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Chapter Sixty Three.

Third Person Pov

Clio stood in the room, her heart racing.

Her mind was full of thoughts that were causing her temples to pound.

It felt as though there was a bunch of people trapped in her brain, all banging aggressively to get her attention and it was making her lips twitch into a grimace.

Her eyes were rolled to the back of her head as a fast stream of foreign words left her tongue incoherently.

She was shaking.

If anyone were to have seen her in this moment, they would assume that the witch was possessed, but in actuality she was using a spell to better help her find Clarice’s whereabouts.

For some reason, no matter how hard she fought to listen to the correct sound in her head, she could not find the right voice, or the right person to listen to.

All she could hear was screaming and pounding.

Loud sobs and bloodcurdling screams that made her thrash while standing on her own two legs.

The tiniest droplet of blood formed in the inner corner of her left eye and slowly tricked down to the middle of her cheek.

She looked like something straight out of a horror movie.

“Clarice.” She whispered, seeking out the girls location in her head but to no avail.

No matter how fast she stated the necessary spell, she could not get it to work and she quickly found herself being forced back to reality with a harsh push that sent her flying forwards and onto her knees on the cold ground.

She groaned while panting, her shaky hand going up to wipe the blood from her cheek and eye before examining it - it had quickly turned a crimson color before it entirely diminished before her eyes.

She gulped and her eyes widened as though she had just come to a realization.

“Clarice.....” she trailed off.

“Is dead?” She questioned with a raised brow before looking back at her tan finger where the feeling of the blood that once was, lingered.

Kim wailed loudly, her heartbeat pounding crazily making the monitors go wild.

There were two frantic nurses in her room that were eagerly trying to calm her down but to no avail, no matter how hard they tried to relieve her of her worries, she immediately went back to having an attack.

They were waiting for healer Demetre to return in hopes of him allowing them to insert some wolfsbane into Kims system in order to sedate her and put her to sleep, seeing as they had no other choice.

Kim had been acting out like this for over four hours now, it had happened so suddenly.

Out of the blue her emotions flipped from being calm to some kind of anxious restlessness that would just not go away and she could not contain the cries that left her.

Her heart felt as thought it had been sliced in two and it physically pained her. Her legs were shaking and her fingers were gripping onto the ends of her hair as she allowed herself to succumb to hysterics.

The nurses watched her in concern, both of them with their eyebrows raised.

The way Kim was acting was not because of her assault, nor the fact that she was in a hospital bed.

This was something more.

Something huge.

It seemed as though her link with reality has been severed, as though she lost something that only she could feel inside of her.

The nurses could not ponder too long because unexpectedly the door to the room slammed open and in came a rushing Demetre with his eyes wide.

He stopped abruptly the second he entered when his ears met with the sound of heart-wrenching wails and his eyes met the distressed face that belonged to Clarices mother.

“What in heavens-sake happened here?” He asked the nurses before timidly walking towards the woman who seemed to be on the verge of forcefully shifting.

The nurses shook their heads before a loud growl made their heads all turn back to Kim, they watched as her wails turned to deafening screams that mingled in with the rough sound of bones snapping in half.

“She just initiated a force shift. I hope you both have a sedation in those pockets of yours.” Healer Demetre stated without taking his gaze off of Kim who seemed to be stuck in a trance.

It was as though she could not see the three people in the room with her - as though she was someplace else.

“I do.” One of the nurses stated while pulling out a syringe and showing it to the healer.

Healer Demetre nodded, “insert it into the bag.” Another bone snapped, “now!”

The nurse did not wait a second to run up to Kims side and shakily grab the underpart of the bag that held the medication already being transferred to Kims body.

However before the nurse could insert the needle, Kim screamed and flailed aggressively, accidentally pushing the nurse into the monitors behind her, the nurse groaned and healer Demetre ran up to her in a state of shock before taking the syringe from her hand and quickly pulling the top off the needle and inserting the sedative directly onto the skin of Kims forearm.

Kim let out a loud wail before the sobs turned into loud pants that instantly died down the second her eyes closed.

Healer Demetre pulled the needle out of her arm before turning around to face his concerned nurses.

“Seems to me, we have a wolf in distress. Her body is going into overdrive, and all her wolf wants to do is protect its pup. I can not overshare but you two must keep her sedated for the time being. A distressed wolf is one thing, but a wolf distressed over its pup is another. She will not hesitate to attack anything before her if she shifts. Make sure she does not shift.”

The nurses nodded frantically, no questions asked. They understood what he meant. They knew the intensity that came with overprotective parents, never mind wolves.

Demetre gave the room a once over before he exited it and slowly made way into his office while rubbing a hand down his face and huffing.

What on earth has happened to Clarice? And where on earth is the King?

Cerberus Thorne

The beast of the night sped through the woods - his thick paws flying over long grass, moving at the speed of lightening.

Every time his paws hit the mudded ground, the sound resonated throughout the length of the woods sending birds flying out of their nests in the trees and making all the wild animals in its vicinity scurry away.

