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Chapter Six.

Clarice Mont


Everybody knew what it meant, and what it felt like, especially if you were that of a mere mortal.

A mortal is the weakest link - the one that could be murdered, assaulted, injured, hurt and killed, compared to the creatures that are of mixed breed.

The ones that have heightened speed, senses, sight and hearing. The ones that have quick healing, quick recuperation, and the strength of ten men combined.

Creatures like werewolves, vampires, hybrids, mixed-breeds; human and any other creature - anything supernatural.

But especially the werewolves - the ones that have the greatest strength, and that are at the very top of the pyramid.

The biggest predator.

"Is she still in the woods? She must be." Nathaniel whispered to George, his head still bowed as he gazed at the tips of his shoes with glossy vision.

"She must be." George responded unsurely, his worry for his daughter growing as he struggled to keep his overprotective wolf at bay.

"Welcome Alpha." Their Alpha greeted the King, trying to sound strong and authoritative, but his voice coming out almost breathless and shaky.

The King just nodded, he didn't respond, nor show an ounce of emotion - he just stood there like a breathing statue.

"Thank you for welcoming us into your pack Alpha Crest. We will try to make this a very short visit." One of the Kings men stated strongly, his voice having an Alpha's authority in it as he spoke.

"My pleasure." Alpha Crest responded, his voice still shaky but a little bit huskier than before.

"Are all of your pack members here?" One of the other men asked, his voice a lot deeper and a bit more scarier compared to the man that first spoke.

"I believe so."

"So, you do not count your members and make sure they have all attended your meeting?" His voice controlled yet managing to only get deeper - showing how much dislike he had towards Alpha Crests' inability to be organized.

"No. I do not. I have never had a reason to. But, I am certain that every one of my wolves are here."

Nathaniel gulped, his heartbeat speeding up which caused his wife to get slightly restless - her gaze drifting from her shoes to her husbands shaky legs.

"Are you one hundred percent positive?" It almost sounded like the man was giving Alpha Crest a chance to redeem himself, but for what was the question.

"Yes." Alpha Crest mumbled, clearing his throat and wiping a way a small bead of sweat that had formed on his wrinkled forehead.

"So, care to explain why we so joyously found two wild wolves prancing around in the woods, a couple of steps away from your border?"

Nathaniels eyes widened, Georges' followed and Mattels lips were slightly bloody due to all his nervous gnawing.

Both Nathaniel and Georges' wives were confused, they seemed to struggle with understanding why they felt such fear from their mates through their bonds.

"Two wolves?" Alpha Crest asked while nervously gazing at the crowd of his pack members - there weren't many people; only fifty-eight wolves were a part of this pack, and as he scanned each face quickly, he was still sure everyone was there.

"Are you positive that those wild wolves are from my pack? They could just be rogues."

"Pathetic. Pathetic Alpha, even if they were rogues should you not have cancelled this meeting for the sake of your Kings safety and your packs? You should be aware of what is happening inside of these woods that surround us! You are their leader!"

The mans voice was loud, it shook the trees with so much power and almost made the wind howl louder than ever - as if mother nature herself feared him.

"I-I understand. But, I was so occupied, I was very busy. You must understand?"

Nathaniel swallowed back his guilt, he wanted to speak up, to say something, but he was not sure if the wolves were Greta and his very own daughter or not.

"I most certainly do not understand. I am your Kings second in command. I hold power over you like no other. We control over fifty packs all around the world. Multiply that by all of the wolves. Yet, we know who is where, what is happening and if our very own pack members attend mandatory meetings."

Every single wolf from Alpha Crests pack gasped, they knew this, yet it was still a shock to hear. That is the reason they slightly respected their King, he is organized, ready and sure. They needed that kind of ruler.

"I-I..." the Alpha stammered, looking at his Beta for help, but even his Beta was lost at words - looking slightly embarrassed.

"Exactly. Now, I present to you, your wild wolves."

In a matter of a second, two wolves were tossed onto the ground carelessly, their small furry bodies effortlessly colliding with the grassy ground with a thud.

Nathaniel raised his head and took a peek, all too quickly his face fell and he struggled to remain standing.

Those two wild wolves were indeed Greta and Clarice, and the Kings glare was plastered on both of them - his icy gray eyes almost like icicles as anger and disgust seeped through them.

His arms were crossed over his broad chest resulting in his biceps bulking out, his legs were slightly spread and cladded in dress pants that were tight enough to show how masculine he truly was.

He wore a dress shirt - looking like every other normal man, but what made him stand out was the golden crown that rested over his dark disheveled locks which was embedded with diamonds and engraved with a small wolf and a moon at the very top.

He hasn't spoken once but his authority, his power spoke louder than any of the men that have spoken on his behalf.

His face and body screamed for attention -his face crafted by the Goddess herself and his body crafted to complete masculinity that it put every other man to shame.

He stood taller than both of his men and Alpha Crest, his jaw was clenched and it surely was a struggle for some of the unmated, young she-wolves to keep their heads bowed - their eyes begging to gaze at his beauty.

"T-That... Nathaniel, why, that is your daughter... And George yours too!”

Nathaniel and George flinched, knowing that they were surely in for a lecture, their wives gasped before turning their heads to glare at their husbands in confusion.

"What is the meaning of this Nate?" Kim asked angrily, trying her hardest to calm the fear and rage that began to swirl inside of her stomach.

"Yes, care to explain?" The man spoke up, his lips in a menacing smirk as he turned to glare at Nathaniel and George - all of the pack members averting their attention as well.

"M-my daughter... This is her first month shifting. She had no control over it... She shifted not too long ago-"

"A forced shift?" The man mumbled under his breath curiously which resulted in the King almost rolling his eyes.

"Yes. And my daughter, who is his daughters best friend went out to look for her, and we thought she would find her before his Majesty's arrival, but as you can see..." George trailed off with flushed cheeks, trying his hardest to stay strong and look the annoyed kingsman in his eyes.

"I see. Well, I would like to continue this discussion privately. Everyone.." with a flick of his finger everyone began to disperse in the blink of an eye.

"So, you allowed your freshly shifted daughter to wander off on her own?" The man asked Nathaniel, he gulped and Kim quickly grabbed his hand - trying to comfort him and herself.

"I did not. She got a little bit mad and ran off with her friend, I thought that they would be fine together, but Georges' daughter left mine when she realized that Clarice couldn't restrain her wolf."

"I see, and George, let me hear your side."

"My side is the same as Nathaniels. Only in the end I told Greta to go look for her, seeing as they are close friends and I was sure she would have been able to get Clarice back to us in time."

"The problem with you people is that you are too sure of yourselves! Did you not think to go look for her yourselves?! That would have quickened the search by a lot, you thoughtless idiots." The man stated, his eyes narrowed and his lips in a scowl when he finished.

Nathaniel nodded sadly, he was right, they should have went to look for Clarice themselves, but they did not, and look where it brought them.

"You are lucky the King chose not to end this whole pack." The man said strongly, glaring at all six of the people he deemed pathetic in front of him.

"Why is he here, if you do not mind me asking?" Kim said nervously, her voice shaky and breathless as she spoke - the man smirked in response making her tighten her hold on her husbands hand.

"He is here to appoint Mattel Michelson as your new Alpha.

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