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Chapter Sixty Two.

Clarice Mont

She stirred awake slowly once again - it felt like a never ending process and she could feel the way her temples were throbbing.

Her eyelids felt heavy - as though they weighed tons and she struggled to hold them up the second they fully opened.

The silver around her skin tingled and it immediately reminded her of her situation.

The memories of earlier replayed in her mind and she could not help but flinch - not only did all of this physical pain her, but mentally and emotionally it was killing her.

A fresh wave of tears immediately cooled her dried up cheeks and she could feel the way her tight skin cracked where her tears from earlier had dried.

Her heart ached - was this what she was destined for? Was this what she was put into this world for?

Pain and sorrow?

Every single day of her life had been forced, all of her life she has been in shackles and the second she was freed, the second she felt the slightest bit at peace - it was all taken from her.

Her stomach clenched tightly and she could feel as something stirred in her veins but she could not acknowledge them through her silent wallowing.

Her mouth opened to let out an inaudible scream that made her chest feel tight - she gasped loudly, her bottom lip trembled.

She had no contact with her Lycan, was it because of the silver or the way she was too caught up in her thoughts - she had no idea.

She was all alone in this room and it made goosebumps trail on her skin.

She was not even scared, she had no strength to continue fearing people.

She was just tired.

Utterly exhausted, and not of anyone, but herself.

She had come to utterly despise herself, her personality and her weakness.

She hated the way she always cried, the way she always shrinks back in any situation that she is in and the way she is always sorry for herself.

But her hatred for herself only fueled her hatred and anger for her damn father, or at least, the man who so sickly played the role of her father.

She could feel as her tears began to melt into her hot skin and she could feel the way her body was shaking.

It was alarming, it made her eyes widen, but the way she was so caught up in her spiraling thoughts made it hard for her to realize that her Lycan was slowly taking control over her entirely.

“Angel?” His sudden and unexpected voice made her flinch as though a freezing bucket of water had been spilled overtop her head and her feral eyes snapped to where he had entered.

He had a devilish smirk on his face whilst he analyzed her - it was obvious to her that he did not care about the mental and physical pain that he was inflicting upon the girl he himself took in as his daughter.

What a fool she was to ever believe that this man was her dad.

“Are you better my dear?” He asked softly, his voice thickly honeyed making her cringe - she tugged at the chains that were tied around her wrists but the way they pulled back in response made her hiss while tilting her head back in pain.

The tightness of the chains around her delicate wrists made the chains pull her skin and dig into it at the same time - she was sure the skin was peeling underneath the silver.

He chuckled while shaking his head, “na-ah, you best not do that. It is not a good choice.”

He sniffed the air, “I can even smell the blood seeping from your skin with every move you make sweetheart.”

His words made her growl while barring her teeth at him - he awoke such anger and disgust inside of her that she was scared she would burst.

All of her emotions were mixing in and she could not control anything anymore.

“Do not growl at me. I am your elder! Your fa-”

“Do not dare!” Clarice croaked out angrily, immediately cutting Nathaniel off and not giving him a second to even try to finish that pathetic sentence of his.

His face hardened and she watched as his jaw clenched.

Clarice growled, “do not dare to continue that idiotic sentence of yours. I am sick and tired of your damn games! I am tired of you! Tired of the way you have treated me all my life! Tired of these damn shackles!” She yelled out that last bit while shaking the chains on her wrist, the metal clanged loudly as they smacked against one another.

He stalked closer towards her, his face turning red.

“Why are you doing this to me?” She asked him, her voice cracked and it made him freeze in place - he had gotten the slightest bit closer to her and she was able to tell that his scent was well masked because all she could smell was the saltiness of her tears.

He crossed his hands over his chest, “what am I doing? I am keeping my daughter safe. I am protecting you from that mons-

“I am not your daughter!” Clarice yelled out loudly, her voice echoing in the room and her hands shaking whilst she tugged wildly at her chains - the sound of the metal clanging did not bother her, nor did the slight burn of the silver; she just wanted to be released.

Nathaniel cleared his throat making her stop, “I will excuse your outburst angel, but do not test me again. I do not wish to hurt you, but the way that you have been brainwashed by that... that evil man is evident in the way you are daring to speak to me. I am your father. You are my daughter, and nobody will take you from me.”

Clarices blood was boiling, “You are not my father! I am not your daughter and my mate is not evil! So you watch the way you speak to your Kings rightful mate!”

In a swift second Clarice had jumped up onto her feet and with the chains still around her ankles and wrists she found herself face to face with Nathaniel whose eyes were as wide as saucers.

Clarices eyes were just as wide yet they were filled with hatred and rage - they were pitch black and held a deadly glint.

Nathaniel was in utter shock - it was obvious in the way he was gaping at Clarice.

Clarice wrapped her hand around Nathaniels throat making him flinch, the unexpected strength she had in the way she was holding him made it utterly impossible for him to move and that made his face pale.

“All my life you had made me feel weak and small, when in reality the only person that was weak, was you. You took me in, alright, you took me in and you babied me all my damn life. You kept me in shackles! You kept me sheltered from the world and I always thought it was to keep me safe! I always believed those damn pathetic lies of yours! When in reality you kept me away from everyone so that nobody could notice how sick you truly are! You are a maniac! And if there was anybody who was as cruel and evil as you say, then I am looking at him!”

