenched his jaw tightly before inhaling deeply through his nose, “you must....”

Back to now...

He hated her, but at the same time, he knows that his human heart beats solely for her.

He knows that shutting of his humanity will be the only thing that will keep him from tracking her down after she leaves and bringing her back here.

He needs his beast to forget all about her after he takes control otherwise they were both in for a world of danger and problems.

He bent down to her level and nearly hissed the second her intoxicating scent hit his nostrils with all its power.

This woman could bring him down to his knees if he allowed her to and if it was up to his human side, he would.

With one last whiff of her scent, he reluctantly pulled away from her and clenched his fists tightly while closing his eyes.

He inhaled deeply through his nose before opening his eyes once again - this time, they revealed such darkness that even he could feel the change in him begin.

He looked down at her with so much distaste, remembering her words - monster, captive and allowed all of those enraged emotions to come back.

He turned his back on her and walked away from where she was laying before leaving her room with his head held high and his lips curled up.

In order to protect her from himself he needed to hate her,

In order to keep her safe from his own hands, he needed to absolutely loathe her.

It was the only way - those were the words he used to convince himself that what he has been doing since last night was right.

However, he has yet to think of what happens when he regains control from his beast again and of how he would explain to Clarice why he had done all he has done.

He could feel his heart hardening as he walked to his room - his beast will soon takeover and he need Clarice and her mother gone.

And right away.

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