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Chapter Sixty Four.

Third Person Pov

Never has the darkness been as dark as it was tonight.

A thick fog has consumed the suffocating woods, circling around the large trees - enveloping every vine, branch and leaf in the distance.

Stray animals that would once prey throughout the night, hid themselves anywhere that deemed appropriate, for they too felt unsettled and restless - they could feel how badly the night was scorned.

Two creatures roamed through the hazy thickness of the night, pushing past the familiar feeling of branches and pointy twigs.

One more determined than the other, and one a lot more feral.

Loud pants and feet padding on the ground, snapping twigs in half and crunching grass with every step - was all that could be heard for miles.

Brooding thoughts boomed louder than the bloodcurdling silence.

The wind howled ominously - it was no match against the pace of the creature that stormed through the woods meteorically.

For once the fear was directed to something other than the familiar Lycan that was brought to his knees.

For once the fear was directed to something entirely…

Entirely different.

Something wild, something full of pent up rage, pent up emotional trauma, pent up inhumane torture.

A woman scorned.

A woman, a wolf, a mate.

Someone who has undergone unexplainable things since the day she met him.

The newly shifted creature ran with such determination, such rage, half-human, half-wolf.

The sound of a heart hammering so loudly overpowered the sound of four padding feet, overpowered the pants and overpowered the howls of the wind.

The rage was more suffocating than the huge fog that has spent hours consuming the woods.

I guess it was true when they say,

There is nothing more powerful than a woman scorned.

Than a woman who finds her power.

Than a woman who realizes her worth.

Than a woman who has freshly shifted to a side much darker than anything she has ever known.

To a side that she is more than likely incapable of handling.

As the two creatures - of sorts - ran, neither of them realized how close they were to colliding.

Neither of them realized that they were bound to find each other directly in the middle of their story, of their fate.

The second the half humans found each other standing right across from each other, their noses swiftly raised.

Both of the creatures inhaled deeply.

Cerberus’ face twisted into undeniable relief.

However the person standing right across from him growled, it was an unmistakable growl, it was a growl that held a promise to something Cerberus feared most.


The way her name left his lips was confusing even to him.

It was as though the howls of the wind stopped, as though the rustling of the trees came to an end.

As though time has stopped.

And yet the loud, hammering, overbearing heartbeat continue to pound loudly in both of their ears.

Cerberus swallowed roughly and slowly took a step forward, he was alert, he had to be, he knew he had to be.

His eyes took in the familiar yet unfamiliar person that stood directly in front of him.

He took in her eyes, the eyes that once held so much emotion, so much innocence, those same eyes were now dead.

He inhaled shakily before rubbing the back of his neck, he knew it was his fault, he knew this would happen, he just did not know it would happened now.

“Answer me so I know that you are fine.” Cerberus stated trying his hardest to use the authority that he could not find within him.

For the first time in decades he felt empty and void of the power that was once so easily felt inside him.

However he got no answer, it was as though he was speaking to a brick wall. A breathing brick wall.

He took in the blood on her hands and held back a sigh of relief before his right hand found the place on his chest where he had had an unexplainable ache before.

“Clarice.” He grit out once again, this time he did not withhold his frustration, he was still her King, he still held power over her no matter his control over his dark side, the dark side that was still there.

Her eyes snapped up, they were full of power, full of anger, showing him that she was not going to hold back.

“I can teach you how to grasp reality again.” He told her, his eyes held genuine worry and concern for her, and it was odd and they only made that loud overbearing heartbeat get louder.

“I do not need you to teach me anything.” Her voice made his skin crawl, he needed to hear her true voice, the voice of an angel, the voice that made him swoon every time he heard it no matter how badly he tried to deny it.

“But you do.” He stated, now an inch before her, their glares battling, a fire burning between them both.

“Without me you will be stuck in this form. Without me your humanity will be nonexistent.”

She scoffed humorously, her voice was deep, the voice he dreaded to hear.