“What even is this obsession of yours? Why are you so obsessed with me that you have chained me in the middle of nowhere? That you have put your own hands on me with not an ounce of regret? You even put your hands on your very own mate for me? Who in the hell even does that?”

With every word that came out of her mouth she squeezed the hand that was around his throat more and more making his face turn the slightest shade of purple - he was gasping loudly and struggling against her, his hands were desperately trying to rip hers off of him but to no avail, she was too strong.

After a minute of watching him struggle she pushed him away from her and pulled her hand from him - he quickly grabbed his neck and inhaled loudly, his eyes were still as wide and shocked as ever.

She eyed him in disgust.

“Y-you” he croaked out, unable to speak while rubbing his throat - he coughed loudly.

“You are the Kings mate?”

Clarice chuckled humorlessly while shaking her head, absentmindedly she tugged at the chains around her wrists and pulled them off with strength that was new even to her - she tossed the chains to the side and Nathaniel watched with fear swirling in his orbs.

The skin around her wrists was healed the second it was revealed.

“I am. I am the monsters mate.”

Nathaniel stammered.

“Does it bother you? Do you hate to hear that I belong to somebody else? That I no longer depend on you! That I no longer need you?! Does it hurt to hear?!”

She knew she was ticking him off and it made her smile cruelly - it was her turn to inflict some emotional pain.

“No.” He growled out.

Clarice raised a brow, “no?”

“No! You are not his mate! You can not be! He is the Alpha of All Wolfe Borne and you... you.”

Clarice scoffed, “and I am the idiot that believed that the maniac standing before me was my father.”

Nathaniel growled loudly at her, he was offended and she could not care less.

“You are mine. Nobody else can have you. You will forever be dependent of me! I am your father and you are my pup! You are brainwashed is all, but I am here now, I have you, I saved you from him. You are safe.”

Clarice shook her head, “you did not save me from anything. I did not need saving. In fact, I am the most endangered now with you than I have ever been, and the only person that has ever brainwashed me was you, but thankfully I am passed it now and now I know the truth.”

“I am your father. The only way you can ever be anybody else's is over my dead body! Nobody can take you from me!” He yelled out loudly while stalking closer towards her - his eyes were feral and full of determination and she could feel herself bare her teeth warningly at him .

I can take myself from you. I hate you. I want nothing to do with you! You need help! Especially after everything you have done! You need help!”

Nathaniel chuckled manically, the way his laugh left his lips sent shivers down her spine but she stayed composed.

“Oh sweetheart, not even you can take yourself from me. Not the sudden strength in you, not anything.”

She raised a brow, taking note in the way he was suddenly just a mere inch from her and growing alert.

“I found you first. You are mine. Nobody can take you from me. And before they can try, well... if I can not have you then..”

Clarice chuckled dryly while grabbing his neck again in that vice grip, showing him that strength that she possessed, “then what?”

He smirked evilly and in the swiftest second all she could feel was the end of something sharp being pushed deeply into the middle of her chest.

No one can.”

Cerberus Thorne

“Has she been found yet my King?” A guard asked curiously by the door, Cerberus snapped his eyes at him before growling.

“If she had been found, you would not be speaking with me in this moment, now get to work and mind your business!”

The guard instantly left the room and took his post outside - the Kings anger was a scary thing and he knew he did not want to be the thing Cerberus decides to take that anger out on.

Cerberus stood up and quickly used his Lycan speed to run to the room Clio was in - he stood by the door in a second.

He twisted the knob and opened the door, but the second he did he felt his chest tighten.

Clio flinched in shock at the unexpectedness of the way her door lurched open but the way Cerberus was grimacing made her jump to his side worriedly.

“Are you alright? I have never seen you so pale.”

Cerberus pushed her away from him before rubbing that spot on his chest that had tightened before groaning, “I am alright, just a mild ache, it has passed. Have you found her?”

“I am waiting for the little jewel of hers to move to show me her location, so far it is a struggle - Nathaniel has well masked himself and he-”

“Do not mention his name.” Cerberus spat out while glaring at the old map Clio had laid on the wooden floor in distaste.

“Are you sure you are alright? You look ghostly pale Nyx. This is not normal.”

Cerberus growled angrily, he was frustrated and this stupid witch was only ticking him off more, “do not call me that!”

Clio sighed while shaking her head but the way Cerberus suddenly grabbed his chest again made her own hand fly over his and her eyes widen in fear - he had never in the time she has known him responded to pain like normal people, so seeing him have an ache of all things was worrisome.

The way Clios eyes largely widened made Cerberus’ eyebrows furrow before he pushed her hand away from him after feeling it linger.

It took her orbs a second to return to their normal color and when they did he noticed that they were filled with concern making him raise a brow.

“That ache that you are feeling is not an ache, it is in fact not even your ache, I-”

“Speak damn it! Speak normally!” He ordered, her stammering and inability to explain properly annoyed him.

“This ache you are feeling is through your mate bond, or to better explain, you and Clarice are linked by your marks, so this pain you feel is hers. And the ache to be exact is due to the fact that she has just been stabbed with silver.”

That was all it took for Cerberus’ ankle to break and for the rest of his body to follow as a loud and enraged howl left his lips - Clio stumbled back in shock but she did not fear his second form, she knew why he had shifted.

It had been time for his Lycan to take control, and now was the best time of any.

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