The beasts large mouth was foaming, his venom thickly coated the fur around his large lips and his teeth were bared as he ran, aching to dig into the neck of the man that was the cause of his anger.

His nose sniffed the air with every move he made, he had calculated his movements precisely.

The dull ache in his chest was still there and it felt like a fire but it only fueled his aggressiveness and his determination to find his mate.

In this moment the beast was one with his human.

The beast was out but Cerberus was in complete control - he knew what he was doing and it felt thrilling to be able to finally control his dark side.

His heartbeat echoed in his eardrums yet he felt stronger than ever.

In this moment he knew he was the most powerful that he has even been.

There was no moment in his time of shifting that has ever felt like this. He had never felt so calculated and balanced in his life.

He growled loudly whilst running, the power of his growl that had the ability to allow his chest to rumble so loud, shook the trees once again.

Everyone knew that the beast of the night was out, and they all knew he was ready to brutally murder anybody that comes in his way.

He ran with determination and will, his speed only picking up no matter how badly his chest ached.

After a couple of minutes of running, something inside of him suddenly felt off but he paid it no mind whilst he ran - he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity of being one with the mind of his beast and would not allow a small feeling of oddness to make him lose his perfect balance.

Even though his mates whereabouts were unknown, it was as though his legs were moving on their own - even though Cerberus could control his beast for the first time, for some reason, his legs were moving on their own.

The woods just got thicker and thicker, however the deeper he got in, the closer he felt to finding his prey and his mate.

A small deer neared him suddenly - as though it had not felt his presence - and it quickly found itself being ripped into by thick claws, not giving it a chance to react to the way it was killed in a seconds time.

Cerberus was unaffected, in fact, feeling the deers blood seep into his beasts fur felt empowering and made him push his legs to move faster.

Adrenaline coursed through his veins and he knew he would not stop until he came face to face with the man who stole what was his from him.

Through utterly blind rage, he ran past thick branches and vines, pushing past bushes that reached his torso.

The night was silent, full of nothing but the sounds of his large breeding and paws hitting the ground - however, due to his speed, even the sound of his paws was slightly muted; the King seemed as though he was teleporting from place to place.

Abruptly, he came to a stop.

The beast of the night unexpectedly fell to the ground and onto his knees while labored breaths left his large snout.

Suddenly, a bone snapped and a forced shift was initiated.

The beast of the night was no longer.

Back was King Cerberus Thorne and his eyebrows were thickly furrowed in utter confusion.

Never in the time that he has been a lycanthrope has he ever been forced to shift back into a human.

So why now?

Why whilst he searched for his mate? His mate who has been stabbed.

The reminder made him growl and forcefully stand back onto his feet, he looked down at his bare body before shaking his head.

He did not dwell on this sudden experience and in fact willed himself to continue his search in this form - uncaring of his bare body being showcased.

All that mattered was finding his mate.

That is it.

His legs pumped faster and slowly he found himself flying through the dark woods once again - his eyes pitch black and his long hair wildly fluttering behind him.

There was no sign of the once wild and crazed beast inside of him, in fact, it felt as though he was both lycanthrope and wolf less.

He felt void inside but for some reason it only willed him to move quicker.

For once in his life.

Cerberus was scared.

No, he was petrified, and he did not know why.

All he knew was to run.

But to what?

What in the hell was he running towards?

The more he ran the more he felt void inside.

It felt like something was missing and that feeling was making him slow.

He shook his head and forced himself to move faster but something kept pulling him back.

He thought of his mate. He was running to his mate? But it was more of a question.

Everything was suddenly black and void. He could feel nothing.

Something felt off.

As though, the feeling of having a soulmate and all of those feelings he had earlier had somehow, disappeared.

He could feel his heart stop at the thought and his legs followed. His eyes were wide and full of concern before he gripped his chest and fell to his knees.

Once again the woods shook, but this time, due to the fallen Kings loud howl.

Third Person Pov


It was everywhere.

The thick liquid coated the ground and the walls in the room.

One singular yet loud heartbeat echoed across those same walls.

The once silver knife was now on the ground covered in that same liquid, entirely.

A slender body laid absolutely limp and unmoving on the ground in a pool of its own blood, the sight utterly gruesome.

The body that was once in tact was now ruthlessly torn into with wounds on nearly the entirety of its chest and arms.

The sight was horrific yet the person standing overtop of the body looked crazed - with wide pitch black eyes and an evil smile that seemed to be basking in the sight.

Those same eyes narrowed before the person bent down and grabbed the knife, not once cringing at the feeling of the warm liquid touching its skin and in fact reveling in the feel.

With one last glance at the dead body the person turned around and slowly made way out of the room with a perfectly in tact smile.

Soon after the person made way outside of the weird looking house it was brought to in the middle of the woods and slammed the door shut - uncaring of what they were leaving behind.

“How does it feel to be without me now, daddy?”

Even though the voice that came from the person should have sounded feminine, it did not.

In fact, it sounded demonic and cruel - the exact opposite of what it once was.

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