He pitied himself, he was an idiot to feel this way.

At least that was what he thought. It was better to care for her.

Good.” The way she said it was reckless, it was uncaring. He made her uncaring.

“Do you remember what you told me? You told me you wanted me to find my humanity. Now let me do the same for you.” Cerberus stated, he spoke slowly and carefully, he did not need to make the heartbeat hammer any faster than it already was.

Clarice took a warning step closer towards him, her lips were curled up and he could see a bit of her canines being bared.

Now you remember that.” Her statement made his head fall.

Memories of what has taken place before her abduction invaded his head and now there were two heartbeats mingling, racing.

Who would have thought the brave werewolf king would be where he is today? Not even Cerberus could have ever pictured himself in this moment.

“It is too late for you to help anybody, never mind me.” Clarice growled out, the deadly glint in her eyes only reminded her of himself and he could not even be mad at her.

“It is never too late.” Cerberus stated strongly with his fist clenched tightly.

You were the one who wanted to rid yourself of the mark. You were the one that wanted to rid yourself of me. I wanted to help you, I even forgave you for everything you made me go through, and yet here we are.”

She was shaking, the anger was becoming too much for her petite little frame to bare and he knew it.

He opened his mouth to say something but she growled, it was a growl so loud that it could be compared to the sound of his.

”You have said all that you have wanted to say. Now it is my turn.”

The way she spoke held no room for discussion, and he knew it was all because of the other side of her. He knew that very well.

“Go.” He urged with a nod, he wanted to hear what she had to say.

“I will make you regret every thing you made me undergo. I will make you regret ever meeting me, ever marking me, ever ruining me.”

His skin crawled, he was not afraid of her, he could never be afraid of her. She was no match for him, if it ever came down to that.

However he was afraid for her. She does not know the harshness to this, the reality to no humanity.

“You Cerberus Thorne, King of All Wolfe Borne, you will reap the sorrows of your consequences. But first I will finish what you started.”

Her words made his brows furrow, she had no idea what she was talking about.

He had no idea how far she was willing to take this, especially since she was not herself.

“I will allow that witch to rid us both of this bond.

The second heartbeat that had mingled in with the first one came to an abrupt stop, and Clarice smirked, it was a smirk so cruel and evil that it matched the deadly glint in her eyes.

In a swift second Cerberus’ arms were entangled around Clarice, his skin burned at the feeling of her touching him and it was like he had never wanted to feel anything else against him.

“You will not do anything.” He whispered by her ear, as she thrashed in his hold.

She chuckled humorlessly, the chuckle shook him to his core.

And in a swift second he found himself being pushed away from her. She had pushed him away from her.

“Watch me, your Majesty.”

And it did not take her even a second to push pass him and speed her way back to the castle.

Cerberus stood there dumbfounded and in shock, gazing at the spot Clarice was once standing on with a sunken facial expression.

It was ironic that the day he grasps his control, is the same day he loses his mate.

He could not help but feel as though he deserved it, however he would be crazy not to run after her.

For what good is an Alpha male if he does not chase after his mate.

And with that his eyes turned pitch black and his claws elongated, and he found himself turning around and following the path his little mate took.

She could feel him on her tail but she did not stop, she was determined and he knew.

Nothing could stop her.

He knew what was running through her head, her own thoughts mingled in with his.

It was like they were his own.

He had gone through this once, all on his own.

And he will not allow her to be alone no matter how badly she wants to tear herself from him.

She may feel as though she is on top of the world, she may feel enraged and rightfully so.

However he will be there for her.

He will be there so she can exact her revenge because she deserves it, it was the least he could do after everything he put her through.

He was selfish though and there was no denying it, one thing he will not allow her to do is to leave him, even if that was the right choice for her.

Even if she was better off.

He did not care.

She was his.

She was the rightful Queen. His rightful other half and that will not change for the world.

He will not allow it.

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