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Chapter Sixty One.

Clarice Mont

Groggily she woke up, a soft groan emitting from her throat.

Her body felt numb, and she felt insentient.

Slowly her eyelids fluttered open, then closed, then opened again, and closed due to how utterly heavy they suddenly felt.

She willed her eyes to open the second memories of earlier cascaded into her mind - like a barrel.

She gasped loudly, as though a bucket of bitterly cold water had been poured over her.

Her eyes were wide and full of puzzlement - she was unmistakably confused and afraid.

Her eyes trailed from side to side, frantically taking in her unfamiliar surroundings.

She looked to be in a closed room of sorts - however, the room had no furniture, only stone gray walls and a cold gray floor.

Her heart skipped a beat when she willed herself to stand and felt her arms and ankles get pulled back down by tight chains.

She bit her quivering bottom lip at the realization that she was chained to the ground, and unable to move.

She looked at the metal analytically and noticed that the chains were not metal, but silver.

Silver - the one thing that can bring even the strongest were to its knees.

Her eyes welled up and she angrily pulled at the chains, the bottom of her stomach churning.

She was curious who had brought her here, and most of all why she was chained here as well.

She looked down at her ankles and her eyes welled up, she noticed the red lines and bits of her skin that had already begun to peel as an immediate reaction to the silver.

She knew her wrists looked the same - she could feel the delicate skin peel every time she flinched or moved her hands.

Her body was shaking against her will, she was petrified and alone - she wanted to scream but what good would it be?

“Look whose awake.”

That voice made her bloodshot eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets - she allowed her enlarged pupils to trail to where the sound had come from and she felt her throat dry up.

Standing right across from her stood Nathaniel, her ‘father’.

Clarice gulped nervously and watched as he slowly treaded closer towards her - she tried to crawl back pathetically but her back collided with a wall and she groaned at the pain in her wrists and ankles.

The skin below the silver felt as though it was on fire.

“Do not be afraid babygirl, you are with your dad. All will be well from now on, now that we are together.”

His eyes were wide as he spoke and she took in the manic look on his face and the smirk that sent shivers down her spine fearfully.

She never remembered him sounding so foreign in her life and all of her memories with him started replaying in her head making her chest tighten and her temples begin to throb in pain.

They were all lie. Everything was a lie. Her whole entire life, a sick and twisted lie.

“Ah, are you crying?” He went to wipe the stray tear that was lingering on Clarices cheek away but she frantically pulled away from him, making sure the back of her head did not hit the wall due to the force she used to recoil from his touch.

He growled lowly at the way she responded to him, his canines barring and she inhaled shakily.

“Since when do you act like this towards your own father?!” He boomed out loudly, the sudden raise in his hoarse voice made her grimace and her shoulders began to shake - he noticed and smiled crazily, loving the fear he inflicted upon her.

“You are not my father!” Clarice croaked out, her voice sounded husky and she had to clear her throat in order to remove the scratchy feeling she felt after speaking.

Nathaniels eyes widened to the point where they seemed as though they were ready to pop out and Clarice cowered back into the wall anxiously.

“Who dared to tell you such a thing?!” He yelled out while pointing a shaky finger at Clarices face, he bent down to her level and Clarice jumped in fear making the chains dig into her skin as an immediate reaction.

Clarice gulped, she did not dare to give her mother away or Goddess knows what this crazy man would do to her.

Nathaniels brows furrowed until his eyes hardened and Clarice noticed the sudden revelation he had and her heartbeat picked up in fear.

“Was it that man?” Nathaniel spat out making Clarices brows furrow, her vision was tear-glossed and she was thankful that the tears blurred her ability to see the horrid man she once called her father clearly.

Clarice refused to answer and that triggered something inside of Nathaniel and in a swift second Clarice found his rough hand wrapped tightly around her throat.

Her eyes widened in horror and her chained hands flew over his, the silver burned her already peeling skin but all she wanted was to free her neck from his tight hold.

The clattering of the chains as she tried to pull his hand off of her neck mingled in with the sound of her struggling pants and rapid heartbeat but Nathaniel seemed to enjoy the sounds and squeezed harder.

Clarices face turned the slightest shade of red and Nathaniel sneered in her face, “you will answer me when I ask you something! Understood!”

Clarice did not answer. She could not, his hold was too tight and the burning of the chains was too painful to bare.

“Understood?!” He growled out louder, his voice booming throughout the room shaking her to her core and with a struggle she nodded frantically, her eyes rolling to the back of her head.

With one last sneer in her face he reluctantly pulled his hand from her neck making her fall forwards, her body colliding with the floor with a loud thud.

She was panting loudly, coughing and crying, all of those sounds made Nathaniel raise his chin proudly - he knew that roughing her up a bit would be the only way to get his weak daughter to listen.

Her hands rubbed her neck and tried to soothe the throbbing pain and the feeling that still lingered.

Her chest was heaving up and down and she struggled to calm herself down, the cool floor doing nothing to put out the fire that was burning in her lungs whilst she tried to inhale deeply.

“See sweetheart, this all could have been avoided had you been a good little girl towards daddy okay.”

She sobbed silently to herself, a quiet scream escaping her lips as she noticed her vision slowly darken.

Everything ached.

Cerberus Thorne

“Find her Clio! Now!” The Kings loud voice boomed throughout the throne room and his anger was louder than ever.

Everyone was restless today - they could feel the rage that burned in their Kings heart as though it was their own.

Clio glared at her brother with raised brows before crossing her hands over her chest, “who?”

Cerberus bent his neck to crack a bone in annoyance before growling, “do not test me, you do not want to test me. Not now.”

Due to the fact that he was repeating himself, Clio knew this was serious and her lips curled upwards into a cruel smirk.

“On one condition brother.”

Clio found Cerberus’ hand wrapped tightly around her throat and her feet dangling off of the ground as he glared intensely at her, his feral beast at bay.

“Do not test me.” He spat out once again in her face, his eyes were wide and dancing with that dangerous deadly glint that Clio had grown used to.

She smirked, her face turning red but she refused to thrash under his tight grip despite the slight tightness in her chest.

“Go ahead” she panted out, her voice struggling to leave her lips due to the way his hand was clenched around her throat, “strangle me.”

He knew she was taunting him, he knew it and that made him roar loudly, the growl shaking her to her core and the sudden way he threw her frail body across the room unexpectedly and with no mercy made a loud scream escape her lips.

Her entire body collided with a wall causing a few framed pictures to fall and a loud thud to resonate throughout the room.

Cerberus growled once more before turning his head to look at Clio who was cowering on the floor in pain, her body bent at a weird angle - but he knew she would be okay, she was a damn witch with the ability to do all she wished.

She will be fine.

“Get the hell up and find her! Now!”

His voice left no room for discussion but it was obvious Clio was not giving up.

She stood up with a loud groan, her hands on the wall whilst she steadied herself.

He watched as she inhaled deeply before cracking a couple of bones and then turning around to face him, her eyes wide and angry.

“You need me. You best not anger me. You know what I am capable of, so listen!”

Cerberus growled loudly, smirking manically whilst stalking closer towards her.

“You will reunite me with my mate. You will bring him to me. The second I find your mate, you will bring me mine. That is my one condition.” She quickly stated before her half-brother could tear into her.

Cerberus froze, his jaw clenching tightly, she watched as his shoulders squared and the way his fists clenched tightly.

“You will Nyx. You will.”

“My fucking name is Cerberus!” He roared loudly before aiming a rough punch into the wall right beside Clios face - his suddenness making her jump.

“You will.”

He snarled lowly, his eyes glaring deep into hers.

“Promise me.” She whispered, her eyes full of emotions foreign to them both.

He bared his canines, “it is too late, Rettacus is dead.”

It was a lie, he knew it was a lie, even she knew it was a lie, but it still hurt to hear.


Cerberus smirked while grabbing his half-sisters hair and balling a fist into it, bending her neck so that their faces were only inches apart, she groaned.

“You will never find your happiness. You will find my mate and then my venom will be in the blood of yours.”

She could tell he was serious and that made her heart plummet to her stomach but she did not show it, he watched her with thinly narrowed eyes before letting her hair go roughly, she help back a whimper and stood there like a statue with a stoic facial expression.

“Now go!” He ordered making her comply reluctantly, she knew she stood no chance against him, yet she will continue to try.

She will find his mate, but, he will pay the price.

Cerberus watched as she walked out of the throne room whilst his chest heaved up and down - he would have long went searching for his mate himself but he knew it was to no avail because that bastard knew how to hide his scent and the bastard hid it well.

His mind traveled back to the conversation he had with Kim and he could not help but linger on the moment she explained why Nathaniel was obsessed with his mate, that reminder made Cerberus’ blood boil and he had to inhale deeply to calm his raging beast down.

“The reason why Nathaniel is obsessed with keeping Clarice near him, and why he always kept her sheltered and at home is because he is a maniac. He killed Clarices biological family, I do not know who they are but he killed them the second he had found Clarice, he grew attached to her when she was just a pup and nobody was able to understand why. Nobody knows that Clarice is not our biological daughter but me and Nathaniel, I only ever agreed to take her in as my own because in the beginning I did not know he had kidnapped her because he was a manic, nor had I know he killed her family, all he said was that he found a stray pup in the woods, alone and in danger and I was dumb enough to believe him.-

“He kept her secluded because he feared anyone finding out she was not ours that she was not his and the idea of anyone taking her from him, even me drove him mad. Which is why he had done what he did. The man is crazy, his wolf even crazier, I am scared for Clarices life, she may not be my biological daughter but she grew up in my arms, I do not wish to see her hurt or in pain or scared. Please find my baby and bring her to safety. Take her away from that maniac. Please.”

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